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  1. NickSP

    Pioneer VSX-1014 and 52TX

    While most here know they are the same receivers, some here claimed that the 1014 was actually an Elite. While at a dealer today, I was told that instead of the Pioneer 1014 being the Elite, the 52TX was actually a Pioneer under the Elite label. It made sense because the chasis and the body...
  2. NickSP

    Need help with Harman Kardon receiver! (Tone & DD-EX)

    I recently purchased a HK DPR-1001 to be used as a prepro with my system and so far so good except I can't seem to quite understand two things. 1) Why does the receiver play either DD or DTS in EX-ES mode for non-flagged movies? (No Auto setting?) 2) Why don't I hear any difference in sound...
  3. NickSP

    Can I CONVERT a 5 V Trigger to a 12 V trigger?

    Is there a way to convert a 5 V trigger to a 12 V trigger? My prepro has three 5 volt trigger outs but they cannot provide enough juice to start the amp which requires a 12 volt trigger. Any suggestions?
  4. NickSP

    FS: PANASONIC SA-XR45 (Black)

    I am selling a rarely used XR45 complete with the box, manuals, remote, etc. I am selling this for $285 + shipping and will accept paypal. This is a 6.1 receiver with all the latest decoding including DTS 96/24 and sounds very good. I had planned for later usage but need the cash now.
  5. NickSP

    Denon 2803 has better preamps than the RX-V3300?

    I am helping a friend setup a system with either of these two receivers as a prepro with a Parasound amp. On paper the Denon has a better preamp with the Melody 100 processor chip and two (2) DACs per channel. We listened to these receivers and could not judge a clear winner so I am looking for...
  6. NickSP

    How do you "reset" a NAD T752 to factory default settings?

    Like the subject says, how do you reset the receiver? A friend of mine got one today and he is getting no sound from the digital inputs, only analog inputs give him sound. I went there to check it out and all the connections seem fine. The receiver seems to lock on to the digital signal but...
  7. NickSP

    Is the Outlaw 950 going to be replaced?

    Or can we expect to see some more additions to the 950 such as DTS 96/24 or an RS232 port, etc?
  8. NickSP

    Yamah RX-V2300 vs. RX-V1400

    I recently purchased the 2300 for $449 and can get a 1400 for $699. I will be primarily using the receiver as a prepro with external amps. My question to those that know Yamahas well, is it worth spending the extra $250 over the 2300 for the 1400? I know that both of them would sound very...
  9. NickSP

    A Question about Receiver being used as a Prepro..

    When using the receiver as a prepro, what should be connected to the speaker terminals? I ask this because I read somewhere that there is some resistor type of attachment that goes into the speaker terminals and I don't remember exactly what that was. Anyone with an idea about what that is and...
  10. NickSP

    A few questions on the RX-V2300

    Hooked up the 2300 yesterday and like it so far but I haven't really gotten a chance yet to dig deep into the receiver. I would like to get these questions answered so I can set up the 2300 more efficiently. (I am using it as a prepro) 1) Do I need to do anything special to activate the 12V...
  11. NickSP

    Buying the YAMAHA RX-V2300, Is the RS-232

    Port for installs or is it also for future upgrades? Also, is the receiver better in terms of processing than the newer 740 if used as a prepro? BTW, I am getting the 2300 cheaper than the 740.
  12. NickSP

    A Question on THD...

    When using a receiver as a prepro, how does it contribute to the THD? Is the receiver's THD a factor at all or is it the amplifier's THD that comes into play?
  13. NickSP

    Can I use this as a trigger for my amp?

    I have a Proton preamp which has a 5 volt DC trigger and a Niles power conditioner with a 12V DC trigger which in turn, turns my power amps on. Problem is the 5 V current isn't enough to power the amps on. Can I use a 12V DC power adaptor that comes with many electrical gadgets with a 3.5 mm...
  14. NickSP

    Fs: Pronto Tsu2000, Marantz Rc2kmkii

    I am selling my RC2000 MKII with box and manuals for $75. The remote is in very good shape and was not being used for quite some time. I am also selling a TSU2000 for $160 and the TSU2000 is also in great shape and being currently used. I have lost the manual and box for this great remote but...
  15. NickSP

    Fs: Pronto Tsu2000

    I am selling a very gently used Pronto 2000 with the original box, warranty card, cable, etc. as I got very zealous and purchased 2 thinking I'd use one for the bedroom but I have realised it is an overkill so this one should go. I am asking $175 including shipping via UPS ground and will...
  16. NickSP

    FS: HP Pavilion XT-345 Notebook. P4-2GHz

    I am selling a relatively unused notebook as I have received another notebook from work as a gift. Description: PRICE $1225 + shipping HP Pavilion XT345 Notebook used less than 3 months OS-Win XP Home, easily upgradble to XPPro, Pentium 4, 2.0GHz processor 30GB Hard Drive, ATI Radeon...
  17. NickSP

    DA4ES Flash Upgrade Report

    Hi Guys, thought I'd share my experience with the upgrade yesterday of my 4ES. Thanks to Sven and Alex for making it easy on the rest of us. I followed the instructions and the upgrade itself went fine. The 4ES displayed "Memory Clearing" in the end and a mesage box on my laptop said "Memory...
  18. NickSP

    Some Post Upgrade Questions on the DA4ES

    For all those that have successfully upgraded their machines I have a question or two. Does the upgrade remember the DPL/DTS mode setting i.e. DPL-II Music/Movies, etc.? So if I am watching a DVD in DVD input on DTS Neo and was previously listening to a CD on the CD input in DPL-II Music, can...
  19. NickSP

    What is "EMPHASIS OFF" on the DA4ES?

    I was watching the display while playing a CD and while the display was scrolling, I observed something called "Emphasis Off" on the display when it shows the sampling rate, etc. How do you turn the emphasis "on" ? Can somebody please shed some light on this?
  20. NickSP

    Any "RF" converters out for the SONY DA4ES?

    Just got my new entertainment center and now I have to keep my 4ES at an angle because otherwise the remote eye goes behind the door. I need an RF remote or something and I could not come up with anything on the Sony website. So what are my options? Is there any aftermarket remote that can do...
  21. NickSP

    Question for Tone Control settings on the Pioneer VSX-D811S

    I am trying to help a friend install the 811S but we can't figure how to adjust the Bass/Treble settings thru the remote control. Also, does the PL-II music have Center, Panorama adjustments? Thanks.
  22. NickSP

    Should Concert Modes on 4ES utilize all speakers?

    Anytime I put these modes on, I only get sound from the front 2 speakers, is this normal? I thought the manual is not clear on that.
  23. NickSP

    Cinema Studio Modes on DA5ES vs. DA4ES

    I thought I had pretty much settled on the 4ES when a new finding is making me rethink my 4ES decision. This has to do with Cinema Studio modes. I used to own a 555ES and really enjoyed Cinema modes with music/movies. However recently Aaron, Brett and Mark made me aware of something the 4ES...
  24. NickSP

    Does DA5ES have 12V Trigger?

    I am getting a good deal on the 5ES but I want to make sure if it has a 12V trigger out. Can you some of the other controls on the back to remotely start other equipment? Also, can I use a cheater plug to connect my amps directly to the DA5ES to turn my amps on/off?
  25. NickSP

    Please HELP me get the best out of DA4ES!

    I have played with the unit to the point where it keeps getting better and better but however, I'd like to stop fiddling with the settings and enjoy a movie or two :D I would like to find out what most of you are using as EQ settings for movies, including the surround settings. I know...
  26. NickSP

    SAMMANS mix-up?

    About a week before thanksgiving I called Sammans and got a very good price of $620 deliverd. That was on a Sunday and at the time I "Did" place an order because I thought it was a great price. I called them back up on Monday and spoke with "Joe" who said the DA4ES was on back order and that it...
  27. NickSP

    DA4ES- EQ settings are messing up the calibrations! Help!!

    I finally got around to setting and calibrating my speakers perfectly and was enjoying my movies until I went and started playing with the EQ. After I adjusted the EQ to my satisfaction I did however notice a lack of balance in the soudfield. Upon checking with an SPL meter I found that the...
  28. NickSP

    Sony STRDA4ES Calibration question....

    Could someone please tell me how to individually calibrate the front speakers with my SPL meter and VE Disk? All I can do is a balance control but no individual db setting on front L/R channels. Thanks.
  29. NickSP

    SONY 2ES/4ES users, please help!

    I am trying out the Sony 2ES and have a few questions. How do I change the "Normal Surround" mode from the remote control? i.e. if I want to change from DPL-II music to DPL-II movie or DTS-Neo. I know there is a button on the receiver's front panel but I could not find it on the remote...
  30. NickSP

    FS: Brand New Denon 2802

    I am selling this receiver which is Brand new purchased 2 weeks ago. I used this receiver mainly as a prepro and have never used the receiver's own amps. I am selling this as I am able to get the Rotel 1066 for a great price ($900)but this has to go first. I purchased this from an authorized...