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  1. Brian McHale

    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Malcom Reynolds (from Serenity and Firefly)
  2. Brian McHale

    Win a copy of American Sniper on Blu-ray

    In the Line of Fire
  3. Brian McHale

    "The Alamo"s Status?

    It always makes me chuckle, when I see another comment from someone who thinks John Wayne was not a good actor. The man was such a great actor, and had such screen presence, that you would see flaws from his costars, who were not in the league as him.
  4. Brian McHale

    Holiday Inn (1942) - 10/7

    "I find the criticisms of "Holiday Inn" due to its "deceitful, back-stabbing characters" to be perplexing. Aren't there "unpleasant" characters in most holiday tales? "It's a Wonderful Life", "Christmas Carol", "Grinch" - you name it. Those roles add drama and spice to the proceedings - without...
  5. Brian McHale

    Jingle All The Way 2 (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    As someone who never understood the popularity of the first Jingle movie, I cannot imagine how bad this must be...
  6. Brian McHale

    Win a Noah Blu-ray prize pack!

    Humphrey Bogart Helen Mirren
  7. Brian McHale

    Holiday Inn (1942) - 10/7

    Well said. To me, White Christmas is a classic feel good Christmas movie, while Holiday Inn is full of deceitful, back-stabbing characters. It is far from a feel good film and does not, in my opinion, embody any of the classic Christmas feeling that so many of us want in our holiday films.
  8. Brian McHale

    Logitech/HTF Contest Giveaway: Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote [ENTER HERE]

    This would replace my aging Harmony One, which would then be put to other use.
  9. Brian McHale

    Amadeus - 30th Anniversary?

    I would like a Blu-ray of the theatrical version. I've got the DC on DVD and felt that most of the extra scenes merely made the movie longer (and made it feel longer). Ideal would be both versions, but I would settle for theatrical only. If it's DC only, I'll stick with the DVD.
  10. Brian McHale

    Samsung BD6500 BluRay player analog sound issue.

    To the OP, did you try going to the AVSForum Owners thread on your player that I linked to? If there's a fix for this, you will likely be able to find it there. There are optical to analog converters (such as this) that would allow you to use a digital output. They only work if the source is...
  11. Brian McHale

    Samsung BD6500 BluRay player analog sound issue.

    From the manual: This Digital Output setup does not effect the analog (L/R) audio or HDMI audio output to your TV. I don't think there are any settings that affect the analog output. It should always provide a stereo mix. I think the Normal Stereo is for running digital to devices that can't...
  12. Brian McHale

    The Black Stallion (1979)(Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Aa I seem to recall, the DVD of this is non-anamorphic with a pretty poor transfer. This would have to be a massive upgrade. Do think I'll wait and read some reviews before buying, though.
  13. Brian McHale

    Blu Ray Player as connection point?

    That ought to work.
  14. Brian McHale

    Do some older DVD movies display bars on all four sides?

    DVDs are supposed to have flags that tell a player if they are 4:3, anamorphic widescreen or non-anamorphic widescreen. Some players (my 5-year old Panasonic Blu-ray player, for instance) will automatically zoom non-anamorphic DVDs so that there are no black bars on the sides. However, if a disc...
  15. Brian McHale

    SONY BD Player- Digital Audio Out issue

    The converters don't cause any loss of audio quality. Personally, I think I would have run a coax cble instead of adding the converter, because I like to keep things as simple as possible. However, there's no reason it shouldn't work just fine as long as you have the right converter and your...
  16. Brian McHale

    Playing Non-anamorphic DVDs on Blu-Ray

    This doesn't always work. My Panny (BD35) will automatically zoom correctly flagged non-anamorphic DVDs. However, it will not zoom non-anamorphic DVDs that aren't flagged as such. In that case, I have to use my TV (my Samsung DLP would allow this; haven't tried this on my Panny Plasma).
  17. Brian McHale

    Playing Non-anamorphic DVDs on Blu-Ray

    If the player won't zoom, your TV might. Look for aspect ratio controls on your TV.
  18. Brian McHale

    it's 2013: recommend a player with TOSLINK optical out?

    I don't believe any Blu-ray player on the market today has component outputs; they all have HDMI only (for video). So, if you want to get a Blu-ray player, you'll need to get one from a few years ago. See this thread for more details...
  19. Brian McHale

    Streets of Fire (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder in U.K.

    I love this movie. From what I've read, though, this release will be Region B only. Sure would like a US release (or a regrion free overseas release).
  20. Brian McHale

    TV Program Viewing Method Poll

    You may only record one or two shows a month now, but you might find you'd watch more with a DVR. With the DVR, it's so easy to record stuff. I'm talking orders of magnitude easier than using a VCR. And your wife might not mind watching recorded shows when they're as easy to view as live TV and...
  21. Brian McHale

    Are Blu-ray's worth the extra Money?

    What size TV do you have? How far away do you sit from the TV? This makes a big difference. If you have a 50" TV and sit 15' away from it, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between a good DVD and a BD. If you have a 55" TV and sit 10' away, you should be able to tell the...
  22. Brian McHale

    TV Program Viewing Method Poll

    "My wife and I don't watch that much "first run" TV, so virtually everything we DO watch is DVR'd and we watch it days, or even weeks later. Even if we have the time when the shows are on "live" we'll wait about 20 or so minutes so we can skip commercials." That pretty much sums it up for me.
  23. Brian McHale

    Matilda (1996) comes to blu-ray (10/15)

    I believe that's true.
  24. Brian McHale

    blu-ray player for discs ?

    All flat panel TVs (LCD, LED-LCD, plasma) scale any input signal that does not match the native resolution of the panel. So, if you have a 1080p TV, any input that is not 1080 will be scaled to 1080 for display.
  25. Brian McHale

    blu-ray player for discs ?

    I know the OP already indicated his DVD player does upconverting, but still thought I should address this... It's not necessarily true that you're better off using a Blu-ray player than a non-upconverting DVD player to play DVDs. If you use a player that doesn't upconvert, the TV will do the...
  26. Brian McHale

    Blu-Ray Movie Price Drops Today!

    I use DVD-Basen to search for DVD/Blu-ray reviews. It will list pretty much every online review, including HTF.
  27. Brian McHale

    blu-ray player for discs ?

    Everything I've read about the Oppo players has been good, in particular their upscaling. The only downside is the price, but it sounds like you got a good deal. I've also read that their customer service is excellent. I think you'll be happy with it.
  28. Brian McHale

    blu-ray player for discs ?

    My first post recommending that the OP go to AVS was a bit on the generic side, though I did mention why I thought it was a good idea (I didn't just say "go to AVS"). The second post had a link to a specific owners thread. I was not "promoting" AVS. It's worth noting that I didn't start getting...
  29. Brian McHale

    Swamp Thing (1982) (Blu-ray) available for preorder

    I believe it's the US theatrical version (from what I've read elsewhere). Personally, I think the theatrical version is better, though I know some people prefer the more salacious international version.
  30. Brian McHale

    blu-ray player for discs ?

    I can see why that would get old. My reasoning for why AVS can be so valuable is that they have lots of existing threads where you can research before posting, gaining knowledge so you can ask the right questions (or might not have to ask at all, since the existing threads often will answer most...