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  1. David Oliver

    Time Travel In the Movies

    I've always thought that 12 Monkeys was pretty internally logical and consistent movie with respect to it's time travel. I was going to include Slaughterhouse Five, but upon reflection it doesn't seem to me to involve time travel so much as someone living their life out of order.
  2. David Oliver

    Post LOTR; Most Anticipated Release?

    OK, now that LOTR:FOTR has been released, what announced title are you most looking forward to? For me it is Ken Burns' Civil War, followed by Glengarry Glen Ross
  3. David Oliver

    Any News On 'To Live and Die in L.A.'?

    Anyone have any idea if this will ever be released on DVD? Who has the rights to it?
  4. David Oliver

    Your DVD Player/Collection or your Tivo?

    OK, so it isn't exactly Sophie's Choice, but what if you had to choose one over the other? As much as it would pain me I would have to keep my Tivo and do without the DVD. The Tivo is a real life style changer, you just do not feel as tied down to the TV.
  5. David Oliver

    Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) as Richard Reed??

    According to this Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, is slated to play Richard Reed (Mr. Fantstic)in the Fantastic Four movie scheduled for 2003. Guh? Link Removed
  6. David Oliver

    X-Files Jumps the Shark (4/21)

    Well I know you think this is another, "Wow, the X-Files is so not good anymore" thread, but in fact it is not. That just happens to be the name of tonight's episode -Jump the Shark. I am sure it is all just a coincidence though. :)
  7. David Oliver

    UNOFFICIAL 2002 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread!!

    Oh baby the time has come for the best tournament in all of sports. I am going with my Kings all the way, bay-beee! The East is so WEAK, any team that comes out of the West wil be favorites (IMHO ;)) P.S. if the mods wish to make this official, then more power to them.
  8. David Oliver

    Cable Ready = Digital Cable Ready

    My TV says it is cable ready, but considering it is almost five years old I am wondering if that means it is digital cable ready (JVC-27980). I want to be able to split my Tivo so I can watch and record different shows at the same time and am not sure how to do it if the TV cannot accept a...
  9. David Oliver

    MOVIES forum: Review vs. Discussion Threads

    I see a lot of people post their reviews for a movie in the Discussion thread and not the Review thread. I was under the impression that the Discussion threads were for people who have seen the movie and want to discuss various aspects about it including plot points and not have to worry about...
  10. David Oliver

    Cover scans - Where?

    Anyone know where I can find full-size cover scans that I can print up?
  11. David Oliver

    Allow me to rant: Olympic Medal Ceremony

    How ridiculous is it that they have the medal ceremony at some sort of Medal park or whatever it is called? The medal ceremonies should be held at the respective venues so the fans who watched and appreciate the competition can see it. It also is stupid that the medal winners have to play...
  12. David Oliver

    Hollywod Stock Exchange: Upcoming 2002 Favorites

    Here are the top moviestocks at the Hollywood Stock Exchange (http://www.hsx.com) for the upcoming year. It is a decent, not perfect, indicator of upcoming box office... 1. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones $237.20/share 2. Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers $210.21 3. Spider-man $200.14 4...
  13. David Oliver

    Satrs, the Oilers and the Sharks...Here come the Kings

    One point behind the Stars! Two points behind the Oilers with three games in hand! Five behind the Sharks and charging fast! 15-3-4 in their last 22 games! #1 Penalty Killing unit in the game! I am willing to wager the Kings win the Pacific Division.
  14. David Oliver

    Warner vs. Favre

    Who would you rather have? One is a two-time and reigning NFL MVP. The other is the only three-time NFL MVP. Both have Super Bowl rings. With apologies to Rich Gannon and Jeff Garcia, these are the two best QBs in the NFL. And they meet this weekend Warner Passing Yds: 4830 TDs: 36...
  15. David Oliver

    *** Official "MONSTER'S BALL" Review Thread

    I couldn't find any official review thread for this movie... Two fo the best performances of the year help hide the fact that there isn't much of a story here. This movie somewhat reminds me of the the quote (I can't remember who it was, "There is no there there". [/b]Monster's Ball[/b] is...
  16. David Oliver

    The Glengarry Mix

    As we wait impatiently for the release of this outstanding movie on DVD I thought folks might like this to whet their appetite, sound clips from the movie set to music: Link Removed
  17. David Oliver

    The Ultimate Movie Trailer....

    I stole this idea from another board. I'll start and you continue it.. In a world...
  18. David Oliver

    Sound Setup Advice for the Ignorant

    The ingnorant is me and I am really itching to get away from my TVs sound to the kind of sound the DVD format truly deserves. My main question is what kind of setup should I have, GIVEN that I will not be able to have rear speakers for now and it will probably be several years until it is...
  19. David Oliver

    How to add new forums to favorites?

    I cannot figure out how to add a froum to my favorites? Right now I have to go into one of my favorites and then access the "non-favorties" forum through the drop-down menu. Any help here?
  20. David Oliver

    Friday Night Benefit

    http://tv.yahoo.com/news/ap/20010919/100090912900.html Besides the networks listed in the article I believe MTV, VH1, BET, and Comedy Central will be joining in. I hope the stars actually donate, I expect that they will. i realize some don't like to make a public thing out of it, since it...
  21. David Oliver

    LA Times Handicaps the Oscar Race

    http://www.calendarlive.com/top/1,14...-41498,00.html I was a bit surprised to see what this writer has given the best odds to, Ali, although after reading his explanation I can see why. Also, Shrek seems to have some play, which I find surprising. I enjoyed the movie, but am not convinced...
  22. David Oliver

    Godfather III - inferior sequel or just misunderstood? (MERGED THREAD)

    I have noticed a lot of complaints (not necessariily here, mind you) about how "bad" Godafther III is. I read on another forum someone refer to it as an abortion, I recall the Simpsons making a joke about it ("That was worse than Godfather III" "Hey, hey let's not say things we can't take...
  23. David Oliver

    The Eternal Simpsons Quote Thread

    Nothing can brighten up a dreary day then a Simpsons quote. This thread will provide (hoprefully) a never-ending array of them. So come here and read them and be sure to add them. Sea Captain on the phone: "Call me back, Ishmael!" ------------------ My DVD Collection...