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  1. ChadM

    The Sopranos Season 6, Part II - April 2007

    I agree with Chris in post 631 on how it will all end. It is the only plausible way now (IMO).
  2. ChadM

    American Idol - Season 5

    You have such a beautiful spirit (seal clap)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ChadM

    The New World (2005)

    Has this opened wide? It is not playing near me.
  4. ChadM

    CSI: Season 6 ongoing thread

    I don't remember any episodes with Lady Heather. When was she on and what is her story / connection to Grissom?
  5. ChadM

    Just stupid. What was she thinking?

    Soooooo, I assume you have NO stupid people in "marduk desires not the barren wasteland of your desicated viscera"? Nitwit....
  6. ChadM

    To Smoke, or Not to Smoke

    I am with you there. From the looks of the amount of butts on the ground outside of stores, in parking lots, etc, evidently all smokers just fling the used filters wherever without any regard for littering. I say have them all caned.
  7. ChadM

    2005 at the Box Office

    I can't believe anyone would consider making $10m in MIDNITE showings of a three hour movie a disappointment!!! By my math that means the movie let out at 3AM - so the only audience for that particular showing would be out of work fanboys. I have been looking forward to this movie as long...
  8. ChadM

    Veronica Mars Season 2

    One thing that is bothering me - what is Clarence's motivation for helping Veronica find out who killed Amelia? He seemed almost mad that it happened.
  9. ChadM

    The WWE™

    So are the "recap" shows done? Are there any recap shows on now? I cant stand to tape the whole of raw and smackdown because I fast forward through most of them, but the recap shows are pretty easy to watch.
  10. ChadM

    Veronica Mars Season 2

    JP - Thing is the first season really was amazing, so if you feel a little cold about the show now you may want to start at the beginning. Edited - I see that my advice to watch Season 1 was previously made. Anyway ... Aside - how the hell cares what Joss thinks? I mean I...
  11. ChadM

    Veronica Mars Season 2

    I don't think anyone expects this show to compete with Lost. What I would like to know is how does it compare to what Buffy used to do?
  12. ChadM

    Lawnmower: buy cheap or feature laden?

    I too just went from a Craftsman to a Honda and could not be happier. Spent less than $400 at Home Depot, which carries Honda in my area.
  13. ChadM

    I have a bad habit (or disorder) at the gas pump that needs to stop...

    It's good that you have the protection. You are still missing the float, however I guess that some people are not comfortable with the idea of credit cards.
  14. ChadM

    I have a bad habit (or disorder) at the gas pump that needs to stop...

    I was going to ask if anyone had heard of computers or calculators!!! Also, alot of people seem to be using debit cards - do those things have fraud protection in the event they are stolen? I only use credit cards for that very reason (well plus the float, but that seems too advanced for...
  15. ChadM

    NBC - US Open Coverage - HD?

    Networks have disappointed me several times regarding sports lately. The US Soccer match vs Panama was tape delayed on ESPN2. I am assuming so they could show bowling or something. The NBA Finals don't start until after 9EST. No wonder no one watches. And you are right neither ESPN or...
  16. ChadM

    NBC - US Open Coverage - HD?

    WTF? Am I missing something? NO HD!
  17. ChadM

    NBC - US Open Coverage - HD?

  18. ChadM

    Counting to 10 at twenty months old. Parents please chime in...

    On cue: I have seen more gifted children at the Mall of America! In all seriousness though, babies and toddlers develop at vastly different speeds. Your kid seems to be ahead of the curve now, hopefully she will stay that way throughout her life.
  19. ChadM

    How to Lay Sod

    Yes you can go ahead and mow - just keep it high. You can begin to cut back on the watering a bit also.
  20. ChadM

    2005 at the Box Office

    Very good thoughts, Colin. I saw Menace once, Clones twice and will try to see Sith again. I have a feeling Sith will be more appealing with repeated viewings, because, for me at least, it felt like Star Wars (at least a little). That may help it in the long run. It certainly seems as if...
  21. ChadM

    2005 at the Box Office

    What is amazing to me is the buzz that ROTS has generated given that the first two films of the prequel were really bad and ROTS is mediocre at best. My questions are: "What would be happening in theaters if the first two movies had been good?" "Could it possibly do any better business...
  22. ChadM

    How to Lay Sod

    DUDE - don't you have any friends?
  23. ChadM

    Project Greenlight: Season Three (merged)

    Good stuff last night - I wonder what Bob's reaction will be? Everyone else, so far, has liked it. Looking forward to seeing this in theaters! Oh and Chris Moore, come on! Pure EGO at work there. When he said "I don't need an invitation" I was thinking then why are you bitching about not...
  24. ChadM

    Veronica Mars season 1 (ongoing thread)

    Not too much of the macro-story this week, although next week it appears our perky little blond's world comes crashing down. 2 episodes left and a whole bunch of ground to cover.
  25. ChadM

    garage storage...

    Jack, Nice garage. How hard was the floor to do? How do you like it? Thanks, Chad By the way I use these in the garage: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...74C&lpage=none The sell casters for them so they move, which comes in handy.
  26. ChadM

    Veronica Mars season 1 (ongoing thread)

    That is excellent and well deserved news! Congratulations to Rob Thomas.
  27. ChadM

    Question for Southerners

    And rightfully so.
  28. ChadM

    Question for Southerners

    Wait a damn minute - Everyone knows the only proper way to eat a burger is CAROLINA style - Mustard, Chili, Onions and Slaw. Also, in NC the term "yankee" has been expanded to include anyone from Ohio. I-77, which runs through Charlotte, is the preferred path of Ohions (is that...
  29. ChadM

    Your family tree

    My great-grandmother's sister just passed, she was 100. At the funeral, I noticed some of my relatives huddled around a grave not too far away. It turns out this was the grave of her parents. It struck me that this information is well on the way to being lost and that I should research and...
  30. ChadM

    Veronica Mars season 1 (ongoing thread)

    Good episode - I expect all of the remaining eps to focus on one character and how/why they murdered Lily. I am betting the killer is the "other" Duncan - Logan, I think. It's funny I find his scenes to be among the best in a show with quite a few good actors. I hope they don't wait to...