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  1. Gary Shipley

    Subwoofer cable

    I'm not a new member, just a returning one, but I wasn't sure where to put this particular question. I don't seem to be getting as much out of my subwoofer as I should. I have an SVS PB12-Plus connected to a Pioneer SC-05. I've used the automatic set-up and rechecked everything in the manual...
  2. Gary Shipley

    Possibly replacing receiver

    I currently have a Pioneer Elite SC-05 receiver and love it. Actually I should say loved it. A week ago qwe had some storms come through our area and the power went off and on several times within a couple of hours. Yesterday was the first time I had a chance to go downstairs and watch a movie...
  3. Gary Shipley

    360 update

    Ok. I've pretty much decided to stick with the 360. I do have a question though to some of you who have probably already done this before. I plan to just get an Arcade version and put a 120 gig HDD on it, so here's my question. Once I put the hard drive on the Arcade is there anything else I...
  4. Gary Shipley

    PS3 or XBox 360

    OK. I need a little help with which direction to go. I had a 360 Pro for about 2 and a half years and it quit on my about 3 weeks ago. I considered getting another and went online and read lots and lots of reviews. All I seemed to see was "3 red rings" , complaints about the chipsets and on and...
  5. Gary Shipley


    My wife has decided she would like an MP3 player so she can download music from the Internet. i know nothing about these and need some help. What should I look for in a player? I don't want to spend much over $200. What brands should I look for as far as ease of use(since she is new at this) and...
  6. Gary Shipley

    Up in the air

    OK, I done quite a bit of research and I'm really torn as to which receiver to get. I do like the Onkyo TX-SR806, however, I'm concerned with the heat issue. I do have my current receiver in a rack. There is at least 2 inches above the receiver and the back is open. I can increase the head room...
  7. Gary Shipley

    Onkyo TX-SR876

    I'm going to be in the market for a new receiver by the end of the year. I've done some research and am considering the Onkyo TX-SR876. Who here is using this receiver? What are your feelings on it? Good points, bad points. Any feedback would be very helpful. I'll be using it with the following...
  8. Gary Shipley

    Small speakers

    I need some help. A friend of mine is looking for some "cube" type speakers, similar to the Bose type, but not Bose. I know some of you have mentioned some suggestions in the past, but I can't remember what they are. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Gary Shipley

    Help with Sony S550

    OK. I finally got my S550 but am having a little trouble with the audio. I have an older model Kenwood VR-4080 which does not have HDMI inputs, but does have my 5.1 analog inputs. So, I've got my HDMI going to my Sanyo PLV-Z700 for video. Fine. I ran my cables from the S550 multi channel audio...
  10. Gary Shipley

    Is this true?!! - (Panasonic BD55 & 35 being replaced in near future?)

    I just read that the Panasonic BD55 & 35 have been discontinued due to the new models at the CES show. Does anyone know if this is true? The BD55 just came out in October! Give me a break!! I hope its just rumor.
  11. Gary Shipley

    Panasonic BD55(not55K)

    I'm going to be in the market for the Panasonic BD55 in February. However, all I every see online and in the stores is the BD55K(black). I prefer the color of the BD55 to the BD55K. Anyone know where I will be able to find one?
  12. Gary Shipley

    Odd problem on Oblivion

    I've been playing Oblivion for quite a while now and have come across something strange within the game. I just got to level 35 a couple of days ago and am half way to level 36. When you come upon a fire in a fireplace or a campfire, the flames don't move. It looks as if you have paused the...
  13. Gary Shipley

    Who's getting "Star Wars:The Force Unleashed"?

    I'll be getting mine as soon as I get off work. Can't wait to play it. The graphics look amazing and the audio is also supposed be great as well.
  14. Gary Shipley

    Call of Duty:World At War

    I've been reading about this upcoming game (December release I think) and I am really looking forward to it. The folks who did COD3 are doing this one and using the same engine as COD4. It will be WW2 again, but will cover the Pacific island battles and the Russians marching on Berlin. I know...
  15. Gary Shipley

    Surge protectors

    I'm looking for a good online place for surge protectors. Not only for my rack,but also for my projector and sub. Any suggestions?
  16. Gary Shipley

    Where are these speakers made?

    Does anyone have an idea where Pure Acoustics speakers are made? The Home Theater mag review said they are new to the U.S. and does not state where they are made.
  17. Gary Shipley

    Receiver suggestions

    I'm not having any luck in the speaker section so I thought I'd try here. A friend of mine is looking for a new receiver to match up to his new JBL L series speakers. He has the L-890's. He prefers a warm sound and his budget is around $1000. Any suggestions?
  18. Gary Shipley

    JBL L series owners

    A friend of mine will be purchasing a set of L-890's for his ht soon and is looking for a receiver that will work well with them. Any suggestions? What do you run with yours? As far as budget goes I'd say probably nothing over $1000.
  19. Gary Shipley

    Oblivian gates

    Hey, it's me again! With yet another Oblivian question. Do you need to close every Oblivian gate, or just the ones close to the towns prior to going the big gate for the final battle? When the big one is finally closed, will that shut down the rest that are out there? I've closed each one...
  20. Gary Shipley

    Possible convergence problem?

    I need some help. I have a Sanyo PLV 60-HT projector in my ht. Lately I have noticed some weird ghosting on images. Sometimes you'll see a red ghost outline across the face of someone or to the side of an object. I can't seem to find any settings I can change in the projector beyond the normal...
  21. Gary Shipley

    Another Oblivion Question

    I can't seem to find an answer to this in the strategy guide so I thought I'd check with some of the hard core Oblivion players. Is there any way to sell a horse? I bought a paint and now wish I would have waited to get a better horse.
  22. Gary Shipley

    Stuck in Oblivian

    I recently purchased "Oblivian: The Elder Scrolls IV" and really like it though I had never been a big rpg fan. I have been slowly making my way through the game( I enjoy looking at the amazing graphics), and had been pleased until now. I joined the Fighters Guild in Chorrol and was told to go...
  23. Gary Shipley

    Understanding HD

    I have some questions concerning HD(Blue Ray,HD-DVD, either one,). I have a Sanyo PLV60 projector which will receive at 480p,720p, or 1080i. It does not have an HDMI input as I purchased it about 5 years ago and component input is as high as I can go in that respect. So, my question is, if I...
  24. Gary Shipley

    SVS PB12Plus is here!

    Let me start by saying I was not prepared for what was coming. The overall size of this thing just knocked me over! It looks like a dorm fridge laying on its side! Once my neighbor and I got it inside,down the stairs and into the theater, I needed a break. Sooo, I just sat and looked at it for...
  25. Gary Shipley

    SVS PB12Plus vs PB12+2

    I'm really stuck and need some help with a decision. I want to upgrade my JBL pb12(250 watts) with a SVS. I'm torn between the PB12 Plus and the Plus2. The room is 26' long and 14' wide with no open doorways. I contacted SVS and they told me the PB12 Plus would probably work fine in the room...
  26. Gary Shipley

    JBL towers

    I'm just curious, has anyone heard a set of the JBL "Stadium " speakers. And if so, do you think they are comparable to JBL ND310's?
  27. Gary Shipley

    Receiver for music

    I have been trying to find a receiver for my wifes music room over the past couple of days. She listens to cd's but also has a collection of lp's. I can't seem to find a receiver with a phono input. Are they not making receivers with a phono input anymore?
  28. Gary Shipley

    Replacement for Panny RP91

    I'm going to be in the market for a new dvd player in the near future as my RP91 is on its way out and would be too expensive to repair. I would like a player that would be comparable to the 91, not a really a budget player. I've been strongly considering a Denon 2910 as my first choice, but...
  29. Gary Shipley

    Lock up

    I have a Panasonic RP-91 dvd player. The past 6 months or so, every now & then, the player with just lock up while playing a movie. Sometimes the picture will freeze for anywhere from 45 seconds to a couple of minutes or I'll lose the picture all together. On occasion it will start back up on...
  30. Gary Shipley

    Connection problem

    I'm a little confused and need someones help. I just purchased a Panasonic TH-50PX50U plasma tv. I'm very pleased with the set,but for some reason I can't seem to get the dvd player to connect properly. I have tried every way the manual suggests , but I get nothing. With my old set(an RCA) you...