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  1. Chris M

    help: DVD in Black & White?

    Okay, here's an interesting situation, I'm hoping someone has seen something similar. I have a '99 Toshiba TW57H81 CRT RPTV when I try to view DVD the content is in B&W. I've tried sources from the Toshiba DVD Player, Xbox 360 & PS2. When I view the 360 menu's they're all in color, but as soon...
  2. Chris M

    DVDs that just.... "Die"

    Anyone have any DVDs that work fine when you first get them, then soon after they start to pixelate and break up a little into the movie? I have 2 from WB that do that: Empire Records: Fan Edition and Watership Down. There's virtually no markings on them... there's a tiny scratch on Empire...
  3. Chris M

    El Mariachi DVD

    Okay, thedigitalbits says the El Mariachi DVD is out tomorrow, but I can't find any stores that will be selling it. I did a search on dvd Basen, but only one norweigian site managed to do a review, but unfortunately I can't read norweigian. Does anyone else have any info? Thanks, Chris.
  4. Chris M

    Lilo & Stitch - Widescreen OAR?

    From www.thedigitalbits.com
  5. Chris M

    REVIEW: "Red Green: Duct Tape Forever" (with screenshots)

    Red Green: Duct Tape Forever Distributed by: TVA International through Lions Gate Films OAR 1.85:1 shown in 1.33:1 Pan & Scan Soundtracks: English 5.1, 2.0 No Subtitles Movie Red Green is almost a cult show that has grown out of Canada. Steve Smith stars as Red Green, and he's been...
  6. Chris M

    Blade II Review up!

    DVD Shrine Very cool! 5/5 for DTS-ES audio and the video looks great too! Extras?? WOW! Talk about loaded :) I so can't wait until Sept 3 Chris.
  7. Chris M

    Earnest Movies coming

    According to www.dvdreview.com: Thought you'd like to know :) Chris.
  8. Chris M

    Canadian "Home Theater" forum

    This isn't meant to disrupt this forum, as I LOVE this forum a lot, but there is a new forum for us Canadian members, talking about our cable companies, DVD's released here, and other things specific to Canada. I hope the moderators won't close this thread. I found it one day looking for...
  9. Chris M

    FOX - Boondock Saints - Not 16:9 Enhanced??

    I'm wondering why this title is not 16:9 enhanced. Fox at one time said that all titles would be 16:9 enhanced after The Abyss. The packaging even advertises it as such. Can Peter or someone who has contact with Fox please elaborate on this discrepancy? Thanks, Chris.
  10. Chris M

    Paramount - Duckman TV Series?

    I'm just wondering if we're getting any closer to seeing Duckman on DVD in season sets. This was a relatively short run series (3 seasons I believe), but I would LOVE to have it! There's an online petition (not mine) started and almost 200 people are wanting the show: Duckman TV Show Petition...
  11. Chris M

    Those "Damn Grey Bars" and OAR

    Okay, I have a 57" Widescreen TV, and a wife who thinks it should be filled up. I try to explain how 4:3 on the TV should have the grey or black bars on the sides to be shown in their OAR. But she claims that we spent so much money on the TV that it should be "filled up"
  12. Chris M

    Progressive Player LIKE RP91?

    I'm wondering if there is another Progressive player with some of the features of the Panny RP91 such as the 4:3 view on a 16:9 monitor and able to make better use of non-anamorphic disks. Does anyone know if the Tosh 3750 or 4700 have this ability? If not, what other players do...
  13. Chris M

    Fox animated titles P&S?

    Okay, are Fox's new animated titles Pan & Scan or were they created full frame? I can't find any info in the IMDB for the aspect ratios of titles such as Ferngully. I have been waiting for Ferngully, but was hoping it would be widescreen. Here is the quite from DVD File