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  1. Tom Brennan

    Sirius Satellite Radio Q1 2006 Financial Results

    Read all about it here.
  2. Tom Brennan

    Yahoo Widget Sirius Player

    Is anyone else as happy as I am with the Yahoo Widget Sirius Player? It is worlds better than the on-line player at Sirius.com and the guy who makes it is constantly updating it. I would highly recommend it to everyone here.
  3. Tom Brennan

    Sirius creates slot for Blue Collar comics

    You can read all about it here.
  4. Tom Brennan

    Sirius wins with Howard Stern

    "Sirius Wins with Howard Stern" From USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion...rs-stern_x.htm I'm not a fan of Howard Stern, but I think the executives at Sirius satellite radio are shrewd businessmen. They might be paying Stern hundreds of millions of dollars over a five-year...
  5. Tom Brennan

    Sirius equipment sales soar!

    Sirius equipment sales soar By TARA WEISS THE JOURNAL NEWS (Original Publication: December 31, 2005) Howard Stern's show on Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. starts Jan. 9, but if you haven't purchased the radio equipment by now you might not get to hear the inaugural episode. Electronics...
  6. Tom Brennan

    Special Edition DVDs Aren't Special Anymore?

    I agree with the results of this poll. DVD special editions are nothing of the kind anymore. They are the standard now, and with new movies, it's really nothing special anymore. All the new movies are rushed to the market now that there is no chance for perspective in the creation of the extra...
  7. Tom Brennan

    Sirius taking away retail-level market shares from XM for past 3 months!

    The Stern signing seems to be paying off.... will be interesting to see where they are a year from now! http://channels.netscape.com/news/st...&w=RTR&coview=
  8. Tom Brennan

    My Date With Drew

    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I caught the preview last week and have been checking out the website (www.mydatewithdrew.com) and am really looking forward to this one. Any buzz on it?
  9. Tom Brennan

    Just What Kind Of Movie is House of Wax?

    It was pointed out to me earlier this evening that the House of Wax poster has a very odd similarity to a particular type of adult film fetish, one apparently popularized in Japan and frequently discussed on Howard Stern. I'm trying not to get to graphic here, but you can see the poster here and...
  10. Tom Brennan

    Original ALIEN DVD Has Been Re-Issued!

    I just heard that Walmart has a two pack of ALIEN vs. PREDATOR with the original release of ALIEN in the package! This disc has tons of material not found in the current release. It has a different, possibly better, audio commentary with Ridley Scott. It also has the complete score by Jerry...
  11. Tom Brennan

    Wedding at Dunkin' Donuts

    My good friend John is in a contest to get married at Dunkin' Donuts. Should he win, not only will his wedding be paid for but also a 6-night, 7-day honeymoon retreat to The Islands Of The Bahamas! To vote, all you have to do is go here and vote for John Townsend & Michele Sarao. They would...
  12. Tom Brennan

    70mm Screening of 2001 at the Egyptian

    This time it's confirmed. A few months back there was a screening of 2001 in LA that many thought was going to be in 70mm, but it only turned out to be a 35mm print. Next month the film will be playing in 70mm six track at the Egyptian. You can read about it here...
  13. Tom Brennan

    Band of Brothers Packaging Question

    I finally got "Band of Brothers" on DVD today. Although, I think the tin case is kind of cool looking, I was hoping for a proper box set inside ala "Sopranos". No suck luck. Was the tin packaging a limited edition? Were there any other forms of packaging available? I just hate the fact that I...
  14. Tom Brennan

    My New X-Files Set Covers are Damaged, is there a Way to get Replacements from FOX?

    OK, I am pretty upset over this. I recently purchased the X-Files box sets using my Christmas bonus money and a full additional paycheck. I was a huge fan of the show, but just couldn’t fit these sets into my budget until recently. I felt that the sets were grossly overpriced (and still do), so...
  15. Tom Brennan

    Turning off user prohibitions on the Sony DVP-NS715P?

    Is there a way I can turn off user prohibitions on the Sony DVP-NS715P DVD Player? Meaning I want to skip past forced trailers, FBI warning, change the audio, etc. Its really annoying that everytime I want to skip past a forced trailer I get "prohibited by disc". There must be a hack for...
  16. Tom Brennan

    John Carpenter's They Live SE Coming to Region 1 Anytime Soon?

    The last thread on this subject was over a year ago. I don't want to have to buy an out of print copy of the old edition on eBay or buy a copy from another region (cause I can't play them). Is there any possibility that the SE of They Live could come to Region 1? I can't believe one of...
  17. Tom Brennan

    Subwoofer Connection Question...

    Sorry if this rather basic question has been asked over and over, but the search feature is disabled and I really need an answer. I recently purchased a new Home Theater setup. I'm on a budget, so my setup is not top of the line, but still a very good mid-range setup. I went with the JBL...
  18. Tom Brennan

    Rear Center Options for JBL Setup

    I'm looking for a rear center speaker to go with my JBL studio setup. Should I buy a second center speaker or go with another bookshelf?
  19. Tom Brennan

    JBL vs. Yamaha Subwoofers

    I’m looking for a new subwoofer to go with my Yamaha HTR-5590. Right now it’s between the Yamaha YST-SW1500 and the JBL S120PII. I am leaning towards the JBL, but would like to hear some opinions. Anyone with either sub care to comment on them? Thanks.
  20. Tom Brennan

    DVD to Receiver to TV Video Connection Question

    I purchased a new receiver this past weekend (Yamaha HTR-5590) and for the first time, I am going to hook up all of my video components through the receiver, then out to the TV via an S-VHS cable. My TV is a Toshiba 48” that is about six years old. There are no component inputs, just S-VHS...
  21. Tom Brennan

    Comparisons between the recent James Bond set and the previous releases...

    I completed my Bond DVD collection last year, so I had no interest in the new Box set released by MGM. I was however curious; as many others were to see if there were any changes. First and foremost I wanted to see if the audio sync problem was fixed on "Licence To Kill". After reading...
  22. Tom Brennan

    What is the best DVD Packaging out there?

    I need to buy a bunch of new DVD cases to replace some damaged cases, snappers, box sets, etc. I was wondering what the general favorite DVD case is. I personally like the Alpha style cases, but I don't really have anything against Amray cases. I want to go with one or the other though...
  23. Tom Brennan

    "Can't Buy Me Love" P&S only?

    I caught this film on TBS last night and said to myself..."you know what, this is a movie I really want to own." So today, I headed to BestBuy and found a copy for just $9.99. However, the DVD was sadly "modified to fit your TV". I asked the salesperson to look it up for me and he said that this...
  24. Tom Brennan

    Bad DVD picture on HD TVs

    A couple of friends have large 16x9 RP HD ready TVs and DVD pictures look pretty bad on them. Last night we were watching Blackhawk Down on this guy's huge Mitsubishi and it looked pretty bad. Now I'm not up on this HD business but I knew right off the bat he had his aspect settings wrong. So we...
  25. Tom Brennan

    World's Best Sub?

    A couple of weeks ago at the Midwest Audio Fest (pretty much a horn speaker and tube amp fest) in Ohio I heard Bruce Edgar's Titan Horn system with his Seismic sub. This is a folded basshorn, a 35hz hyperbolic flare. It is a monster standing 72" tall by 32" wide and 24" deep. It uses an 18" PAS...
  26. Tom Brennan

    Jurassic Park Box Set: Dolby Digital Only?

    I was waiting to purchase the first two Jurassic Park films until the DTS problem was cleared up with the first film and figured I would wait until a box set of all 3 was released. I am not interested in Dolby Digital discs of the first two films, but it doesn't seem like there is a DTS Box Set...
  27. Tom Brennan

    For Those Who Want A Richard Donner Re-Cut of Superman II

    In the recent chat with Warner Brothers, I asked a question regarding the possibility of having “Superman II” released in the form of a Richard Donner re-cut. I ask everyone to take a look at the post I made in Studio and Manufacturer Feedback Section regarding this. Please click on the below...
  28. Tom Brennan

    Warner Bros. – We Want A Richard Donner Re-Cut of Superman II

    In the recent chat with Warner Brothers, I asked a question regarding the possibility of having “Superman II” released in the form of a Richard Donner re-cut. For those who don’t know about the production history of “Superman II”, I suggest you head to the great Superman Cinema website here...