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  1. Steve Tack

    Notice anything strange on the Space: Above and Beyond main menus?

    I can't be the only one who noticed a certain space station from a different show on the menus for Space: Above and Beyond. Weird. I'm guessing whoever designed those menu backgrounds has never seen either show. :)
  2. Steve Tack

    Babylon 5 on DVD: Vote with your dollars

    Most B5 fans that frequent this board are probably aware of this, but Warner has stated that they are going to use the sales of the first B5 DVD to determine whether or not to release the rest of the show on disc. So if you want more B5 on DVD, be sure to pick up the first disc on Tuesday...
  3. Steve Tack

    Bad news for Babylon 5 fans?

    On DVDFILE's "Studio Day 2001" Warner report ( http://www.dvdfile.com/news/special_report/events/studio_day/2001/warner.html I hope that just means that they are going to wait and see how well the first disc sells!