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  1. MikeTC

    opinions on IR repeaters....

    Sorry Chip, Xantech do have pre-made mono cables but the longest is 10ft.
  2. MikeTC

    opinions on IR repeaters....

    Ted & Tony, If you have eight or less components to control, you could also go with a 789-44 controllers. It could control up to eight components (two emitter with each of the four connections) and cost a little less. You may want to check out some kits that Xantech offers that comes with one...
  3. MikeTC

    Carpet installed in the basement

    Never have I see dust make its way through padding and carpet. :) :)
  4. MikeTC

    Carpet installed in the basement

    Check moisture by taping duct tapes on all sides of a 1'X 1' plastic on the floor for about a week. If moisture built up underneath you may have moisture problem and should look at products and methods mentioned above. If no moisture, I would recommend the densest and thickest padding you could...
  5. MikeTC


    Jason, I would love doing a ported design but how? The space is more like 22"X22"X22". Shoule I just built a box as big as I can to fit into this space and put a port in it? What would be the port size & length and bracing construction? With a ported design, do I still need a 1KW amp? Don't want...
  6. MikeTC


    Thanks Jason, no I'm not lock into the sealed design. I do however need this box to fit into a 23"X23"X23" enclosure. I also would love to hear people with experience with the Dayton 15" TITANIC MKIII SUBWOOFER KIT for ~$690. How it sound and compared to other commercial as well as other DIY...
  7. MikeTC

    A question for the electricians out there...

    50 amp is plenty, chances are that not all devices will be on at once even the arcade stuff.
  8. MikeTC


    Jason, Do you have experience with the Titanic kit? How does it compare? Thanks,
  9. MikeTC


    Wanted to see if anyone have experience with the Dayton 15" TITANIC MKIII SUBWOOFER KIT for ~$690. If I were to purchase the MKIII driver and 1KW amp seperatly, I should just get the kit so there is very little building. BTW, the cabinet for the kit is about the max I could used ~22"^3. Any...
  10. MikeTC

    I can't believe the difference

    I agreed totally about cable upgrade, you get what you paid for. I spent $1000 on cables with my $200 receiver. WoW, what a different, it sounds better than any $1000 receiver without cables. :D :D Just kidding.
  11. MikeTC

    Comcast HDTV = 2 boxes?

    Not my Comcast, we have one that does regular, digital and HDTV. I don't think she know what she is talking about.
  12. MikeTC

    Cheap Learning Remote

    All in One 8810w from Walmart, about $17. 8 devices and JP1 capable if you're into programming it.
  13. MikeTC


    John, If you still out here. How would I know when the two week special will start? As per our earlier telecon (you may not remember), I'm very much interested in the AV15 when it is available. Good luck with your venture.
  14. MikeTC

    Carpeting experts please

    Sound like end of the roll to me if it is running the width of the carpet and located near a wall. This is pretty expensive good at $4/sq ft ($36/sq yd) so if you really not happy with it ask the company to come back and fix it. If the problem can't be fixed, ask for a replacement. They would...
  15. MikeTC

    Estimating $$$ for finishing basement

    3-30K depend on what you want.
  16. MikeTC

    fishing speaker wire questions

    Couple of easy wiring solutions without drilling into stud: 1. Remove the baseboards and create 1" channel (bet. floor & bottom of drywall) and run your wires thru the channel. Replace baseboards after finish wiring. 2. For carpet flooring left up the carpet, there is usually a 1/2" to...
  17. MikeTC

    Belden 1695A and Canare RCAP-C53

    Radio Shack's cable stripper 278-248 is great for cable stripping. Once you set it up, it will strip the cable's outer jacket and the dielectric & shield to perfect length for crimping. It also aval. at HD(~$10).
  18. MikeTC

    Subwoofer Connection Debate - Help

    I agree with H/K's response. You do want to take advantage of the LFE of the receiver. This should provide a cleaner signals to the speakers. Make sure the LCR and surrounds are set to 'small' and the sub to 'on'.
  19. MikeTC

    Advice on Light dimmers, please.

    Don't have much experience with the RF X10 stuff so I can't help you there. I have one X10 receiver and one transmitter at home to identify when my primary sump pump fails and they work pretty well. I don't know how well the RF X10 will work in your situation so keep us posted. Good luck.
  20. MikeTC

    Remote Controlled Light?

    1 table lamp on/off, the clapper.
  21. MikeTC

    What to use to 'push' wire through ceiling?

    Laura, that's a great idea with the remote control car but it wouldn't work when trying to go between open ceiling joists. Remote control airplan or helicopter may work in this situation :D :D. I have to try the r/c car someday, thanks.
  22. MikeTC

    Advice on Light dimmers, please.

    Tom, I think you meant IR not RF. Unless you don't have line of sight to the dimmer or want to use the remote in a different room, you don't need RF. As I said earlier, RF is expensive and you cannot use normal remotes that comes with your equipment or most after market remotes. You did not...
  23. MikeTC

    Advice on Light dimmers, please.

    Tom, what does RFI mean in your book? Mine is Radio Frequency Interference which is not related to lightings. The reason I'm asking is that Lutron does have both RF (RadioRA) and IF (Spacer & GRAFIK Eye) based dimming systems. They are all scenes and remote capable. RF is a lot more costly but...
  24. MikeTC

    What to use to 'push' wire through ceiling?

    On top of the fish tape, one thing that works great in a straight run is fiberglass rods used for camping tents, you could duct tape the joints and tape the wire to the tip and it goes wherever you want. Since the rods comes in 2-4' sections, its pretty easy to use in close quarters. They do...
  25. MikeTC

    Picked up a RadioShack 15-2116 today... First impressions, and some Questions

    With JP1, there are extenders (additional programs) that enable the 2116 to have long/two press to fire up macro or use it as another key. I strongly recommend JP1 with any One for All remotes.
  26. MikeTC

    Looking for good, inexpensive speaker mounts.

    I think Lowes if not HD carry the Vogel line. I have see them in one of the big box.
  27. MikeTC

    Equipment rack... How big should the shelves be?

    I vote for 24" deep because you may needed down the line. Some components such as receivers, Amps and DVD (300+ disc) players are about 21 to 23" deep. When you start adding the connectors to them, 24" is about right.
  28. MikeTC

    howto add ventilation to AV cabinet?

    http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...Fid=273%2D1779 RS called it a AC-DC (Home) adapter. Anyway, I would cut the connector off and connect the wires to the fan. Just be sure you know that the fan will be on when the reciever is turn on.
  29. MikeTC

    howto add ventilation to AV cabinet?

    I would use 120VAC fans. If you must use 12V DC fans, use a wall wart (120VAC to 12VDC transformer) and pulg it onto your receiver's switchable outlet so it will turn on the fans when the receiver is on. I agreed with Wayne that it would be best to exhaust hot air than blowing cool air in.
  30. MikeTC

    Best HDTV in the $900 Price range

    Carlos, Would you be able to help me if I told you I have $10K and need a new car? I have a Ford, Honda and MB nearby. You need to give us more info than just HDTV.