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  1. David Oliver

    Time Travel In the Movies

    I've always thought that 12 Monkeys was pretty internally logical and consistent movie with respect to it's time travel. I was going to include Slaughterhouse Five, but upon reflection it doesn't seem to me to involve time travel so much as someone living their life out of order.
  2. David Oliver

    Cosmology alert: String Theory on PBS 8/28 and 11/4

    I have to say I was pretty unimpressed with the show. It seemed to have a hard time moving forward, repeating itseelf time and again. I dunno, it just seemed awfully dumbed down, even for me (not a physicist by any stretch)
  3. David Oliver

    The scariest line of dialog in any film you've seen

    Not so much frightening, but it always sends a shiver down my spine, from Leon Norman Stansfield: Bring me everyone. Benny: What do you mean "everyone"? Norman Stansfield: EVERYONE!
  4. David Oliver

    *** Official KILL BILL VOLUME 1 Discussion Thread

    The movie reminded of Aeon Flux especially the scene with everyone lying around dead or dying in the restaurant. Seemed to me the movie was just a live actioon anime, entertaining, but not that special.
  5. David Oliver

    Spielberg: September 11 Film Should Never Happen

    I certainly think you could make movies related to 9/11 right now, if not about 9/11 directly.
  6. David Oliver

    HTF REVIEW: "Pulp Fiction" Collector's Edition (Highly Recommended)(with screenshots)

    The trivia track is pretty interesting. I had no idea Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci were college roommates.
  7. David Oliver

    *** Official "ROAD TO PERDITION" Discussion Thread

    I finally got to see this movie and I think it was oversold, but it is still a quality film. I don't want to re-hash arguments that are now over a week old, but I do have a question. The cinematography is excellent for the most part, yet there is a lot of what i would call "flaring" of the...
  8. David Oliver

    TV on dvd--a possibly dissenting viewpoint.

    You know that if they weren't releasing the TV shows there would be a whole separate group wondering where those were. Studios clearly are allocating there dollars and other resources to those projects they consider most economical. I love classic movies but I don't for a second believe they are...
  9. David Oliver

    Post LOTR; Most Anticipated Release?

    OK, now that LOTR:FOTR has been released, what announced title are you most looking forward to? For me it is Ken Burns' Civil War, followed by Glengarry Glen Ross
  10. David Oliver

    Jimi Hendrix voted the greatest Guitar Player EVER!!!

    Actually Django Reinhardt is on the list, so there is one jazz guitarist. I thik most of the names on the list are ridiculous...Sum 41????
  11. David Oliver

    Suffering without LOTR until Nov.

    Waiting until November. I think I'll be fine.
  12. David Oliver

    LOTR disc(s): consumer backlash against multiple versions, _L.A. Times_.

    I pretty much agree, except I don't think it is fair to criticize people for not doing their "research". They are buying a DVD, not a car or a house. They get their Sunday supplement and see that Best Buy has Lord of the Rings this week, $15.99. Hey, I think I'll get that. I know a lot of people...
  13. David Oliver

    Just Saw Empire Of The Sun: Different

    Tim, Great article. I had just watched EOS, again, and I had this nagging feeling that there was something about it that seemed, well, at the time weird, but I think now I would say dreamlike. A great movie.
  14. David Oliver

    To Those Calling Retailers for LORD OF THE RINGS: Please Stop!

    You realize that some of you folks sound INSANE!:D Now what is this $10 rebate for after 8/6 deal? I was planning on just waiting for the 4-disc version, but if there is some sort of rebate I might pick up the 2-disc version. Anyway, why aren't we talking about the real important release on...
  15. David Oliver

    Do you know enough about the US to become a citizen?

    I lost count of how many times I did it, something like ten times. Didn't miss a single question, although I did guess on the one about the Naturalization form. I got 5/9 in the Canada quiz.
  16. David Oliver

    What is the greatest invention ever?

    Home pizza delivery.
  17. David Oliver

    *** "Offical "AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER" Discussion Thread

    Overall, i enjoyed the movie, I laughed a lot, and that is all I wanted out of it, even if a lot of it was re-treading old material. I thought the subtitles jokes, where you couldn't read part of the subtitle, was one of the more original ideas of AP3. Was I the only one who thought that in...
  18. David Oliver

    DVDs with "Rewatchable" value

    ACtually the pone that came immediately to my mind was Tombstone. Others: Memento Casablanca The Natural X-Men Godfather I, II Slap Shot
  19. David Oliver

    Signs (2002)

    Just to balance the tally in this thread a bit, I liked Sixth Sense better than Unbreakable :D I'm looking forward to Signs.
  20. David Oliver

    Any News On 'To Live and Die in L.A.'?

    Anyone have any idea if this will ever be released on DVD? Who has the rights to it?
  21. David Oliver

    Counting your collection. How do you do it?

    Basically, if iti s a multi-disc set but you can buy the discs separately (i.e. Monty Python's Flying Circus) then I count the individual discs. If they cannot be purchased separately (i.e. X-Files) then it is one disc.
  22. David Oliver

    9/24/02...The greatest day in the history of DVD releases

    Paul: Also on 11/12 Glengarry Glen Ross
  23. David Oliver

    *** Official "REIGN OF FIRE" Discussion Thread

    While I enjoyed this movie, it wasn't great. Just an entertaining diversion. But only one male? From an evolutionary standpoint this is a sure way NOT to ensure the survival of your species.
  24. David Oliver

    *** Official "THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS" Discussion Thread

    EricW, Re: Luke Wilson coming last. Isn't his scene on the boat the first one right after? That is probably why he comes last, to make the transition the WA wanted.
  25. David Oliver

    *** Official "MINORITY REPORT" Discussion Thread

    Just re-reading this thread brought another issue to my mind. The opening shows the Pre-crime unit just barely preventing a murder...and I mean just barely. I would presume that there have been other close calls, yet since there have been no murders in however long, can we also presume they have...
  26. David Oliver

    Sammy Sosa should write the Cubs a check for $270,000

    I agree with Mike. They cancelled the World Series for God's sake!
  27. David Oliver

    Do Americans really believe that Canadians pronounce "About" as "Aboot"?

    Watching NHL tonight a lot of Candians seem to say, "Oh-Fence" while we Merkins say it "Ah-fencee"
  28. David Oliver

    On second thought, Russell Crowe should have gotten that Oscar. Simply incredible!

    To flat out say one performance is better than another is simply wrong, in my opinion, when you are comparing different roles. Washington and Crowe both gave excellent noteworthy performances for very different roles in very different movies, I tihnk it is comparing the proverbial apples to oranges.
  29. David Oliver

    How good are Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?

    Don't like'em at all. I think they are an abomination to donuts. I agree with the person who said give me Dunkin' Donuts over Krispy Kreme.