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  1. Paul W

    Need help replacing 10yo Sony to match new HDDVD player

    I have a 10-year-old Sony STR series receiver and when I hooked up my new HD A3 HDDVD player (optical cable) and selected bitstream, the sound was echo-y and hard to listen to. I'm gathering this old receiver cannot handle decoding the Dolby Digital Plus signal from the new fangled HDDVD...
  2. Paul W

    Chroma bug in Dish Network reception?

    I have recently noticed what appears to be an annoying image artifact while watching several channels on Dish Network. When panning rapidly, colors tend to lag behind the luminence portion of the video signal. I am watching non-HD channels upconverted to 1080i with the 6000 receiver on a...
  3. Paul W

    South Park 3/30/04 - LOTR episode

    Oh joy! My favoritest South Park episode ever is scheduled to come on tonight ("The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers"). I just thought I would let everybody else know as well. Cheers!
  4. Paul W

    Ack!! My Toshiba SD-5109 just died! What to get next?

    Hi folks. I need some advice on getting a short term replacement DVD player. Some questions: What is this chroma bug everybody keeps referring to? Which brands tend to have this problem? Does anybody still make the 2 disc changers? I was looking at the Denon DVD players and I was...
  5. Paul W

    Attn Crap Code (red dot) studios:

    My days of watching movies in the theaters is over. I will not spend another dollar to see flashing red dots totally take me out of the movie experience. I don't know whose lame brain idea it was to place the dots in the middle of the screen, but I'm sure it could have been done without the...
  6. Paul W

    Just bought a Sampson S1000 amp (no RCA input?)

    I just ordered the S-1000 from SVS and, being the dumbass I am, didn't read the manual first. My consumer-grade receiver only has RCA outputs, so the question is: How do I hook it up? The AMP only has XLR and TRS inputs. Is a standard RCA cable the same as a two conductor, unbalanced line...
  7. Paul W

    Men In Black: SuperBit? What's the point?

    Seen at the digitalbits. I already have the Men In Black DTS DVD with no extras. I'm kind of curious how making this a SuperBit title would improve upon it. At 98 minutes, I kind of doubt they will split this across 2 discs to improve the image quality. Are they planning to redo the...
  8. Paul W

    Interesting article about HD sets on CNN

    And the Best Picture is... HDTV My favorite part:
  9. Paul W

    Tosh TW56X81 - Convergence won't stay put

    Every few days or so, I notice that the blue convergence seems to drift. I'll go through the convergence routine and get it looking good, but a few days later it will have drifted again. Is this a defect or is this the nature of the beast? TIA,
  10. Paul W

    Cameron and the Bismark in HDTV . . .

    . . . I have been waiting for this for a month since they announced it. While watching it, I noticed that all of the historical footage, all of the 4:3 sourced video (presumably from camcorder) and about half of the period photographs were stretched to fit the 16x9 aspect ratio. :thumbsdown...
  11. Paul W

    I missed the first half of West Wing (9/18)

    Can anyone enlighten me why the President ordered the hit on the Guy from Kumar(sp?)? TIA,
  12. Paul W

    Cats and Dogs on HBO-HD 9/5

    This is good news for those for those of us (HD enabled) who had to pass on the P/S DVD.
  13. Paul W

    I wish to import HP from Canada (2 questions)

    I know there are plenty of threads on the HP DVD, but the search function is not respoding today. Please bear with me. Is there a suggested Canadian e-tailer or two that has a good track record for customer service? I read on one of the sites that HP has both a french DD5.1 track and...
  14. Paul W

    Ack! Please help me identify this old movie...

    I can't remember where or when I watched this. I think I was drunk at the time. Anyway, I only saw the first few minutes of it. It was a black and white movie probably dated in the 40s or 50s. The movie starts with an older gentleman walking through a small town. He walks to the local...
  15. Paul W

    So . . . any guesses as to what major movie Ron will be posting tonight?

    Star Wars? Spidey? TTT? Well, I'm pretty sure its not that one. :D
  16. Paul W

    Don't forget: the Masters on HDTV this weekend!

    I saw this last year and it looked pretty nice. I am looking forward to seeing it again this weekend. Woo hoo!
  17. Paul W

    Man in Amsterdam takes hostages to protest against quality of widescreen TV's

    A man has taken hostages in a Dutch ofice tower protesting widescreen TVs as a load of creative nonsense being used to sell more TVs. Hmmmmm . . . can you say 'Settin a bad example.'? Hostage Drama at Dutch Skyscraper
  18. Paul W

    My home theater meltdown

    I'm serious! I left my Sony DA333ES receiver on while I went out to lunch. I came home to the sounds of Niagra Falls (very loud white noise) and a smell of burning rubber. :eek: :eek: :eek: The tweeters on all of my Infinity speakers were melted. This sucks! Why does the DA333ES...
  19. Paul W

    Cannot access the following Memento thread:

    http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/006921.html Is it possible to rescue it from the old BB?
  20. Paul W

    A very silly question (re: Fox demo DVD)

    I was un-wrapping the fox demo DVD I acquired from Best Buy (yea for the smartie at best buy who stacked a few at the door for people who remembered at the last minute). I had to take off one of the stickers from the top (you know - the stickers that are supposed to stop people from stealing...
  21. Paul W

    Infinity bookshelf speakers

    I am looking to buy a pair of Infinity RS3 bookshelf speakers. They seem rare - are they discontinued? Does anybody know of e-tailers that carry this line? Thanks, ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . ...
  22. Paul W

    The Tenn/Bama game looked sweet

    HDTV and a good close game. What more could you want? ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . . downloading pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar . . . and posting "Me too!" like some brain-dead AOL-er . . . I should do...
  23. Paul W

    I thought that soundtrack sounded familiar

    Hows this for wierd - I was testing the VPOS on RPTV (trying to get it centered and I was playing Cast Away to center a 1.85:1 image and then I put in The Long Kiss Goodnight to center a 2.35:1 image. I heard what sounded like the same music. I never noticed this before. A quick trip to...
  24. Paul W

    Ack! Help me identify this movie

    I saw this a long time ago and forgot about it until recently. I don't remember very many details except: -A father and daughter move into a new rural town (colorado?) -There are cattle mutilations and queit black CIA helecopters flying around. -The daughter is kidnapped by govt agents...
  25. Paul W

    KXAS 5 Dallas HD off the air?

    I haven't been able to tune in channel 5 for the past couple of days. I'm starting to wonder if they are having technical difficulties. Anybody know what's up. ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . . downloading...
  26. Paul W

    Band Of Brothers - How often?

    I am looking forward to catching BoB this next Sunday. How often is it going to be shown? Weekly? Daily? Can't wait for the DVD. ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . . downloading pictures of Sarah Michelle...
  27. Paul W

    Recent upgrade to Dish6000 - what was it?

    Earlier this month, I received notification that there was an upgrade available for download. Anybody know what is was? Thanks, ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . . downloading pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar...
  28. Paul W

    Is it just me, or does the old 'enterprise' look more modern . . .

    . . . than TOS Enterprise. The detail on the model is fantastic, but it seems to be a little sophisticated than the 1701, or even the 1701-A. Waddaya think? Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your parent's cellar . . . downloading pictures of Sarah...
  29. Paul W

    DLP Rear Projection?

    I read somewhere (in some nameless magazine - I don't even remember which, now) that RPTV DLP sets would be supplanting RPTV CRT sets soon. I don't suppose this has started happening yet, has it? ------------------ Link Removed Paul Warren Hey fella . . . I bet you're still livin' in your...
  30. Paul W

    Cross-post: black level problem with Dish

    I have a Toshiba TW56 connected to Dish6000 with the 65deg HTDV dish and 8VSB as well. The local HD channels and SHO HD and HBO HD are fine as far as black levels are concerned. However, when I view the std Dish channels, there is a problem with the blackest blacks. They are dark grey. The...