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  1. Larry Seno Jr.

    When is addiction serious?

    Help! I'm addicted to a video game and it's taking over my life, but not to the point where schoolwork is getting neglected. It's a game which can stay up on my desktop in a window, so I can do my schoolwork while I play. I am constantly playing it whenever I have any free time. Im guessing I...
  2. Larry Seno Jr.

    COPS fans I have a show for you

    It's called Pet Precinct, it's on Animal Planet and it's GREAT. It follows ASPCA officers from NYC and MHS (Michigan Humane Society) officers from Detroit around as they do their duty and the show is amazing. It has personalities that it follows and if you like animals, you'll be down.
  3. Larry Seno Jr.

    Now that adcritic is gone, how can you find music from commercials?

    I REALLY want the drum and bass song from the Saturn Vue commercial, how can I find out who does it?
  4. Larry Seno Jr.

    Vince Maskeeper: Please pick up the white courtesy telephone

    Are mp3s considered piracy by HTF? If not: Would you be opposed to setting up some kind of file sharing via HTF where we could contribute songs that we want others to hear? ( I have some webspace sitting around)
  5. Larry Seno Jr.

    American High : Can I get some commiseration

    This show came out in the Summer of 2000 and it was swiftly stolen from me and then placed in TV hell on PBS. It was the true story of teenagers in an Illinois suburb going about their daily lives. It's one of the VERY few shows that I am STILL emotionally distraught over it's cancellation as...
  6. Larry Seno Jr.

    Totally off topic, but you guys would get this the most

    When will this phenomenon ever end? Link Removed
  7. Larry Seno Jr.

    There is a HUGE difference between 128 and 256kbps MP3s

    Usually I just grab whatever on Audiogalaxy, but lately i have been selecting 256s to compare to the 128s, and there is a HUGE HUGE difference in sound stage, it's amazing. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.
  8. Larry Seno Jr.

    The 80s came back. I thought I was out, but they pullllllled me back in.

    And Im serious. Im watching the NBA, chicks are wearing jean jackets and Im thinking they're looking hot. and rock and roll came back, and MTVs playing it. First it was the Strokes, then it was the White Stripes, and now... Andrew WK. Hair Bands. When did THIS happen? There can't...
  9. Larry Seno Jr.

    What is causing my PC to reboot on it's own?

    Lately, when I run some programs my computer hard reboots. Do we think it's possibly my RAM or could it be the hard drives? The hard drives come back fine from Scandisking them.
  10. Larry Seno Jr.

    Sony didn't drop the price of the PS2?

    I checked the fliers today, and while every single X-Box ad reflects a $100 price drop, the PS2 is still priced at $299, what kind of a strategy is that?
  11. Larry Seno Jr.

    The Home Theater Forum Football League

    I'd like to propose the formation of the HTFFL for the 2003 season are there enough X-Box Users here that are interested in starting a league via X-Box live? I'd like to get a LEAST 8 of us, PREFERABLY 10 or 16. I will start a website with team pages, stats, records, etc. Let me know!
  12. Larry Seno Jr.

    Real World vs Road Rules challenge

    Watched part of the marathon today, and the finale. It was OK, kind of schlocky like survivor, not really down for that kind of lingo. The HIGHLIGHT of the show was Kelley. She was gorgeous on Real World New Orleans, and she is GORGEOUS now.
  13. Larry Seno Jr.

    Cartoon Network Adult Swim

    I don't know if you have all checked this out, but's its VERY irreverant 15 minute cartoons that are just HILARIOUS, it's on late on Sundays, and features just some wacky shit. You must check it out.
  14. Larry Seno Jr.

    How bad is my video card?

    I have a 2 year old Asus Geforce2 GTS w/32 megs of SDR memory. How far behind the Geforce3 or 4 am I in terms of REAL speed? Is it worth it to upgrade to a Geforce4 MX440 w/64 megs of DDR memory or would I not notice that much of a difference? I feel like Im in need of a card that does FSAA...
  15. Larry Seno Jr.

    I whooped Pop-Ups

    It took me two tries, but I have FINALLY rid myself of pop up ads WITHOUT having to use pop up stopper (Which never really worked that well at all) FIRST I went here: http://www.lavasoft.com and downloaded Ad-Aware which can remove most spyware from your registry, memory, and hard drive...
  16. Larry Seno Jr.

    FS:Fender Stratocaster, Danelectro Amp and Wah Pedal

    I bought in all in hope of someday learning the guitar, and literally have played it about twice. I never had the time to take lessons. The Amp is about 2 years old and has been turned on less than 10 times.It's a Danelectro Nifty Fifty, it's loud and sounds great. It works great and is finished...
  17. Larry Seno Jr.

    Championship Manager for the PC

    Am I the only one playing this game? I am obsessed with it even though I am losing horribly. I've had the game for awhile now, and pick it up occasionally to resume my losing. It's a behind the scenes Soccer simulator, where you assume the role of GM and coach of a soccer team. It's fascinating...
  18. Larry Seno Jr.

    Cheap HDTV Settop box anywhere?

    The cheapest HDTV set top box I have found has been the Samsung SIR-T150 for around $400. It seems like a TON, is there something Im missing? I just want OTA signals.
  19. Larry Seno Jr.

    Turntable recommendations

    Im a neo audiophile and can attest to loving the warm sound which records give you. Can you guys reommend some turntables that I could get from ebay to upgrade my current Sony setup? Obviously a Rega Planar 25 would be great, as would a 3 or even a 2, but being well known, those are often out...
  20. Larry Seno Jr.

    How do I publicize my website?

    I want my website to be listed on google and yahoo and all the rest, how does one go about getting it listed? Is it free?
  21. Larry Seno Jr.

    Where can I find a certain song from the Blues Brothers

    There is a song that the band plays when the BB are about to come on stage at the Grand Hotel (The one in Northern Illinois) and I cant find even what it's CALLED. Can someone help me?
  22. Larry Seno Jr.

    Please tell me where I can get Ps2>Xbox controller converters in the US

    I will NOT give a Hong Kong Company my credit card number, I need a LOCAL place in the US that is an import shop with a Web Storefront. Can someone help me find the Joybox Ps2 to Xbox controller converter? Thanks!
  23. Larry Seno Jr.

    Please help me find LEGEND OF ZU (AKA Zu Warriors)

    Disney is FAR reaching in their powers, and have completely restricted the sales of the DVD Legend of Zu (AKA Zu Warriors). Even stores in Hong Kong are claiming to be "Out of Stock" I can NOT find this DVD ANYWHERE. Can someone PLEASE help me find this DVD? (China House)
  24. Larry Seno Jr.

    Please help me I have been consumed by a crappy song

    It's Kylie Minogues cant get you out of my head, and I can't get it out of my head. It sucks. and I will FULLY admit it. It's horrible, it's a rip from the disco years, and I thought I had this out of my system when I became obsessed with disco (hold on, I must listen to the song some more) and...
  25. Larry Seno Jr.

    Where can you find manuals for remotes online?

    I have a directv remote I need to program to work with my TV but I can't find the remote ANYWHERE. It's a Hughes HRMC-5.
  26. Larry Seno Jr.

    Xbox disk read errors

    Often when I insert a game, my Xbox will tell me that it's damaged or dirty, or not a game or a DVD or a music CD. Any ideas on how to rectify this WITHOUT sending it to Microsoft?
  27. Larry Seno Jr.

    Best shows NEVER to be given a shot :(

    The theme from American High just came up on my Mp3 play list and it made me nostalgic. A GREAT show which just never found an audience (Thanks to Fox assuredly) and I think could have been so much more. My ALL time favorite show of all time was Freaks and Geeks on NBC, a critical FAVORITE and...