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  1. Chris A H

    Standard Def TV on a 50" Plasma?

    I have just started looking for a new plasma TV (50") and have read many stories on the forums about how bad standard definition TV looks on these big screens. The family watches lots of non-high-def TV, so is there a make/model/technology that I should look for in a 50" plasma to make standard...
  2. Chris A H

    What does "out of phase" sound like?

    I did a room family remodel and surround speaker re-wiring while my DD receiver is in the shop. Ran the wires under the carpet with some flat 16 gauge wire and afterwards did a continuity check to make sure the wires were labeled correctly. So I hook them up to a small stereo receiver I have...
  3. Chris A H

    Radio Shack analog SPL meter being discontinued

    Radio Shack.com doesn't have them listed anymore, and the Oakland B&M shop says it's being discontinued in favor of the digital meter. Get one before they are gone!
  4. Chris A H

    Best alignment and/or driver for low volume usage?

    I would like information as to the best alignment that would be good for lower volume usage (the kiddies need their sleep :) ). Would a sealed or vented box be better? Any drivers you would recommend as well? Would like as small a box as required for the WAF. Mainly looking to fill out...
  5. Chris A H

    Rumble Filter needed with Sealed Sub?

    I have been looking for a plate amp, and it seems in my reading that a rumble filter is recommended mainly for ported subs. Is it recommended for sealed as well?
  6. Chris A H

    Plate Amp displacement messes up calculations?

    So I get finished determining the size, shape and volume of my DIY Shiva, and now I find out that most plate amps are 4" DEEP! This displaces about 9% of my volume making the box much smaller! Are the only options 1)make the cabinet bigger or 2) build an external box for the plate amp...
  7. Chris A H

    Need small subwoofer advice

    I have a very tight spot in my entertainment center (lower cabinet) in which to place a subwoofer (due to WAF). Can't be any bigger than 14.5"H x 16"W x 18"D. I have never had a subwoofer before, but I am assuming I will need a sealed unit with front firing in order to get the sound out of the...
  8. Chris A H

    For Sale: New Parasound HCA-855A

    I bought this amp from ubid.com in June 2002 with the intention of buying a receiver to use as a pre/pro. I just bought a Marantz 7200 and am very happy with the sound and amp performance, and space is now an issue. So I am selling the Parasound 855. The amp is new and has only been removed from...
  9. Chris A H

    Classical Music in 5.1from the Perfomer's POV

    Just getting back into serious classical music listening (having a family can be distracting!) and I am fascinated by those trying to use the newer multi-channel formats to create the feeling of being in the conductor's spot, or being a member of the orchestra/ensemble/choir/etc. There is...
  10. Chris A H

    Type of cable to use from pre-out to amp

    I am a bit confused on the types and labels used on various cables. I understand I need a digital coax cable with RCA connectors to hook up my DVD player. Can this same cable be used to go from my pre-out jacks to my new amp? Or should I be using an audio cable (usually in stero pairs)? Or...
  11. Chris A H

    Denon 1803 Specs

    Found this on a german website: http://www.hirsch-ille.de/denon/avr1803.html Here is the Google translation of the above german description: Denon AV aV-Receiver Avr-1803 Avr-1803, 7-Kanal-A/V-Receiver with Dolby digital, Dts it and pro Logic ii-decoder, Fulldiscrete 7-Kanal-Endstufe...
  12. Chris A H

    Pioneer VSX-D811S as pre/pro?

    Anyone using the Pioneer VSX-D811S as a pre/pro with an outboard amplifier? Just bought a Parasound 855 amp from Ubid ($309!) and want to get some of he latest surround formats without spending a lot. The 811S seems to have the best features & formats with pre-outs for the price. Thanks...