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  1. BarryS

    Question about installing an OS

    So I have an old PC (Dell Dimension 4400, about 5 or 6 years old) that I believe is virus-infected. I'm not positive it's a virus but I'm pretty sure. The computer doesn't work right at all. It's very very slow. The antivirus software malfuctioned for some reason and it's old and bogged down...
  2. BarryS

    Twin Peaks Pilot

    I've been a David Lynch fan for several years now, and I've seen all of his films, but I've never seen the Twin Peaks series until recently. I just watched the pilot episode for the first time. However, I'm a bit confused because I've seen the running time for the pilot listed as 113 minutes...
  3. BarryS

    Alien 3 appreciation thread

    This thread is for those of us in the minority who actually liked Alien 3. I count myself among the film's fans. I find it my second favorite in the series, right under Ridley Scott's original. I think Alien 3 is a wonderful change of pace after James Cameron's boisterous Aliens. I liked the...
  4. BarryS

    Lucio Fulci's Zombie

    I just rented this DVD from a mom & pop. I put in the DVD and the Anchor Bay logo comes up. Then there's a closeup of a gun which fires into a head with a sheet over it and something that looks like a link sausage comes out. A voice says "The boat can leave now", or something like that. I...