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    Small(ish) multipurpose amp for outdoor application

    Hello all! I'm looking for recommendations for a powered amp for powering outdoor speakers. The amp will be housed in a vented "polycase" (for an example: https://www.polycase.com/yh-141206). I found one on Amazon that meets most of my desired capabilities (has bluetooth, aux input, but...
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    Problems with my projector (Panasonic PT-AX100U)

    Hello! I have two problems with my Panasonic. The first has been going on forever (ie, a couple of years probably), the second is kind of new. 1. Occasionally, the projector simply won't turn on. I push the button, the fan starts, but the light bulb never turns on. Eventually the...
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    Looking for a small HDTV, between 7-11 inches

    Hello htf! I have been looking for a widescreen HDTV with hdmi input, basically anywhere from 7 to 11 inches. I want to mount it outside the door of my theater room, with a "now showing" sign above it. I have a remodeler finishing the remainder of my basement so this is a good time to do this...
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    Help configuring HDMI source with HK645

    Hi, I just purchased a Panasonic AEU900U projector and HK645 receiver. I run Comcast digital cable box via RGB to the Video 1 input on the receiver. The receiver has the HDMI out connected to the projector. But I can't get any signal when I select the HDMI source on the projector. I thought the...
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    Digital Video camera recommendations?

    I'm looking for our first DV camera. It will be mostly used for our kids sporting events and the like, so I'd like it to be good for outdoor video. Price range of $500 or so. What should I be looking for? Thanks! Mike
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    Good websites showing golf swing form?

    My new job reqires me to get more serious about golf. I've just been a 1-2 times a year player, although I take my kids to a family-oriented driving range probably once a week or so in the summer. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me to good websites with demos of proper swing form...
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    Frequency range of AM and FM radio???

    Anyone have the frequency range of AM and FM radio handy? I'm teaching a class on data communications and wanted to compare the 2 with the range of telephone (ie, 300 Hz-3300Hz)..
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    Any SQL and/or MS Access wizard out there?

    I have a little task that I need to accomplish, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I have the following database structure (this is just a small part of the data, just dummy stuff since the real stuff has health care provider info in it): ProviderNumber ProviderName 900404 Windows Test 1...
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    question about mounting resilient channel on ceiling

    I bought a case of Auralex RC-8 Resilient Channel,but it didn't come with any instructions for mounting on the ceiling. Here is the instructions that are on the website: http://truesoundcontrol.com/products/RC824.html Does anyone have any close-up pictures of mounting this stuff on the...
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    "Exit" sign

    Looking for an Exit sign for above the doorway to my HT. Anyone have a site that sells these? Couldn't find one in the sticky thread....
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    I have appx 15 1/2 feet for depth for my new room.. how wide?

    Hello all! I (somewhat unfortunately I suppose) only have 15 1/2 feet of depth for a HT-only room I'm about to build in my basement. I can pretty much make it any width up to 15 feet. Basically, I have a square to work with, but I know that a square isn't the best shape. I'm thinking about...
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    Total car audio beginner questions

    Hello all! I am thinking about putting a system in my 99 Grand Cherokee to replace the AM/FM cassette thing that came with it. I have a very nice home theater setup for serious listening, I'm not trying to duplicate that in the Jeep, just want something that sounds pretty nice.. I knew...
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    DVD player to go with Toshiba 51H83

    I'm fairly well set on the Toshiba 51H83 as my TV upgrade, now I need to pick out a DVD player to go with it. Thinking about the Bravo to go DVI, although there is some controversy as to whether DVI does much with RPTV. I would like to stay around $200 or less, if it is for sale at Best...
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    Toshiba 3107 DVD player owners, please help!

    Okay, I did something stupid, I admit. :-( I moved my old SD3107 out of my basement home theater, and hooked it up to a TV upstairs. For some reason, the image coming out of the DVD player was black and white. So, my immediate thought was that the player was set to "S" video out and I'd...
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    Help picking a widescreen TV

    Okay, I'm ready to buy my first widescreen TV. It is going to be used pretty much exclusively for watching DVD's. We rarely watch any regular TV, and when we do we usually watch upstairs in our living room. This widescreen display will be for a dedicated HT room in the basement (current 32 inch...
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    Starter golf clubs

    Okay, it's time to take up golf. Not as an obsession, just something that I'm invited to do by friends/collegues/family often enough that I need to have a set of clubs rather than borrowing/renting. I'll probably only play 10-15 times a year, so there isn't any reason to spend a fortune. Plus...
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    Do you eat the little brown paper on a peanut?

    When you are shelling peanuts, they have those little brown covers on them. My 3 year old son calls it paper. Anyway, do you eat the brown paper, or throw it away? We've (my son and I) been having a debate on this all summer while sitting on the front porch eating peanuts. He says you throw...