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  1. Mike Strassburg

    Router advice needed

    I picked up a Skil brand plunge router locally for $80 and it works quite well. I use a scrap piece of pegboard for a circle jig that works fine.
  2. Mike Strassburg

    Port Question

    My old sonotube had (2) 6" x 22.5" ports. I'm going to throw a few Tempests into a ported box, same volume as the sonotube, but will be using 8" ports as they're much easier to find and cheaper. I used a basic volume calculator and it comes up with a 8" x 12.75" being the same as the old 6"...
  3. Mike Strassburg

    Free Sonosub

    28" with 30" endcaps... sent you a PM with my address...
  4. Mike Strassburg

    Free Sonosub

    Just built an IB sub, so I have a 480L enclosure that housed 2 Tempests and was tuned to 17Hz. All I did was remove the speakers. Yours for the taking if you're near Beach Park, IL
  5. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Tempest

    Heather, Also sent you a PM. I'm keeping the Hypex amp, bought it from Adire and highly recommend it. Do a search on the site as there are some other's out that seem popular.
  6. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Tempest

    If anyone is still looking for a Tempest, I do have one more that I was going to keep for another project, but don't have the funds right now, so I've got one more if anyone is interested. Thanks...Mike
  7. Mike Strassburg

    Klipsch KLF-C7

    I have an Oak KLF-C7 center channel about two years old, used as a rear center, in excellent condition with original box/manual. $300 + shipping, or will deliver to Chicago/Milwaukee area. Thanks...Mike
  8. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Tempest

    I have a Tempest I bought last year, put in a box for my car, and it over-powered my other speakers/amp, so I put the Bazooka tube back in. Maybe played for one week, excellent condition. It's still in the box, sitting in my basement. $100, shipping included to anywhere US. Please PM...
  9. Mike Strassburg

    To build a HT sub or to keep my SVS

    I'd go for a nice/big 480L sonosub with dual Tempests and a 500watt plate amp. That's what I built and I've NEVER had a problem filling the house with sound during movies or parties. I have had neighbors 3 houses away call to complain about "their" windows rattling!! Was a LOT of fun to build...
  10. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Looks like tongight I'm finally getting out of here at a decent hour, so I plan on going through the e-mails I've received and will send out responses. Thanks for being patient...Mike
  11. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Nothing is gone yet as I haven't had time. Been working some terrible TEMP job 12-14 hours a day and get home just in time to go to bed. Doing the same today, so earliest I'll be able to send out responses will be tomorrow night...if we don't have to stay late. Sorry....Mike
  12. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Kevin is correct. Sorry I haven't had time, just trying to make it through each day. Hope to have time tonight, and I WILL respond in the order received. Thanks for being patient....Mike
  13. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Will go over my e-mails tomorrow and send out responses. Thanks for looking....
  14. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    2 Tempests are in a 480L sonosub, the other 3 are still in boxes for an IB I was going to build in the new house, of course I lost the house and the $15K earnest money. 2004 sucks so far :angry:
  15. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Thanks for the FYI........I'll fix it, so MODS, give me a chance. Thanks!!
  16. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Lost my job a few months ago and $$$ is very scarce right now, so I've got no choice but to sell off my speakers.Send offers to my e-mail account, [email protected] Located near Chicago and would prefer local pick-up as UPS has a reputation for damaging them. Digital pics available upon...
  17. Mike Strassburg

    seal between driver and MDF?

    Or you can use rope caulk from the local HD/hardware store.
  18. Mike Strassburg

    Stuffing Material for Sonotube

    Or you can buy blanket batting at the local fabric store and use 3M spray glue to mount it. The batting I used was about 3/4" thick. I trimmed it to the length of the tube and then glued/rolled the tube until I had several layers built up. Dan W recommended about 8#'s total. HTH...Mike
  19. Mike Strassburg

    Klipsch Center Channel Question

    You can find KLF-C7's on ebay every so often, or go over to the Klipsch BB and check the For Sale section. Might want to consider what I did: bought a Scratch & Dent KLF-10 and converted it into a center. Works very nicely with my 30's & 20's.
  20. Mike Strassburg

    Outstanding Projector screen....for around $36.00

    Brajesh, Can't you provide any links to the discussions over on AVS about the E-bay screen material?? I've searched and searched and can't find any discussion of it. TIA...Mike
  21. Mike Strassburg

    Help.. Subs cause DVDs to skip

    Frank, And just think, no more restless sleep induced back-aches for your CD player :D
  22. Mike Strassburg

    Old Speakers - New Home Theater

    Brad, One other thing to consider is how long before you'll be replacing those speakers. If in the near future I'd buy a CC & sub that you can build around later and make do with how they integrate with the current JBL/Yammy speakers.
  23. Mike Strassburg

    My Theater Pics are finaly up

    Or just put some Loctite threadlocker on the all thread rod before tightening things up.
  24. Mike Strassburg

    Am I crazy, or is the image in theaters blurry?

    I'll second that question. Robert, Tom, Lew your descriptions have me ready to go out and buy a ticket for the "experience" you've described. Unfortunately all the theaters I've been to are nothing like what you describe. Dark picture, notible grain in the image, white lines/artifacts throughout...
  25. Mike Strassburg

    Am I crazy, or is the image in theaters blurry?

    RobertR, I realize it's only an opinion, but I'm sincerely interested in what "you" find to be better about commercial theaters vs a nice HT. I haven't had the same experiences as you, so I'm biased towards my HT, but would really like to hear what you feel makes them better. Perhaps...
  26. Mike Strassburg

    Any bargain SUBS out there?

    Shawn, Are you going with a 3cf sealed box? That's the Tempest sub I'm going to build sometime. I've got 3 sitting in boxes in the basement, but no time right now. I also have a dual Tempest sub in my HT and it's amazing. Good luck....Mike
  27. Mike Strassburg

    Supposedly terrific movies that just didn't do it for you... and why.

    Add me to the list of "just couldn't watch" Moulin Rouge. Gladiator was also slow, but watchable thanks to the awesome 6.1 audio. I've never understood the big fuss over Pulp Fiction, OK at best, but I have many friends who just rave about it.
  28. Mike Strassburg

    First Tempest almost done...just a few last minute questions

    I can answer a couple: 3: I used "rope" caulking when mounting the driver. 4: Used HD 12 guage wire for internal wiring of sub and wiring to amp.