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  1. Tony_P

    Gilmore Girls Season 5 thread

    I must have missed something. In what episode did Taylor become the town selectman once again? I thought Jackson was doing all the town leadership stuff now.
  2. Tony_P

    Freaks and Geeks reviews?

    Richard, I had a problem with both Disc 1's (original and replacement) in the yearbook set. My DVD player (very, very old Toshiba) would pixelate during the "Beers and Weirs" episode and lock up. The replacement disc was a bit better (and didn't lock up at all on my laptop) so I kept the set...
  3. Tony_P

    Buffy / Angel question

    I also prefer Buffy over Angel. To me, Buffy was the "warmer" show, with more (and better) humor and more heartfelt relationships. In a lot of ways, Buffy was much more about how the hero characters interacted with one another than with how they defeated the "Big Evil" every season. Angel...
  4. Tony_P

    Why not show Simpsons Halloween specian ON HALLOWEEN?

    Fox has been doing this for a few years now (showing the Halloween episode in November). I had always assumed they delayed it to make sure it aired during November sweeps.
  5. Tony_P

    Freaks and Geeks reviews?

    Hey all, Just wanted to report that the 8-disk limited edition yearbook is still available for purchase from the F&G website. I got mine just last week. I was a little worried that the LE might not be worth the $130 incl tax, but once I opened up the package all those doubts vanished. This is...
  6. Tony_P

    Which Director Would Be Tops For The 1990s?

    Should Bob Zemekis even be mentioned here? I probably wouldn't rank him above the others put forth (Coen Bros., Fincher, Spielberg) but he did bring us Contact (1997, Forrest Gump (1994), and Death Becomes Her (1992). Everybody knows about Gump, but Contact and Death are really underrated...
  7. Tony_P

    2004 Box Office Predictions And Discussions

    I'm not sure why this stat is "misleading." A per screen average drop does not inform a trend on total viewership if the number of screens change. Approximately 36% fewer people saw F911 this weekend than did so last week. The movie made 36% less money. That is the figure that counts when trying...
  8. Tony_P

    ***Official Buffy Box Set Season 1 - 7 Discussion Thread (Spoilers ahoy!)***

    Kevin, I am a fan of both Buffy and West Wing, and while Buffy does not have "snappy" dialogue in spades (ala TWW), it does have very good dialogue in its own way ("Buffyspeak".) The thing that I find most comparable between the two shows is that both are very serialized and events that...
  9. Tony_P

    ***Official Buffy Box Set Season 1 - 7 Discussion Thread (Spoilers ahoy!)***

    Kevin, I am a fan of both Buffy and West Wing, and while Buffy does not have "snappy" dialogue in spades (ala TWW), it does have very good dialogue in its own way ("Buffyspeak".) The thing that I find most comparable between the two shows is that both are very serialized and events that...
  10. Tony_P

    Gilmore Girls - 5/11/04 - Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

    I agree totally. Luke and Lorelei are not the central relatiohship that the rest of the show revolves around. Heck, putting those two together under one roof could actually ADD a lot to the show. How will Rory react to having to share her Mom for the first time in her life? Would Emily and...
  11. Tony_P

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    Re: the demise of Fred You know, it occurred to me that Joss sure has a thing for killing off his female characters. Just a quick rundown off the top of my head (spoilerized just in case): Buffy (twice) Jenny Calendar Tara Joyce Summers Fred Cordelia Anya Harmony about...
  12. Tony_P

    Fun with Asheron's Call (stairway to heaven)

    LOL. That's pretty good. Are those "offerings to the Gods" on the steps? :D
  13. Tony_P

    FIREFLY DVD Discussion Thread (Merged)

    Actually, the budget for "Serenity" was huge. I think it was in excess of 10 million dollars and thus one of the most expensive television pilots ever. Of course, a lot of that money went into building sets and other such things, but I'm sure they had enough money to light and shoot the episode...
  14. Tony_P

    Wanted: Cocoon DVD

    Wasn't Cocoon one of the early Divx releases? Anybody know for sure? (and for those new to HTF, I am talking about the competing DVD format, not the video compression codec...)
  15. Tony_P

    McDonald's Monopoly

    Craig, McDonald's definitely re-ran that promotion during the 1984 Summer Olympics. And since that was the olympics when the Soviet Union and their block boycotted, the US completely dominated and won medals in most all the events. I think McD's did take a major bath on that one.
  16. Tony_P

    Everwood 10/13/03

    Our WB station (LA) also removed Delia's "colorful metaphor." When I saw that, I wondered why the producers even chose to have that line in the script. But then I thought....ah, DVD. Interesting. We've seen movie directors produce content soley for the DVD versions of their films (or at least...
  17. Tony_P

    Weekly Roundup 8/12

    The Burbank, CA Fry's does have B5 S3 for $59.99 (although the sets are marked at $79.99). I picked my set up today and it seemed like they had a good number of them in stock. Great deal! Thanks.
  18. Tony_P

    B5 3rd season.

    Peter, I would advise against it. B5 is far more serialized than most TV shows, so you would be missing A LOT of the plot points and character motivations that were developed in the first two seasons. B5 was planned to be a "novel for television". Season 3 is essentially the middle chapters...
  19. Tony_P

    Weekly Roundup 7/22

    Thanks again for the roundup Dave! Picked up Terminator SE and Bill & Ted for $16.23 including tax. Nice! :D
  20. Tony_P

    Anyone tired of trailer editing patterns?

    My trailer pet peeve... "In a world..." :D
  21. Tony_P

    Sex and the City - Season 6

    Very good episode. I find I enjoy the MPK written eps the most because they invariably have the most character development. Maybe it is just because I missed Season 5, but I just don't think Carrie and Berger(sp?) (or more accurately, the actors) have very good chemistry. Also, for some...
  22. Tony_P

    Need Help Pinpointing a Season of 'Buffy' (SPOILERS!)

    First time they kiss is in Season 4 though... ;)
  23. Tony_P

    Starz showing LOTR in OAR

    I believe they are showing the Extended Edition of the film and a P&S version of it may not exist.
  24. Tony_P

    Weekly Roundup 7/1

    Thanks for all your hard work, Dave. It is greatly appreciated. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  25. Tony_P

    Political Correctness run haywire - Fox cancels Charlie Chan

    First of all, I agree that films from a different era should not be judged by today's societal factors. Secondly, I agree that classic films should be made available to those that want to see them. And thirdly, I do tend to err on the side of "no censorship whatsoever" vs "censorship is OK"...
  26. Tony_P

    Babylon 5 newbies? (Richard Biggs - RIP)

    Welcome to the fold Robin! I'm having a great time "reliving" some of B5s best moments with the newbies in this thread. I guess that is the definition of a cult show...the ones who love the show pass it on... A few years ago I did try to get one of my friends interested in B5, but he...
  27. Tony_P

    A Song of Ice & Fire Discussion

    I absolutely love this series. I was getting rundown on "doorstop" epic fantasy (ie. WOT), but this series rekindled the love... If you like political intrigue and authors who aren't afraid to kill off their characters , definitely give these books a read. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup...
  28. Tony_P

    Arcade Coin-Op Advice

    Brett, The emulator program (MAME) serves to translate the data from the original rom code and display the graphics and sound. It works very, very well. The games themselves are not adapted in any way, so they look, sound, and feel (gameplay) exactly as you remember them. For those of us...