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  1. HiJon89

    FS: 37" LCD High Definition TV Winbook 37m1 HDTV (Local Dayton Ohio)

    You have PM.... I want this TV ;)
  2. HiJon89

    F/S: PSB T6 Platinum - audophile speakers

    He means it is against PayPal terms of use and the forum rules to charge for 3% for PayPal payments. You can, however, give a 3% discount for money order or personal check payments ;)
  3. HiJon89

    WTB: Xbox 360 system

    I sent you an e-mail
  4. HiJon89

    FS: Bryston 9b-st

    Last post was 2004....
  5. HiJon89

    Brand new Def tech Clr2002

    This was from 2003....
  6. HiJon89

    Wanted: Used surround sound receiver.

    This thread is 3 and a half years old..... :rolleyes
  7. HiJon89

    FS: BIC DV62CLRS, V1220, Polk R30, R15

    R15's sold, some prices dropped.
  8. HiJon89

    FS: BIC DV62CLRS, V1220, Polk R30, R15

    None of these items have sold yet so it's time to start slashing prices :frowning: BIC DV62CLRS Center - $60 Polk R30 Fronts - $60 for both Polk R15 Rears - $30 for both *SOLD* BIC V1220 12" Sub - $90 These prices are for local pick-up in Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (About an hour north...
  9. HiJon89

    'Upconverts to near HD quality...'

    My HD CRT doesn't either.
  10. HiJon89

    FS: BIC DV62CLRS, V1220, Polk R30, R15

    Bump, all speakers still available. Would consider trading for an Xbox 360 Premium :)
  11. HiJon89

    FS: BIC DV62CLRS, V1220, Polk R30, R15

    All speakers still available :)
  12. HiJon89

    FS: BIC DV62CLRS, V1220, Polk R30, R15

    I'm upgrading my speaker setup so these speakers need to go. I have the following for sale: BIC DV62CLRS Center - $75 Polk R30 Fronts - $80 for Both Polk R15 Rears - $40 for Both BIC V1220 12" Sub - $120 I will ship the bookshelves or center, but the fronts and subwoofer are just too...
  13. HiJon89

    Center Speaker Brackets- Polk "R" Drivers

    Link to bracket is broken.
  14. HiJon89

    Phoenix Gold MX1260 12 channel amplifier $650.00

    Apparently the price is in the thread title and apparently you can't read
  15. HiJon89

    Digital Trends: Optical HD Battle May Be Over: HD DVD Wins

    I think a format war like this is just about the best thing that can happen for the consumer. As long as these two technologies are battling, they will constantly be pushing each other to push their technology to the max. I think that when one format rules the market, companies get complacent...
  16. HiJon89

    HK AVR 300, stands, and signs FS in CA

    I assume he's referring to the fact that he posted in the thread before Jeff W, yet you posted that the posters will be going to Jeff W.
  17. HiJon89

    FS: Hitachi 57" HDTV 57SWX20B

    Bump for an absolutely gorgeous living room :eek:
  18. HiJon89

    WTB: Inexpensive POWERED Subwoofer

    PM on its way.
  19. HiJon89

    Anthem AVM20 for sale

    Well I've got an amp, so I guess I'm only deficient in one category, or else I too would be all over this.
  20. HiJon89

    best 7.1 setup for $500-$700

    You could try going BIC: Center: DV-62CLRS $105 http://www.amazon.com/BIC-America-DV...&s=electronics Fronts: DV84 $320 http://www.amazon.com/BIC-America-Ve...&s=electronics Surrounds: DV62si $220 http://www.amazon.com/BIC-America-Ve...&s=electronics