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  1. Darren Davis

    Better Jobs for Teenagers?

    I'm 18 and I've worked at KB Toys since July but now that the Christmas rush is over the hours I work have dropped a considerable amount and I'd like to look into getting a second job. Now I hope this doesn't seem far-fetched but I'm looking for something that pays $10/hr or more, allows me to...
  2. Darren Davis

    School History Project: specific, debatable topics on the Cold War

    Hi everyone, In my school I'm in a special program (haha...not that kind of "special") and one of the requirements is to write an extended essay, which means about 4000 words on a fairly specific topic. Well, I've chosen the Cold War as the broad area and now I need to narrow it down. I thought...
  3. Darren Davis

    Physics: Determining Sound-Absorption Coefficient

    I'm working on a science project where I measure the dBs lost in a box lined with certain materials and I think I'd like to incorporate the coefficient of sound-absorption for the different materials in the project. I've looked through my physics II book (nothing found) and checked out google...
  4. Darren Davis

    Tiny Cosmic Missiles

    I found this link on another board I frequent and found the article quite interesting. It's about 2 months old and I didn't find it posted here through search. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main...Fwnugg12. xml Here's just the first part...
  5. Darren Davis

    Shrinking humans?

    In the Giant Insects thread BrianW mentioned shrinking humans and this made me remember something my math teacher talked about. He raised the question that since you couldn't take away any of the atoms that make up the person all you could do is compact the atoms (I'm guessing the space between...
  6. Darren Davis

    Question about Bose 201s

    I'm not particularly a fan of Bose and I know mostly everyone here feels the same but my brother gave me a pair of Bose 201s to use as rears in my system for the time-being until I get some Klipsh KSF-S5 surrounds. Well, these speakers don't have the spec stickers and my brother can't remember...
  7. Darren Davis

    Science Fair suggestions?

    jeesh, just what I need: more work from school. Now I have to do a science fair project, which is due in mid-December. I need to come up with an idea and write out my procedure in detail by next Monday to turn in. I've been brainstorming ideas and due to the limitations of rules, cost...