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  1. J

    need dimensions for this speaker.

    http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=292-428 Hey guys, I have a set of old Altec dome tweeters, and crossovers (1500hz) and I'd like to make some bookshelfs or towers with these woofers. looking for tight, accurate sound. They'll actually be used as if they are studio...
  2. J

    Eclipse 88120dvc from my car to the theater

    Hey guys, first of all, I did a search on this and came up empty... Anyway, I'm wanting to take the subwoofer out of my car and build a home theater subwoofer. This would be used both for movies and music, so I don't want to sacrifice sound quality. I'd like it to be able to play pretty low...
  3. J

    Need DVD with front controls and maybe usb input

    Hey guys, I'm a youth pastor and in our activity center we have a Gigrack 300 powered mixer for the sound system. We then use a piece of crap 5 disc changer for playing background music- and the unit is very deep. I need it to be "shallower" to fit in a new cabinet. I was looking at a rack mount...
  4. J

    New basement project- help me choose!

    Hey fellas, I'm not a noob to HT, but I am definitely out of date for current products. I have a friend who wants a simple theater system for her son in the basement of her house. It has just two of the small windows up at the ceiling, which can be completely concealed, so light is totally...
  5. J

    WTB- small piece of grill cloth

    Hey guys, in my living room, i have a large cherry cabinet with the doors that open and then slide down the inside sides to reveal the TV. below the tv are slots for the receiver and DVD... Anyway, i have my FR, FL and center channel speakers sitting on top of the TV, but still inside the...
  6. J

    budget DVD player- quick suggestions?

    hey guys, i need a simple dvd player- aiming for budget here. I'm going to buy it at sears, as I have a gift card, so here are my choices: Sony 1-Disc DVD Player with Progressive Scan DVP-NS57P/B Toshiba 1-Disc DVD Player with Progressive Scan, Black SD-4000 JVC 1-Disc DVD Player...
  7. J

    Kimber Digital coax, and car audio

    I have a 1 meter Kimber Kable Digital coax "demo" cable. It has WBT 0108 Topline locking connectors with polished ruthenium barrels. $120 shipped in the lower 48. Alpine TUA-T020XM satellite radio unit for any Alpine deck with xm controls. run XM right through your deck with none of those...
  8. J

    need t/s perams for Infinity Betas

    hey guys, this may sound ghetto, but I've acquired a set of old school Infinity Beta car stereo speakers that i'd like to make a set of bookshelf speakers with. They're about 10 years old and at the time were pretty amazing in the car audio world. I have Beta 5's, Beta 1's (the tweeters) and the...
  9. J

    New Project- HUGE

    Hey experts! Its been a while since i've been here. Hope you're all doing great. I have a possible new project: A neighbor is letting me and my soon to be wife move into his house after the wedding. They have this house in Fort Wayne, and then a house in Florida where they spend most of their...
  10. J

    where to find a power plug

    Hey guys, i need to make a power cord for a plate amp. I can obviously find a wall plug and wire, but i need the female plug that goes into the amp- its the shape like on your computer. Other that a Marinco from PE for $17, where can i get one? Thanks, jeff
  11. J

    Sub box design question.

    Ok guys, you're the experts, i'm not. Here's what i have: From car audio: Kicker Solobaric S12d 4ohm SVC. (this is the older round model) S12D-4 Fs 18.13hz Qes 0.33 Qms 7.10 Qts 0.32 Vas 206L Sd 530cm^2 Re 3.51 Xmax 10.3mm Xsus 14.2mm [email protected] watt: 87.5dB those are actual DUMAX...
  12. J

    Pioneer Spec 1/Spec 2

    Hi guys, I know this is a home theater forum and I'm asking about home audio, but I didn't know who else to ask. What can you guys tell me about a Pioneer Spec 1 and Spec 2 set? Its from the 70's and seems pretty solidly built. both pieces are rack mountable and HUGE. the Spec 2 is the amp...