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  1. Mark gas

    Quick Qusetion

    I want to hook up 4 speakers to my Yamaha R-xv 420 receiver, which setup would give nme more power? Option 1: Running all 4 speakers from the 2 main A channels @ 4 ohms. Option 2: Running 1 pair of speakers from the A main channels and a second set from the B Channels @ 8 ohms.
  2. Mark gas

    New DIY sub: Death Star.

    The ultimate HT sub. So much power it can destroy planets. http://www.objectreality.co.uk/DeathStarPlans http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  3. Mark gas

    Atlas 12 or 15

    What would be better for movies in a 16 x 20 room? A 15 inch Atlas sealed (up to 4 cubic feet) with 350 watts or a 12 inch Atlas ported( up to 4 cubic feet with 350 watts?
  4. Mark gas

    New sub 3.25" mounting depth!!!

    http://www.aespeakers.com/phpbb2/vie...hp?p=1441#1441 Made by Acoustic Elegance formally known as Stryke audio.
  5. Mark gas

    Radio and antenna for am

    I am looking for radio and Antenna so my parents can get better am reception. I have picked this radio GE Superadio III Now I need to pick a antenna. Witch would get the best reception? Terk Pi Indoor Powered AM/FM Antenna Terk AF-2500 AM/FM Indoor Antenna (AM/FM+) Terk AF-9330...
  6. Mark gas

    Making a test box

    I am making a box for 6.5 inch drivers that will be adjustable so I can change the air space inside the box. What’s the maximum air space a 6.5 inch driver will need? 1 cubic feet enough or should I go 2 cubic feet?
  7. Mark gas

    Anyone heard of visaton

    There selling Visaton kits a solen. here is a link to there site. http://www.visaton.com/english/uebersicht/6.html what do u think?
  8. Mark gas

    Killer 6 inch.

    http://www.teamxratedstl.com/Scotts/REgoodies/ Claims "the 6" can outdisplace most 12's."
  9. Mark gas

    Crown amp power ratings

    I am looking at getting a used Crown Micro-Tech 1200 but I would like to know how much power it puts out 4 ohms mono RMS but the website only gives out Maximum Average Power at for ohms. Load Impedance: Rated for 2 to 8 ohms in Stereo, 4 to 16 ohms in Bridge-Mono, 1 to 4 ohms in Parallel-Mono...
  10. Mark gas

    yammie or denon

    I just bought a yammie rvx 420 but they also had the denon 1402 for $50 less. The sales man told me the yammie was better for ht is that true or should I return the yammie and get the denon?
  11. Mark gas

    Pre/Pre or reciver

    Here's the Dilemma I have $1400 ( around 700 US if I include shipping taxes and duty) So I can buy a Marantz AV 560 pre/pro that only has DD/DTS for around 600 and by a 5 channel Parasound amp and maybe upgrade the pre/pro down the road or spent all the money on a Receiver. Also I will be...
  12. Mark gas

    These subs any good for HT?

    Are these subs any good for HT because I have heard there 12 inch sub is better than the Adire audio shriva for car use and I was wondering how they would be for ht. http://www.edesignaudio.com/ep/kseries.htm
  13. Mark gas

    Marantz AV 560 pre/pro

    I was at A/B Sound and saw the Marantz AV 560 pre/pro for $688 Canadian regularly $1288. I would like to know if anybody has ever used this or has any comments on this, is this pre/pro any good?
  14. Mark gas

    QSC MX 3000a price thoughts

    I can pick up a QSC MX 3000a that is less than 1 years old for $1140 Canadian taxes in ($739 in us dollars) Is this a good price and what do you think of the amp? specs 2400 watts at 8 ohms Bridged 3200 watts at 4 ohms Bridged It also has a Variable Fan witch I think is good.
  15. Mark gas

    Focal enclosure

    Link Removed I just bought those speakers above and plan on using them inside for awhile can anybody Suggest a sealed enclosure size? will winisd work even Thou they are 3way's?