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  1. Dan Hotch

    Room Placement Admission...

    I confess... ...originally, I told myself that speaker placement wasn't that important. Last summer I went to visit a friend in Detroit and we listened to his new setup (Denon 3801 and B&W 602s). I was instantly turned on to quality audio (both HT and music.) So I decided to replace the...
  2. Dan Hotch

    Bose... ...Highest Quality Brand!

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Bose Basher (I have never taken the time to listen to them to be honest). In the March 4th issue of BusinessWeek on page 12 they have a small bit that was titled "The List Ol'Reliable". In it they had asked consumers to develop a list of the highest...
  3. Dan Hotch

    Listening in the Dark

    Have you ever noticed that your speakers sound better when the lights are off or turned down real low? (I bet it is those stray photons messing up the sound waves.;) ) Here's to listening (and drinking) in the dark. Something I haven't done sense college, but now that I got my Paradigms I find...
  4. Dan Hotch

    Any problem with pointing speakers up?

    Hey all, My surround speakers are Atoms and I have them pointing to the ceiling. Is there any long term damage that could be done to the drivers by doing this? Thanks,
  5. Dan Hotch

    Surround from Regular Cable??

    On many TV shows they have a little spot on in the beginning "Presented in Surround". Do you get worthwile surround from a regular (RF) cable signal? I have a receiver with PLII but my VCR is old and only has mono out (otherwise it preforms as needed). Would it be worth spending $70 to get a...
  6. Dan Hotch

    Mounting rears facing toward the ceiling?

    Haven't got the speakers yet, but I am planning on getting Atoms for the rear speakers and I was wondering if mounting them about 2 or 3 feet of the ground (in the corners of the room) facing up to the ceiling would be bad acoustically? The room has a vaulted ceiling that stands about 14 feet on...