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  1. Tim_Speicher

    Blackhawk Down 3-Disc $16 @ My.Sony

    Didn't see anything posted about this yet. I just picked up Blackhawk Down (3-Disc Deluxe Edition) from My.Sony for $16.00 + 500 points, with free shipping. If you are thinking of picking this up next week and have an account, it's a pretty good buy.:emoji_thumbsup:
  2. Tim_Speicher

    Any news on when we may get Initial D released in the US?

    Being a fan of the import scene, I have been a big fan of the anime Initial D since the very first eposide I saw. I heard a while back that TokyoPop (GTO) had aquired the rights to Initial D and where planning on releasing it stateside. However, that has been some time ago and I have not heard...
  3. Tim_Speicher

    Blade II video problem [Spoiler]

    Sorry for starting another thread regarding this DVD. However, I wanted to be sure that I didn't elaborate on something that people may have not yet seen. My question concerning the picture around Chapter 20 (Time 93:45 - 94:00. I'm hoping someone who can remember this scene in the movie can...
  4. Tim_Speicher

    Budget Sub to compliment JBL NSP1's

    I originally put off getting a sub because I live in an apt at the moment. However, I think I am slowly convincing myself that I could still have one and benefit from it - while not getting evicted? :laugh: So I did a quick search on this and came up with a few topics. However, a lot of them...
  5. Tim_Speicher

    Wtb: Hk Avr320

    If anyone has this receiver and would like to part with it, please let me know. Thanks! -Tim
  6. Tim_Speicher

    Exchanged the SR600 at the end of the 30 days (long)

    Well, after much deliberating, I decided to return the Onkyo SR600 tonight - just at the end of my 30 days. I really didn't have any issues with the receiver and it was the first receiver I have ever purchased. I will admit that I had some concerns regarding the rumored lack of power. That...
  7. Tim_Speicher

    Alternatives to the Onkyo SR600?

    OK, so it seems like Onkyo may be pulling the wool over the eyes of the consumer with regards to it's new SR600 receiver. I currently have this receiver - paired with the JBL NSP-1 (no sub, yet). While I currently live in a small apartment, thus I keep the volume low to moderate, I do plan on...
  8. Tim_Speicher

    My first H.T. set-up

    Well it's finally done... for the moment :) Just finished setting up my very first home theater system. After much debate and decision, I finally went out and purchased my first attempt at a H.T. setup. Thanks to Jason Spencer, I was able to pick up a new Onkyo SR600 receiver at my local...
  9. Tim_Speicher

    Onkyo SR 600 & JBL NSP-1 Compatability?

    Hello, After much searching, I believe I have narrowed down my selection for my first home theater purchase. Thanks to Jason Spencer, I will be hopefully getting an Onkyo SR 600 for an excellent price. I would like to combine that with the JBL NSP-1, as they seem very highly rated as a entry...
  10. Tim_Speicher

    Testing Cables

    Is there a way to hook up more than one type of cable from my DVD Player (DV 440) to my Sony Wega. The reason I ask, is that I want to test a few cables to see which one "I" notice the best improvement (mainly to determine if stepping up from S-Cable to Component is worth it now). I was hoping...
  11. Tim_Speicher

    Pioneer 440 vs. Panasonic RV31

    After searching the boards regarding the quality of the Playstation 2 as a DVD player, I have decided on getting a stand alone DVD player. Unfortunately, I have yet to win the lottery or have a rich relative kick the bucket, so I have to stay within a limited budget of ~$200.00. Thus my search...
  12. Tim_Speicher

    DPLII should it be a factor?

    Hello everyone, A few of you may have seen my previous post, were I mentioned possibly purchasing the Yamaha HTR 5460. In that time, I have been reviewing the Onkyo 595 in more detail, do to several recommendations. I have noticed that the 595 does not have component video switching, but does...
  13. Tim_Speicher

    Opinions on my pick for a first receiver?

    Hello all, Well after lurking and searching through posts for the past week, I think I have decided on my very first receiver to get me started in this crazy world of Home Theather. After reviewing several models from Denon, Sony, Pioneer, & Yamaha, I am thinking of going with the Yamaha...