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  1. Ron Etaylor

    Panic attacks are ruining my life

    There have been incidences of tornadoes in every state.
  2. Ron Etaylor

    Please help me name a tune, perhaps by Alan Parsons Project?

    I was listening to that song on the radio the other day and wondered why Gerry Rafferty wasn't a bigger deal. That song is very cool.
  3. Ron Etaylor

    Radio/TV Advertising Rates?

    You'll also get a better price per commercial the more you buy(cheaper by the dozen, so to speak).
  4. Ron Etaylor

    Covers of Beatles' songs U favour over the original

    Picking Beatles covers is kinda like naming your favorite Rolex knock-off. Sure, it keeps time, but it doesn't have the class of the original.
  5. Ron Etaylor

    Good places to buy hirez?

    The Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World has the biggest selection of DVD-A and SACD I have ever seen in one place.
  6. Ron Etaylor

    Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" coming to SACD in May!!

    Maximum respect for Dire Straits, but I've heard BIA too many times to invest again. I so wanted this format to succeed.
  7. Ron Etaylor

    How do you overcome public speaking?

    I figure half the people think I'm cool and anything I say is cool with them. The other half just want my crap to be over so they can do something else.:)
  8. Ron Etaylor

    songs that have changed their meaning through passage of time etc

    You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan. It's in some musical(I think Carousel?)
  9. Ron Etaylor

    The Urination Shivers?

    George Carlin used to do a bit about the piss shivers. I never heard of it prior to that. I might have had 'em once or twice.
  10. Ron Etaylor

    Anyone else have the French Fries/Potato Addiction???

    I loves me some starch. Potatoes rule whether fried, whipped,baked, or whatever.
  11. Ron Etaylor

    ? about Graffiti

    It's art. Art affects people in different ways. That's why it's cool.
  12. Ron Etaylor

    Why does superman become superweak around kryptonite?

    I think it's cool that a person from Krypton that comes to earth becomes invulnerable, yet an inert mass from Krypton can be lethal to the person. There's a kind of Yin/Yang to it.
  13. Ron Etaylor

    Paul Hester, Crowded House Drummer, RIP

    That's a shame. A very talented guy. I heard Dave Mustaine was all upset over it. I'm not kidding. He rated Crowded House as a favorite.
  14. Ron Etaylor

    Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti"

    Tough to choose, but PG is certainly one of the best. I think III is underrated.
  15. Ron Etaylor

    Covers of Beatles' songs U favour over the original

    I agree with those that say the Beatles do the best versions of their own material. I know many people prefer Cocker's WALHFMF, but it doesn't have the charm of the original.
  16. Ron Etaylor

    What was the First concert you ever went to?

    The Monkees circa 1967. Fifth Dimension opened. Earlier in that tour Hendrix was opening.
  17. Ron Etaylor

    King Crimson gone for good?

    I was thinking about King Crimson the other day, and when I popped into BB with a $10 coupon I thought I might pickup a cd or two from their catalogue. Except there wasn't even a plastic divider card in their racks. I stopped by Borders on the way home and there was ONE cd...the first album...
  18. Ron Etaylor

    I need help with one particular song: Starbuck's "Moonlight Feels Right"

    Good thing they got into the coffee biz.:)
  19. Ron Etaylor

    Superbowl DVD

    Saw it at BB today and although the back cover stated it contained the "Ameriquest Halftime Show" it didn't say a thing about the McCartney segment. Is the Paul set on there?
  20. Ron Etaylor

    Beach Boys Pet Sounds

    It's really a one-of-a-kind work. Agree that it isn't the surf & cars Beach Boys. Brilliant compositions, innovative arrangements and instrumentation, angelic harmonies.
  21. Ron Etaylor

    Sometimes life just isn't fair...

    One summer I went to the funerals of three kids. One teenager killed in a car wreck, two younger children who died from medical causes. It was indeed a big bummer. Sorry you were affected so.
  22. Ron Etaylor

    Rick James Dead at 56

    While I never cared for his music, I know he had a lot of talent and was addled by drugs. This is sad.
  23. Ron Etaylor

    DBX DS series gear

    I vaguely recall that there were DBX encoded or processed vinyl discs that were made to go with the system. I knew a guy who had DBX gear and I remember he played some material that seemed to have incredible dynamic range(but this was pre CD era). I thought he also used it for noise reduction...
  24. Ron Etaylor

    Should I go see Rush tonight?

    Brilliant Rob.
  25. Ron Etaylor

    Dylan SACDs going away?

    I was at BB and Border's today and picked up the six remaining ones I needed. Both stores had very few SACDs, and they had plenty of copies of the remasters in the regular jewel cases. Just to be safe I snagged the ones I didn't have. At BB the remasters in the jewel case were 14.99 just like...
  26. Ron Etaylor

    Saying goodbye to event-related clothing...

    You must be referring to my 1976 Wings tour shirt:) Sure there was the one that faded and the armpits ripped out. Then there was the extra one I bought that looks like it's about 5 years old:D
  27. Ron Etaylor

    Dylan SACDs going away?

    Thanks Phil. I was wondering if I needed to rush out and purchase the titles I have not yet picked up. I think I have about 1/2 of them.:)
  28. Ron Etaylor

    Dylan SACDs going away?

    A friend told me the Dylan SACDs are being phased out and the remasterers are being issued as redbook cds. Any word?
  29. Ron Etaylor

    So what if I get burn in?

    I think I just had an epiphany. As much as I want an LCD/DLP/Plasma, they are out of my price range. Why not grab a giant CRT for the time being. I'll have the blacks, and by the time the prices come down on the other technologies, I can move the CRT to a bedroom. If it has burn in at that...
  30. Ron Etaylor

    What words that people mis-pronounce that drive you nuts?

    Anybody else ever hear "kindy garden" or "kinny garden" instead of kindergarten? Maybe that's the first thing they should teach in that grade.