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  1. GaryAR

    FS: Onix Ref 1s, 24" Osiris Stands & Wharfedale sub

    The time to upgrade speakers has come and I've got to sell my Onix Ref 1 monitors. For anyone not familiar with them, here are the specs from av123.com. Mine are the current MK II model, they've been babied from the time I got them and kept in a dedicated room - a smoke free, pet free, and child...
  2. GaryAR

    Cyberhome CH-DVD 300/S Sound Quality?

    I was looking for a CD player for my bedroom 2-channel system, and this one came up as being a good bargain. Although I won't be using it for DVDs (no tv up there) I figured it'd make a decent enough cd player. Unfortunately, I got it home and the sound is horrible. There's a popping sound...
  3. GaryAR

    Anyone seen one of these Norh machines?

    here's a link looks like a great, great htpc. sure it's not the fastest thing around, but there's no fan... i'm seriously tempted to order one, i was just wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. -Gary
  4. GaryAR

    FS: Energy Encore speaker system

    I'm looking to sell my energy encore system. All six speakers are in great condition, and with a little dusting would probably be indistinguishable from new. I will include one pair of energy stands ($200 list, i paid about $120) and all the speaker wire needed (3 pieces of 12ga for fronts &...
  5. GaryAR

    anyone here get motogp for the xbox yet?

    i picked it up yesterday, and i only played it for a couple hours, but the game just rocks. very realistic lighting/environmental effects (i love the shadows, the sun is modeled behind clouds and looks very real, water droplets on the screen when the course is wet, etc.) and a great control...