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  1. Jeff Braddock

    What to use for grill cloth?

    Hello. What do you guys use for grill cloth? I seen that partsexpress has grill cloth, but it is almost $7.00/yd. Is there a type of cheaper cloth that I could get at like Wal-mart or something? Also, what is the best way to attatch it to the wood that will make the grill frame, contact...
  2. Jeff Braddock

    What would this DIY project comapre to?

    What commercial sub would a Shiva in the SBB4 enclosure be similar in quantity and quailty to? In particular, what models of the Paradigm, Logan, B&W, or Boston would be comparable? I ask these brands in particular b/c some local shops carry these. Thanks.
  3. Jeff Braddock

    Please help me decide on a sub to build.

    I am trully buffaloed on what to do about a sub. At first, I had my heart set on a Shiva. Then, I found the SAE 1204 which is very similar to the Shiva, only cheaper. Then, as I was showing my wife (who is kinda against the sub building project anyway) the SAE 1204 she seen the AV12 and thought...
  4. Jeff Braddock

    Any good enclosure plans for a SAE 1204?

    I am pretty set on building a sub when I finally get some money together and I think I want to go with a Stryke SAE 1204. Does anybody have or know where I can find some good plans for a front firing, vented enclosure (tuned to the 18 - 20 Hz region)? I have looked on the Stryke website, but to...
  5. Jeff Braddock

    Port material question

    I have a question regarding port material. Would the cardboard tubes that carpet comes on work for a port? Would it be too flimsy? A local store has a whole bunch of these all of the time and they said I could have all I wanted. They look to be about 3" - 4" in diameter. I want your...
  6. Jeff Braddock

    Dumb question, but how much diff. between a SA-WM40 and a Shiva?

    The title pretty much says my question. I currently have a stuffed Sony SA-WM40 and am looking at possibly upgrading. When I got the sub, i assured my wife that it would satisfy me, but recently I got a complete surround sound setup (upgraded from 2 Vega towers) and the bass is definatley the...
  7. Jeff Braddock

    Need some serious help finding a movie. Help please!

    As you can probably tell from the subject line that I am in need of some help in a big way. Here's the run down: my wife is a high school english teacher and she teaches the book Gawain and the Green Knight to her class. After they are done, they watch the movie of it. The problem is she is not...
  8. Jeff Braddock

    Help with noise cancellation please

    Hello all. I recently completed my ht(at least for now):-) and I was wondering about noise cancellation. I live in a duplex and there is only one bedroom of ours that is connected to our neighbor's house. Since I like to crank my movies, I am afraid that the sound might travel through the wall...
  9. Jeff Braddock

    What speakers would you recomend for my needs?

    Hello. I have finally gotten some money saved up and I would like to get a surround sound package. I only need the 5 speakers because I already have the sub (SAWM40). My room is about 16 1/2' x 11. I am using a Denon 1803 for a receiver. I use my system for about 60% movies and about 40% music...
  10. Jeff Braddock

    Duct Tape Speaker Fix

    This should probably go in a differnt area of the forum, but the information in this post is quite valuable if you have a speaker problem. Here's my story. Last year at Christmas I got a "365 Days of Duct Tape" calendar. Each day has an amusing quote or story or something of that sort...
  11. Jeff Braddock

    Probably a dumb hardware question, but...

    I don't know the answer. I have an old computer that gets the proc. speed adusted via jumpers on the mobo. It is a 75 Mhz Pentium that is overclocked to 100 Mhz right now. When I try to raise the speed to even the next highest point, 133, I get no display. The screen simply will not show...
  12. Jeff Braddock

    Can A Chip Be Overclocked This Much?

    Hello All. I was wondering if a 75 MHz Pentium proc. could be overclocked to 200 MHz. I have the heatsink & fan and an 80 mm fan for cooling, but have no way to monitor the temp. Thanks.
  13. Jeff Braddock

    Vintage hardware problem

    Well, as a (very) few of you might remember, I have had a computer mod in the works for a very long time. I have finally gotten around to doing some work on it and have ran into a problem. My mobo has 2 ide channels and one FDC, which I don't know what that is. Anyway, I had to take the ide...
  14. Jeff Braddock

    N64 no audio Help!

    This has me stumped/agravated. I have a N64 which I got as a gift from my mom. She bought it second hand. I figured she was thinking about getting it for me and I told her to be sure to get the cable that had the RCA ends on it (it had an RF adapter with it already). Anyway, it worked fine until...
  15. Jeff Braddock

    Should I feel bad?

    Should I feel bad b/c I called in because of the weather? It is the first time I have ever done so at any job, but the road was sooo slick. I called work and finally got to talk to my boss (who had been out in the stuff and it took about double the time to make a trip into town and back). When...
  16. Jeff Braddock

    Just got a Denon 1803

    Just thought I'd give a little mini-review for those interested or maybe considering purchasing. This receiver is awesome. I hooked it up last night after work and it kicks some major booty. It handels everything I throw at it with ease. The setup was pretty straight forward and simple...
  17. Jeff Braddock

    Man I hate it when dealers lie!

    I was in Illinois recently near where I grew up. Well, I happened upon an a/v shop. I got to talking to one of the owners about an 1803. I had been quoted a good price by another place and he said he could match it. He said he was authorized and all that. Well, I didn't have the money yet and he...
  18. Jeff Braddock

    1603 or 1803....is it wort h the money?

    I have my heart set on getting a denon receiver after Christmas with some money I will hopefully get. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be worth the money to step up to the 1803 rather than the 1603. The main reason I would do it is because the 1803 has 6.1 capabilities. I am not that...
  19. Jeff Braddock

    Vintage computer help/question

    What exactly does the turbo button do on the old computers? I have always wondered that and a computer that I am modding has one. I am thinking about using the turbo button as a switch to turn on the case light. Sorry I'm such a yutz.
  20. Jeff Braddock

    How to hagle?

    This is specifically dealing with ht equipment. There are only 3 ht shops in the area. One sells stuff way out of my price range (Martin Logan etc). At one place, they treated me like crap. So I'm not a millionaire... That doesn't give you license to treat me like pond scum. The other place I...
  21. Jeff Braddock

    Does anyone own a Denon 1603?

    The title is the basic question. There have been numerous threads where people have auditioned the 1603 and had considered buying it. My questoins are: anyone bought the 1603? How do you like it? Are there any problems (or potential problems) that you see? How does it rate comapred to any other...
  22. Jeff Braddock

    I need case painting tips

    I'm in the process of painting my case and I want it to have the best look possible. I am painting it flat black and am considering putting a clear coat on it as well. Does anybody have any tips besides doing many thin coats rather than a couple of heavy ones? Thanks in advance.
  23. Jeff Braddock

    I finally made it into a Bose store

    After a long time of wanting to go to a dedicated Bose store, I finally got the chance. What a sham! I went down to a store in Branson, Missouri. I will say this about Bose, they do market their product well. Because I had seen another thread saying that Bose may use very expensive setups...
  24. Jeff Braddock

    Advice please

    I am looking to get a starter ht. I have a stereo reciever and 2 speakers and a sub right now. With some money I hope to get around Christmas time, I would like to start putting my system together. I don't believe I will get very much money, so what should I do... get a reciever and then when I...
  25. Jeff Braddock

    I can't see my bios settings!

    I just got an old junker comp and when I try to go into bios it shows a picture of an hourglass, then the screen goes black and orange lines flicker across the screen. The system is an "HTC Pentium Workstation" with a 75 MHZ Pentium proc., 813 MB HD, 32 megs of RAM, 8x CDROM, etc. Please help me...
  26. Jeff Braddock

    Best case cutting method?

    What would be the best/easiest case cutting method? Dremel or jigsaw or something else? If it matters, it is one of the old cases...the kind where all of it comes off, not just one panel. Thanks.
  27. Jeff Braddock

    How to remove smoke odor from house?

    My wife and I just moved into a new place, and the lady that lived here befoe us was a smoker. Natrally, the house smells like smoke now and we can't get rid of it. We have cleaned throughly, burned scented candles, you name it...and nothing works! I have heard that ozone spray works good with...
  28. Jeff Braddock

    Help! My computer won't boot up!

    I am at my wit's end. Here's the story...We just moved and had to switch ISP's. We decided to go through our phone company, SBC (Southwestern Bell). They sent me this software to set up an account through them and I go to install it. There were some technical difficulties (with their servers)...
  29. Jeff Braddock

    Is there a good/easy way to paint CDROM's?

    Well, I finally got my dream system! It is going to be for case mod tryout stuff. It is a no name comp that has a 75 MHZ Pentium proc, 32 megs of ram, 8x cd rom, an 800 MB HD, and is running Windows 95. It is a speed demon!! Anyway, I plan on painting the case and I want to have the whole front...
  30. Jeff Braddock

    What's your favorite lyric

    The title pretty much says it all. What is your favorite line(s) in a song. It can be from any genre. Just something that you think is funny, very well said, etc. Since I'm starting it, I'll go first. One of my favorites: "Jim don't do it, there's somethun missin' there's fellers...