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  1. Craig F

    Curio Cabinets

    Does anyone have some recommendations for who makes quality curio cabinets? I ordered one made by Pulaski from a furniture store. They had limited floor models so I took a gamble and picked one out of a catalog. The quality is horrible. The shelves are so thin they bow under the weight of...
  2. Craig F

    Hodie to release both DVD-A & SACD

    I was just on Hodie's web page. The plan to start releasing their discs in DVD-A & SACD. Hodie does very high quality DVD-A discs with all digital hi-res recordings like AIX does. It looks like they plan to simultaneously record h-res PCM & DSD, so there will be no conversion for either format...
  3. Craig F


  4. Craig F

    Info on Denon DVM-4800 DVD-A/V Player

    This player is supposed to have DVD-Audio bass management. Anyone have the details, crossover, digital or analog etc? I've been all over Denon's web site. I can't find a customer service e-mail or even an 800 number anywhere. Am I blind or does Denon really give prospective buyers the cold...