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  1. Dave Dahl

    Any recourse against false specs?

    Frankly I am not surprised. Having sold Mid/High level AV gear for over four years I have encountered several manufactuer web sites with incorrect information. It never fails to amaze when a customer builds a cabinet for a specific televsion only to find that the web site was wrong by two...
  2. Dave Dahl

    Films that give you genuine goosebumps.

    At the end of Mulan when the Emporer bows down and the entire city follows suit. That brought real tears into my eyes. -Dave
  3. Dave Dahl

    Just bought Mits WS-65813!!

    The big difference (and to my recollection the only performance difference) is that the 65" set has 9 inch CRT guns. This gives a surface area of 63.61 square inches vs the 38.48 square inches that the 7 inch guns on the 55" set offers. The upshot is that it's a much superior picture. -Dave
  4. Dave Dahl

    Velodyne has announced an external subwoofer setup room equalizer...

    Aux, Where did you get the $400 number? -Dave
  5. Dave Dahl

    Velodyne has announced an external subwoofer setup room equalizer...

    Hi all, I was going over some things recently and stumbled onto a Velodyne press release announcing the future release of a subwoofer calibration system. It will include the 2.0 software version of the system they currently use for their DD subwoofers. The external box will be able to be used...
  6. Dave Dahl

    Help! I need to be a HT expert by tomorrow!!

    Good luck with the new job. I've been selling A/V gear for 3 1/2 years and still get a kick out of it. Does your store offer any training for sales associates? I find it difficult to belive that they would open a new store without making sure the staff had a basic understanding of the things...
  7. Dave Dahl

    I dont know much.. Im so tired of searching

    Polks may not be discounted for any reason. No amount of haggling will get you a penny off regardless of the store. -Dave
  8. Dave Dahl

    Mitsubishi DLPs vs. Samsung DLPs

    I am a bit confused. You say: "I feel like I've been a victim of the slick willies over at Tweeter's. Not to bash Tweeter because usually their service is top notch." Ignoring the point that you are, in fact, bashing Tweeter; why does the rest of your post only deal with your...
  9. Dave Dahl

    What is the shortest theatrically released major film?

    Dumbo ran 61 minutes. -Dave
  10. Dave Dahl

    Why noise on DVD playback and no noise on HD satellite?

    Well, the simple answer is that a high definition signal from satellite is significantly more detailed than a dvd. -Dave
  11. Dave Dahl

    Does anybody know where to find RG59 to RCA adapters?

    Hi all, I am creating custom runs for my component video and s-video lines. I have decided to use copper shielded RG59 cable. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the ends needed for this project. I need an adapter that takes bare RG59 cable at one end and has a male RCA plug at the...
  12. Dave Dahl

    When, exactly, was DSD (not Super Audio CD) introduced?

    Hi all, I'm having a disagreement with somebody I work with. He asserts that Direct Stream Digital(DSD)was created and tested in 1980. I believe that to be completely false. Does anybody know what year the DSD technology was introduced and what the first studio album recorded with it was...
  13. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Bruce, It's interesting that you've said this. I have, in fact, already had the gate time set to slightly over 200. What should the slice time be? -Dave ps. thank for the help everybody. It's great that the people on this forum take time out of their busy days to help each other.
  14. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Bruce, The highest the time slice option seems to go is 160. Am I missing something? -Dave
  15. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    I am using a Velodyne FSX12 servo controled subwoofer. It is crossed over inside the receiver (B&K AVR507) at 80Hz. -Dave
  16. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Craig, Of course you're right in that I should be moving the subwoofer around before any electronic correction. Keeping in mind that my goal is a flat frequency response what should the graph look like when it's done? For the sake of this discussion I will use four slices. Should the...
  17. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Hello, Sorry about the delay in posting. Real life has a way of happening. After first running the ETF software (without the feedback) I was shocked to discover that I have almost a perfectly flat frequency response below 200Hz. Of course, I was wrong. It took me a little while to...
  18. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Hi all, I've only a minute before work. It turns out the feedback was due to an improper mixing setting (thanks Edward). Later tonight (maybe tomorrow) I'll let everybody interested know what the results are. -Dave
  19. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Hi everybody, I just returned from work to find my thread has taken somewhat of a detour. I'm not really sure what's happened so I think that I'll just go back to the original point... Thank you Bruce for your concrete suggestions. I do have a full duplex sound card and the microphone...
  20. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    I appreciate the reply. Money's pretty tight nowadays and getting a new microphone right now is not an option. Hopefully I will be able to swing one by January. Any other ideas? -Dave
  21. Dave Dahl

    Need help with ETF and feedback into system...

    Hi all, Lately I've been experimenting with the ETF software with my Radio Shack level meter. I keep running into the same problem; the radio shack meter and my speakers (ML Ascenti's) keep getting into some hidious feedback loop. Nothing I do in the computer's mixer seems to help. Any...
  22. Dave Dahl

    Oy! Such a Bargain!

    The markup for equipment (at least at the retail level) is nowhere near %100. -Dave
  23. Dave Dahl


    Jeez, I thought somebody had died... Anyhow, have you considered just contacting the person who sold it to you and asking for the password? -Dave
  24. Dave Dahl

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Video Conversion Question

    It's called Video Transcoding. -Dave
  25. Dave Dahl

    The future of DTV has just recently taken quite a blow

    I will freak out if my tax dollars go to help people subsidize their new converter box. Television is not a right and I will vote against any politician who thinks otherwise. Also OTA television is not free. It is paid for through the time people take watching the commercials. Which when...
  26. Dave Dahl

    Is it possible to connect a HTPC to television via firewire?

    Hi all, I am curious if it is possible to construct a simple home theater pc and connect it to my Mits Diamond 65813 via a firewire cable. I would think that it is yet I have not, after much searching, been able to find any information pro or con. Any ideas? Thanks! Dave
  27. Dave Dahl

    I wonder if Sony is holding SACD back to prepare for a hi-res streaming service...

    Hi all, I am enamoured with Super Audio CD. Now that it's been out for a few years I have been wondering why there seems to be very little marketing push for it. I think that there are two possible explanations. First is that Sony is having trouble getting recording studios to install the...
  28. Dave Dahl

    Woohoo! I've just ordered my new MartinLogans!

    No, unfortunately I am not related to Steve Dahl however I am gaining weight. Give it time. I'm going to be powering them with a B&K AVR 507 receiver. -Dave
  29. Dave Dahl

    Woohoo! I've just ordered my new MartinLogans!

    I wanted to share the good news. After receiving the ok from my wife earlier in the week I went ahead and ordered a brand new pair of MartinLogan Ascenti speakers. The anticipation is killing me. I'm looking forward to their arrival! -Dave
  30. Dave Dahl

    Do I get a pair of ML Ascents or a pair or Aeons and a Cinema center channel?

    The title says it all. I can go either direction. -Dave