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  1. HenryDuBrow

    "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" (1980) - Paramount !!!!!!

    I can't be the only person tired of waiting for this excellent show, I mean, it stars Jeff Goldblum for crying out loud ! Stephen J. Cannell wrote it, and it features Mike Post's finest theme music (and that says a lot). Come on Paramount, it's just a pilot and 1 season, if something like...
  2. HenryDuBrow

    A wider Miss Rutherford?

    Anyone know if Warner's upcoming Miss Marple collection (Rutherford), will be widescreen? I think MGM's old LaserDisc set was letterboxed, I see no excuse for Warner not to do the same.
  3. HenryDuBrow

    THRILLER complete series on DVD

    Brian Clemens' British cult TV series THRILLER hits R2land June the 20th, in a massive 15-disc box-set containing all 43 episodes plus extras.
  4. HenryDuBrow


    How well did this release do ? Anyone heard anything new on this series, I'm really getting into Season 1 and would like to have more. I don't think the set looks or sounds as bad as reputed, Universal ought to continue with it, besides, I want to hear the Sammy Davis Jr. sung theme !