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  1. Ryan Cruz

    Anyone who bought Norh speakers who regret them now?

    A friend of mine is offering to sell me his speakers. I was wondering what your feedback on the Norh 4.0 speakers are now that a lot of you have had those for a while already.
  2. Ryan Cruz

    Radeon 7500 or GeForce3&4

    Locally these are the only two video cards I can purchase. Which of them would provide a better picture for DVD playback? Are the differences that big on a FP system?
  3. Ryan Cruz

    Cable Query

    Cool thanks!
  4. Ryan Cruz

    Cable Query

    How long is the optimal length for a video cable before quality starts to degrade?
  5. Ryan Cruz

    4k on a projector...which would you get?

    I can get the Sony VW10HT for less than $2500.....
  6. Ryan Cruz

    TV Tuner software

    What kind of software do you guys use with your TV tuners for your PC's?
  7. Ryan Cruz

    wireless keyboard and mouse

    the logitech keyboard and mouse combo is fantastic, you can't go wrong with this.
  8. Ryan Cruz

    Home Theater Forum Review: THEATERTEK HTPC DVD SOFTWARE (UPDATED: Info on vers 1.5)

    How do you guys connect your HTPC to the receiver? Are there optical outs in your sound cards? Do they support DD and DTS?
  9. Ryan Cruz

    What's your pick of the best music dvd ?

    I agree. Probably a reference DVD when in comes to concerts. Video and Audio recording is top-notch, and the music is just fantastic, whether you're watching in DTS, or Stereo. This concert alone has so much talent all over it. Of course there's Diana Krall, Paulinho deCosta, Anthony Wilson...
  10. Ryan Cruz

    Poll on turntables

    I'm deciding betweem a Project Perspective, ClearAudio Champion, or spend a little more for the Solution. Anybody using these already? Care to give some feedback?
  11. Ryan Cruz

    Questions from an SVS user.

    When I watch movies, I like to run my sub a little hot (I'm sure a couple of you do), but when I turn up the sub to enjoy loud low frequencies, sounds such as footsteps get overly heavy. Am I setting my crossover too high? It's set right now at 60hz and turned on since I can't change it in...
  12. Ryan Cruz

    Best projector under $2,000

    Cool. thanks guys :b
  13. Ryan Cruz

    Best projector under $2,000

    Ok thanks. How much better is the quality of DLP projectors than LCD?
  14. Ryan Cruz

    Best projector under $2,000

    When buying a projector, what are the important things to look out for?
  15. Ryan Cruz

    Best projector under $2,000

    I have a Toshiba progressive DVD player. What would you recommend? :b
  16. Ryan Cruz

    To SVS owners, do you really follow reference settings?

    I'm sure that with this sub a lot of people crank it up more than just 75db or 85db (depending on your speaker settings). But what I want to find out is around how much higher do you usually set your SVS when you watch movies?
  17. Ryan Cruz

    Reference Level- for what room size?

    A lot of us have calibrated our systems to reference levels using SPL meters, and most of us find this setting too loud. Just what room size is the basis for reference level anyway? Maybe its too loud because the rooms we use are too small.
  18. Ryan Cruz

    For HT use only, Velodyne or SVS?

    2 to 3 times? wow that is very significantly better than Velodyne! Thanks!
  19. Ryan Cruz

    For HT use only, Velodyne or SVS?

    ok my friend is selling me his old 20-39PC is that alright? would it still be better than a velodyne?
  20. Ryan Cruz

    For HT use only, Velodyne or SVS?

    What would perform better between the CHT-12 and the PCi 25-31?
  21. Ryan Cruz

    Is THX better than DTS and DD?

    Thanks. I do know that THX is not a sound format. I guess I should have re-phrased my question. Since the 5803 does let you choose betweem THX, DTS, and DD modes, I was wondering which was best to use since I haven't really had the time to evaluate, and I also wanted your opinions. Hopefully...
  22. Ryan Cruz

    Is THX better than DTS and DD?

    Who uses the THX mode in their receivers? My Denon 5803 is capable but I haven't really explored it yet. So far I've only tried DD and DTS. What does the THX mode do in particular and how does it differ from DTS and DD?
  23. Ryan Cruz

    Do you prefer coaxial or optical cable?

    Is one better for music and the other for movies?
  24. Ryan Cruz

    Difference of Amplifier and Receiver?

    oh alright. thanks guys :)
  25. Ryan Cruz

    Difference of Amplifier and Receiver?

    In the Denon Asia site, there are two categories, one are for A/V Receivers, and one for A/V Amplifiers? How different are these two?
  26. Ryan Cruz

    Diana Krall in Paris dvd - stereo question

    something must be wrong, but not necessarily your receiver. You have to check your connections of course. I listen to DK DVD in stereo all the time and never had any problems. Do you have a calibration disc? you can easily find out what the problem is if you had one.
  27. Ryan Cruz

    Denon 5700

    btw, how does the 5700 compare to a 3802?
  28. Ryan Cruz

    Infinity vs. Bose

    I had AM-5's before. For the kind of money I spent on it, I can say it's probably one of my worst purchases of any kind of product in any category.
  29. Ryan Cruz

    Denon 5700

    Thanks. Sent you an email