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  1. Han

    A Discovery on My Futurama Discs

    I had to check this thread while at work:). Hopefully, I'll remember when I go home, then reply back again after the weekend... That's likely:D
  2. Han

    VERY good JVC progressive scan @ BB, $113!

    I watched Futurama on my new N50BK. Not that bad at all for video based material. I think the whole point of Skyler's remarks were that it's very good for that "under $120" price class... and it is. Better than the new Pannys without the Faroudja. This player is sort of the old 500 in the way...
  3. Han

    Players with Smooth Layer Changes?

    And I've yet to read or hear about the "DVD spec police" coming after and pulling over Columbia/Tristar for putting seamless layer changes in their Superbit titles. Maybe other studios shouldn't be so scared to do the same.
  4. Han

    Very provocative news folks, DVi (digital video interface) hits DVD in June!

    Not to generalize too much, but I will.:D Shouldn't Samsung concentrate on reliability in their products rather than features? Everytime I turn around, Samsung is pushing something *new* that other companies haven't rolled out yet. Then I flip to one of those sites with a bunch of consumer...
  5. Han

    Players with Smooth Layer Changes?

    It's too late now, Kevin. What are they going to do, go back and remaster those thousands of old DVDs and reissue them for those of us who complained? It's really in the hands of the hardware manufacturers at this point. Plus, (I'm repeating myself from another thread) I never bought the idea...
  6. Han

    HTF REVIEW: "F U T U R A M A" Volume One (with screenshots)

    Futurama has been my favorite show for the last couple of years, pushing down The Simpsons, but I'm pretty useless at work if I try to stay up "late" to watch Futurama on Cartoon Network. Besides, buying this box set, I'm hoping, would have a more direct impact on the slim chances of getting Fox...
  7. Han

    DVD Player: "1" Disc vs. "5" Disc ?

    Speed. Depending on which changer, I often think I can walk up to the single-disc player, put in a different DVD and have it start up faster than a changer can skip to the next DVD in its tray.
  8. Han

    What's new for 2003?

    I guess you can search around the newer Panasonic threads. Word on the street is, Panasonic is dropping the prices of their new models, but that's because they're not going to use the Faroudja deinterlacer anymore.
  9. Han

    Consumer Reports DVD Player Ratings

    Surprisingly, the Sony DVP-NS315 was also rated as Consumer Report's top microwave oven, refrigerator, and compact automobile.:laugh:
  10. Han

    What's new for 2003?

    Denon 2900, Philips 963, and Samsung 931. Those threads are already ridiculously long. Panasonic is off the radar as far as the new models go, unless its threads talking about shock and disbelief of the company's new direction.
  11. Han

    The superb Denon 1600 ties the RP-82 in Secrets shootout update.....

    Phil, I think layer change speed is all in the drive, and the 2800, 9000, and your 3800 are all 2x DVD-ROM drives. Similarly, Apex uses DVD-ROM drives, achieving great layer change speeds as well.
  12. Han

    The superb Denon 1600 ties the RP-82 in Secrets shootout update.....

    This from Denon's website. Denon 1600
  13. Han

    The superb Denon 1600 ties the RP-82 in Secrets shootout update.....

    ReggieW, Can you confirm that the Denon 1600 is no better than the typical player when it comes with layer change speed? The results from Secrets for the 1600 and 900 seem to support the idea that the whole buffer thing is useless, and it's really the DVD-ROM drive vs. standalone drive thing...
  14. Han

    RP82's for $345!?

    With what I can forsee as no (great PQ) players coming up with aspect ratio control, including the Denon 2900 or the Philips 963, I think I might as well bite the bullet and just buy the stupid :) Denon 1600. Sigh:frowning:
  15. Han

    Proposed Mirage speaker system

    You can mix and match OmniSats with OmniSat Micros and those bookshelves and towers based on the OmniSat technology. Just go a little down on this page: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...03-page-2.html ...to see the "bigger" Mirage Omnis. They're not as "pretty", but I'd probably go...
  16. Han

    Philips DVD 963SA vs Panasonic RP 91--scaling/zooming ability

    I agree. That one huge thread about the 963 is full of hack-n-schmack stuff. I simply stopped bothering to follow it, because everytime someone asks a question about aspect ratio control or scaling, it fell on deaf ears. Not even a "we don't know yet" or "I haven't tried a non-anamorphic DVD"...
  17. Han

    About to order cp72...should i wait for the new models?

    Just speculation really. Last year, it took until mid-year for the first of the Panny x2 models to come out... the 62s. Then longer still for the others in the series. The 85 (5 disc) this year looks like an absolute bargain at what one site said will be $149 MSRP. Maybe Panasonic will...
  18. Han

    2003 Panasonic Players/Recorders teaser...

    What's up with all the silver players with all these companies? Anyway, someone at AVS said the 65 and 85 are both 5 disc changers, but no news on what chipset(s) yet.
  19. Han

    Zenith (!) and Pioneer announce SACD players!

    I'll be interested in how that Pioneer 563 turns out video-wise. The SACD/DVD-A capability is just icing as a low priced entry into high res audio. I'm not expecting anything spectacular out of its audio quality.
  20. Han

    Mitsubishi Progressive Scan players

    I think the current ones are rebadged Toshibas. From what little I've followed of them, people seem to be pretty satisfied with them if they like the pluses and minuses of similar Toshibas.
  21. Han

    CD Changer/Carousel + Random Play = Up & Down Volumes!

    It just kills me that people who mix CDs don't go by any standard volume level. There's nothing worse than that loud song that comes in when shuffling a CD changer at a party. Unless you can find the feature in a CD changer, I'd use a computer... The quick way: Dump all the songs onto your...
  22. Han

    New Sharp DV S25U

    Is it me or is anyone else getting sick of the gauging of in-player letterboxing in S&V? We get it! Their opinion has always been, Sonys good, everyone else bad in this respect. Those Low Points don't seem to amount to much, except maybe the optical output which can limit some people's...
  23. Han

    Upward firing and port questions

    Sorry, I've searched around, but most sub FAQs only seem to cover downward vs. side firing subs... I'm thinking of experimenting with a sonosub with the driver on top firing upwards. What characteristics, advantages, and limitations will this give me? On the bottom, I'm flexible with...
  24. Han

    video up conversion

    There's a little blurb in Secrets' review of the Denon 5803 that says the upconverted signal is 480i. (Link Removed) I figure it's probably the same case for the 3803. It's mainly a convenience feature that I'd love to have in my (or my next) receiver/prepro.
  25. Han

    Receiver VS. PreProcessor as a Prepro..Which and why?

    From what I keep hearing, the preouts of receivers are an afterthought, so their quality isn't as high as the preouts of a true pre/pro. With that being said, if those things are equal, I'd go with whichever item sounds better hooked into an amp, and then which has the most features. The 3803 is...
  26. Han

    When using a surround system do you still use your tv speakers as well?

    Sound can come out of a TV?:D Actually, even if I was to have mains and rears but no center speaker, I'd turn the TV's speaker off. Using it as a center just doesn't match right with the mains.