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  1. Steve Tack

    Notice anything strange on the Space: Above and Beyond main menus?

    I can't be the only one who noticed a certain space station from a different show on the menus for Space: Above and Beyond. Weird. I'm guessing whoever designed those menu backgrounds has never seen either show. :)
  2. Steve Tack

    To all studios - The "3 Complaint Super Angriest" thread (modified to fit your pc)

    I think the fact that some titles do DVD so right is what can make it frustrating when other titles don't deliver at the same level. Shrek was a fantastic release in 2001. Think about it, it had the full frame *and* anamorphic widescreen versions. It had DD5.1 *and* DTS. The first disc was...
  3. Steve Tack

    *** Official ELEKTRA Discussion Thread

    I don't think anyone who saw Spiderman 2 would put it in the same league as those other movies. Seriously, Spiderman 2 is about as good a comic book movie as you're going to see.
  4. Steve Tack

    I can still remember the HD, Blue-ray wars

    I don't get why still have to deal with interlaced video. I mean 6080i is great and all, but now I need to upgrade to a progressive scan SMUHD-DVD player (super mega ultra high definition) to get 6080p.
  5. Steve Tack

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    There seems to be a lot of other fat in the middle that could be cut more easily.
  6. Steve Tack

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    The first book has a mention of Dudley playing computer games, though there are very few references that tie things to a specific time period. I think the idea is that it's "present day" so that kids can relate to it a bit more.
  7. Steve Tack

    Ever edited your own version of a movie?

    Yeah, not much choice there. It'd be cool if they put isolated music, dialogue, and sound fx audio tracks on DVD's. :) Anyway, sounds like a real challenge.
  8. Steve Tack

    Ever edited your own version of a movie?

    Interesting thread! The ideas for alternate cuts of the Matrix sequels sound great. I still don't get how you deal with cuts that happen while the score is playing. You'd get really abrupt jumps from one part of the music to another, right? What's the solution?
  9. Steve Tack

    Why are dvd sales so popular?

    I'd recommend Netflix over buying blind though. It's one thing if you've already seen the content and know what you're getting, but if you buy something blind and end up not liking it, there are some down sides in addition to the cost. If you don't give the bad apples away or sell them (a...
  10. Steve Tack

    where do you buy your DVD's at?

    It's no mystery why Laser's Edge isn't mentioned first in a thread like this. It's clear most folks are looking at price as their #1 criteria. I could pre-order Matrix Revolutions at Laser's Edge for $23.94 plus $4 shipping (roughly $28). Or I could pre-order at deepdiscountdvd.com form...
  11. Steve Tack

    To Live and Die in LA - Specs & Cover!

    I picked this up the other day, since I remembered that I enjoyed it when I originally saw it years ago. I think I dug it even more this time! I had forgotten how far the main character went to the dark side. :) His ultimate fate seemed inevitable, but it's not something you see in movies too...
  12. Steve Tack

    HTF REVIEW: "Back To The Future Trilogy" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    Ron's review was great! He obviously put a huge amount of effort into it. I found it very informative. Having just read Peter Bracke's review at dvdfile.com (also quite informative), I did find some amusing differences between the two reviews. It just goes to show how subjective some of these...
  13. Steve Tack

    Artoo-Detoo: Beneath the Dome DVD

    If you just want to check out the Beneath the Dome thing, I think you can watch it for free here: http://www.starwars.com/episode-ii/v...d/r2_btd1.html Apparently you have to register, which I assume is no big deal.
  14. Steve Tack

    Need assistance on trying to remember this cheesey horror movie title

    I'm sure you're thinking of The Gate. It's an incredibly cheesy movie, though there is something slightly creepy about it. The main kid is Stephen Dorff (the bad guy in Blade). Link Removed
  15. Steve Tack

    *** Official HD support, 5.1 & 16:9 Game Survey Thread

    Here's a new one for the list: Burnout 2 for PS2. I borrowed it from somebody this week, and it not only has a 16:9 option, it also supports 480p. Looks pretty darn good and I had a blast with it. As with Tekken 4, you hold down the "X" and triangle buttons as the game is loading to get...
  16. Steve Tack

    I'm on the Fence about Fraility

  17. Steve Tack

    Just saw Moulin Rouge...

    I hated it myself, but it wasn't because of some laundry list of things that were "wrong" with the movie. I simply didn't like the music in it. OK, I *really* didn't like the music in it. :) But if one doesn't like chocolate ice cream, should we assume that the person will grow into it? Or is...
  18. Steve Tack

    Just saw Moulin Rouge...

    I somehow mananged to make it all the way through the movie, but I would have rather had red hot pokers jammed into both of my eyes. Just goes to show how subjective these things are and how futile the whole idea of a "review" really is.
  19. Steve Tack

    Is it worth pre-ordering Extended LOTR Gift Box?

    Costco.com (one of those warehouse stores) has the gift set listed for $49.99 and I believe that their online prices are generally the same as their B&M prices. It's not as good a deal as Amazon considering coupons or whatever, but it doesn't seem that bad. (unless you happen to get behind...
  20. Steve Tack

    OK I'm being seduced by the Dark Side of the Force

    Amazon has the November 2000 version listed for $70: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS...935727-9493714 I bought that one for $30 back when it came out, and it's by far the best looking VHS video quality I've seen. (which isn't saying much, but at least it's not *bad* VHS) I'd say they...
  21. Steve Tack

    Need Digital Audio Box which...

    I've got one of these, and it works pretty well: http://www.yourdigitalhome.com/dss4u/ssa1117.html You can mix and match optical and coax on all four inputs and you can output optical or coax. And it just barely meets your budget at $99.95. :)
  22. Steve Tack

    Svs 20-39pc

    I got a 20-39PC about 6 weeks ago and I was also blown away by how great Episode I sounds with the thing. Honestly, I don't think it sounded that good in the theater! Have you tried Jurassic Park III yet? It's not too subtle, but whoa, some serious "neighbors are gonna call the police any...
  23. Steve Tack

    RP91 firmware upgrade

    I just upgraded mine from 155 to 236 and it works fine. (as others have run into, 4:3 material on mine used to be slightly shifted to the left - now it's severely shifted to the right. No big deal really though) I used the "Create CD From Image" option of the Easy CD Creator 4 software that...
  24. Steve Tack

    playstation2 with component video output

    I've got a 65" HD set, and the difference between S-video and component is extremely subtle even on that set (to me). I'd stick with the S-video.
  25. Steve Tack

    Babylon 5 on DVD: Vote with your dollars

    Nice to see this thread still going. I have to say that it sure is nice finally having some B5 on DVD. I've only watched In the Beginning so far, and I thought the quality was inconsistent - some scenes seemed very grainy while others looked fantastic. I suppose that's just variations in the...
  26. Steve Tack

    Babylon 5 on DVD: Vote with your dollars

    Most B5 fans that frequent this board are probably aware of this, but Warner has stated that they are going to use the sales of the first B5 DVD to determine whether or not to release the rest of the show on disc. So if you want more B5 on DVD, be sure to pick up the first disc on Tuesday...