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  1. Will Pomeroy

    VGA to YPrPb

    So whats the best way? I don't want to buy a transcoder because it just seems like $$$ dongle. Why can't I just rig up a straight cheap dongle to go from VGA to YPrPb? I know the timings are different, but isn't that what powerstrip is for? I have a Nvidia card, so the ATI dongle isn't an...
  2. Will Pomeroy

    Acoustic Guitar Music

    Can somebody suggest some good acoustic guitar music? I'm looking for something well recorded... I know this is a vague question, but just through out your answers and i'll sort threw them, Thanks.
  3. Will Pomeroy

    Center What?

    Or at least that's how my dad thinks... We recently acquired some B&W 603s2, and a Nakamichi AV-10 and we are using our old kef 102/2s for our surrounds, but we decided to leave out a centre channel for now. Was that a big mistake? Right now we just turn off the centre channel option and have...
  4. Will Pomeroy

    Port Length

    If I were to build a ported tempest in a 142L enclosure, how long would, and how big would I want to make my ports? I do not want to spend money of flared vent kit, and I definetly don't want any wind noise. What tunning frequency should I am for? What would be the best port diameter? Thanks...
  5. Will Pomeroy

    Shiva Vs. Tempest (Longish)

    Hi, I'm sure you all know you answer just from reading the subject of this thread, but it goes deeper than that... I was wondering what would be the best for my application? A sealed Tempest, or a Ported Shiva... (or a ported tempest, but we'll see about that one) I'm pretty sure i'll be...
  6. Will Pomeroy


    I have designed a sub, its internal volume is about 2.3 cubic feet. In order to tune it to 20Hz, I would need a port about 34" long. I am wondering if it would be okay to make the port all curvey to fit it in the enclosure, or am I making a huge mistake even bothering trying to tune it so low...
  7. Will Pomeroy


    Hmmm.... should I build it?
  8. Will Pomeroy

    Does Size Matter?

    I'm extreamly close to ordering my parts to make my sub, but there is just one thing that I'm wondering about: On the adire page, it has suggested alignments, like the 25.5L, something, and something else, all with their respective Q values. I was wondering if I were to design my own box...
  9. Will Pomeroy

    I'm Finished!

    I just finished this this morning... Too bad its not real... At least i've confirmed it will look nice, but now I just have to build it!
  10. Will Pomeroy

    Does this sound okay?

    Okay, here's the deal: I've been wanting to build a subwoofer for quite a while, and i've finally settled on this: Its going to be a 14x15.5x19.5 sealed box A shiva on one end, An AVA250 on the other I think its going to be mostly for music, but a lil' home theater here and there...
  11. Will Pomeroy

    What the?

    Alrighty, i'm a lil' bit confused, so perhaps you guys can help me out a little bit: 1) I am planning on building the 85L PR design from the adire audio site, and I was wondering what the true volume of the box would be, so I took the INTERNAL dimensions, and it works out that the volume is...
  12. Will Pomeroy

    Classic Subwoofer Inquery

    Hi, i'm sure all of you hav answered countless post like this in the past, and now is your chance to do it again! What I want to build is a good sounding subwoofer for my Hometheater/Music setup. I don't have any spare power comming out of my reicever so that means that i'm leaning towards a...
  13. Will Pomeroy


    Okay, mock me if you must, I know this is a hugely newbie question, but what does a pre-amp do? I mean, you've got a source, and you've got an amp, does there really need to be something in between, and why?
  14. Will Pomeroy

    I'm Lost!

    I'm really interested in getting into DIY audio but the problem is that I can only get so far without knowing very much about the terminology. I was wondering if anyone knew about a good web site that explained everything about Xmax, Vs, Vb, and all those other terms. Thanks very much.
  15. Will Pomeroy

    Just some questions

    I just have a few questions that I’d like to ask: 1) What would happen if I were to put an already high power signal (from a receiver into another amp? would it just destroy everything? 2) What’s the difference between a passive x-over and an active one? 3) What’s does discrete mean, when...