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  1. Drew Wimmer

    Sound card with digital (optical or coax) out

    http://www.m-audio.com/products/m-audio/audiophile.php it can be found online for just over $150 I don't have any first-hand experience with it, but I've heard good things
  2. Drew Wimmer

    Burning CD's with filenames greater than 64 characters long?

    names longer than that violate some ISO standard, which is why it won't let you do it, chances are if you try that the cd won't be playable in all cd-roms
  3. Drew Wimmer

    "Desperately" seeking comments: ViewSonic P225F

    Paul- Sorry about that :b The mitsubishi can be found for about $750 shipped I believe, and if you're finding prices that high for the viewsonic, you're lookin' in the wrong places. Check www.pricegrabber.com and www.pricewatch.com
  4. Drew Wimmer

    Please help, Urgent Computer Problem!!!

    Brett- first and foremost, back-up your data if you're comfotable with messing around inside your computer, just take out this system's harddrive and add it to the other computer in your house, attach it to the cable the other system's harddrive is connected to and make sure the jumper on...
  5. Drew Wimmer

    LPT Switch

    sure they are, head to your local compUSA or MicroCenter and ask for a parallel port switch, so far as i know a parallel switch is a larallel switch, unless you wanna get fancy and get a digital one (soft switch instead of a big knob)
  6. Drew Wimmer

    WinDVD 4 and Audigy Soundcard

    what operating system are you running? I seem to remember creative having trouble to get their drivers to make their Live!-series sound cards ti generate a digital signal under windows 2000, I'm not sure if they ever cleared that up or not
  7. Drew Wimmer

    What is causing my PC to reboot on it's own?

    Larry- that could be any number of things, could you give us some more information? Like what programs cause it to crash, does it crash after runing the programs for a while or right away? how old is your PC? Is your PC inside a cabinet in your desk? What what are your system specs? all of...
  8. Drew Wimmer

    2 MAJOR Questions....Please Help

    1) that's just wierd, windows media player doesn't make reading distinctions based on file size, I've got no clue, sorry 2) so far as the offline content, what good is it going to do you to view old prices? if the stocks are local then you they won't be updated however, to save a page for...
  9. Drew Wimmer

    Downloading pictures from a Macromedia presentation

    you may be able to extract them with one of macromedia's flash development tools, but i think once they're put in there you can't take them out separately, macromedia offers free temp licenses to allow people to check out their products i think, download Flash and see what it'll let you do
  10. Drew Wimmer

    "Desperately" seeking comments: ViewSonic P225F

    first, flat-screen are much better than shadow-mask, as the image on a flat-screen/true-flat/any number of brand names/etc. has a constant or near constant dot-pitch (spacing between the pixels, smaller is better) so eye-fatigue occurs more slowly, aside from the fact that the image is a whole...
  11. Drew Wimmer

    Computer hangs after 10 minutes

    Mike- simply playing the devil's advocate here, it's possible that since your other PSU was bad it may have damaged some of your other hardware on it's way out, it'd be a good idea to try and mix and match your hardware with hardware you know to be working to try and isolate the problem
  12. Drew Wimmer

    Computer hangs after 10 minutes

    Mike- what brand of power supply did you get?
  13. Drew Wimmer

    Looking to upgrade-question for those who might know...

    yeah, here's another vote for amd's they run hotter, but you get a much better bang for the buck (despite the clock speed difference, amd cpu's do more with each clock cycle than p4's, therein lies their advantage) for an amd mobo, check out the aopen ak77-333, rock-solid and only $110...
  14. Drew Wimmer

    Overclocking Question

    sheesh, temps that low with a 33% oc? damned impressive, if only intel's could actually back up their numbers with an appropriate performance level ;) (yeah, i'm an amd fan :D) that temperature is just fine btw, don't get worried until it gets into the 50's
  15. Drew Wimmer

    Which sound card?

    M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 (Link Removed under m-audio products delta series), handles dolby 5.1 and DTS i think
  16. Drew Wimmer

    Is there a 5% discount with Adire?

    that apply to the driver kits by any chance?
  17. Drew Wimmer

    Speaker finishing (please read)

    there's always formica, provided you've got the right tools i hear it's not too difficult
  18. Drew Wimmer

    just got a new computer and have some questions

    set your resolution to whatever is most comfortable for your eyes (the 19" i use at work is set to 1152x864, and i sit a bit away from my monitor while coding so for close up use the res could probably be higher, 1280x1024 maybe) i think there's some sort of federal standard for business...
  19. Drew Wimmer

    URGENTLY need file!

    well, to start, pull your network connection :p then format + reinstall, who knows what other unsavory things are on your system now that someone else has had control of it and definitely get a firewall, zonealarm has a free trial i think, and for whatever firewall you get never grant network...
  20. Drew Wimmer

    How bad is my video card?

    yeah, that's pretty far behind, a lot has happened in the most recent two generations of gpu's that nvidia's released, aside from the clock speeds, though right now i'd upgrade to a radeon 8500le right now if i were going the budget route (particularly since they can be oc'ed to regular 8500...
  21. Drew Wimmer

    Layne's death confirmed accidental..

    nah, I don't think layne's death wasn't accidental, he wasn't a happy guy at all, his lyrics are proof of that it killed me when i heard that he'd died, but maybe it's better this way, some people just aren't happy no matter what they do "if i can't be my own, I'd feel better dead" and now...
  22. Drew Wimmer

    Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4600, Good?

    Lisa- there's a newer 128mb version, that also has a DVI out, in fact it's native video output is DVI which makes me think it's probably got the same visual quality as the 8500DV (it'd probably pay to do some research on this, that last bit is just speculation on my part)
  23. Drew Wimmer

    Yikes!! Matrox's new Parhelia with Triple Head

    yeah, it's about time they caught put out something new, anyone heard when it's gonna retail, 'cause i can't find anything but specs and propoganda everywhere i look
  24. Drew Wimmer

    sealed kit281's for heavy music duty/light theater duty?

    thanks a bunch for the info guys, I think I'll be going with the vented cabinets since I don't have to worry about this boss you speak of, I just completed my first year of college so that's a bit far off for me I think :)
  25. Drew Wimmer

    sealed kit281's for heavy music duty/light theater duty?

    I'm debating what setup to use for the kit281's I'm building to use as my mains (surrounds, mains, and center are going to be kit281's btw) This system is going to be used for more music than movies, so would it be better to go wtih sealed enclosures to get a tighter response and lose some of...
  26. Drew Wimmer

    Xtasy GeForce4 Ti4600, Good?

    here's another vote for the ati 8500 aiw, supposedly they're gonna make a DVI - Component adapter so you'll be able to connect it directly to a HDTV
  27. Drew Wimmer

    Can you get burn in, On a flat panel computer monitor?

    Brian - flatpanel as in LCD or flatpanel as in flatCRT? any CRT can have an image burned on it, though it takes a ridiculous amount of time for that to happen with newer CRT's if it's an LCD, no burn :)
  28. Drew Wimmer

    HTPC audio side

    you can find audio cards that have digital coax and toslink outs on them, so the sound cards can be connected directly to your receiver just like a dvd player, i've heard really good things about the Link Removed audiophile 24/96, i think that's what I'll be putting in my htpc this summer 1394...
  29. Drew Wimmer

    Computer hangs after 10 minutes

    Mike - sorry for taking so long the performance of a powersupply is tied into it's temperature, that is, the hotter it is, the less efficient it is also, electronic components in general, particularly those in hardware as sensitive as what's inside your PC, are very vulnerable to high...
  30. Drew Wimmer

    Computer hangs after 10 minutes

    that smacks of a power supply on it's last legs, power supplies are very sensitive to physical shock, it's possible that you maybe knocked it around a bit when you were moving the system first make sure the fans in the power supply are turning on if they are, then try this right after your...