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  1. AshJW

    Poll: Top-10/20/50 list of your favorite Westerns

    Here is the ultimative poll to determine what Westerns are the favorites of all the HTF members. It is not about the supposedly best Westerns, it's about your/our favorite Westerns! It all started here, when a Top 50 list from volture.com was posted by @Sam Favate You can add as many films you...
  2. AshJW


    Here it is: 1. La La Land [9,5/10] my Film Of The Year 2016 2. Guardians of the Galaxy [9,5/10] my Film Of The Year 2014 3. Blade Runner 2049 [9/10] my Film Of The Year 2017 4. La Vie d'Adèle (Blue is a Warm Color) [9/10] 2nd in 2013 5. Ex Machina [9/10] 2nd in 2014 6. The...
  3. AshJW

    International Rossellini's War Trilogy + L'Amore

    I just received Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy (Rome Open City / Paisan / Germany Year Zero / + L'Armore) from BFI. As the booklet indicates, the first two films were restored in 4K: I'm not familiar with all the terms, but the experts should know what this all means. ;) I'm curious to...
  4. AshJW

    Greetings from Hamburg

    Hello everybody :) my name is Thomas and I come from Hamburg, Germany. I'm an active member of the german board of www.cinefacts.de. And that led me to HTF. Although I'm new to this board, I am not new to the world of home cinema. I'm collecting movies since 1996 (on LD) and especially since...