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  1. Mattak

    Desperately want to borrow Infocus M1-DVI cable

    I would like to borrow an authentic Infocus M1-DVI cable (not M1-VGA). I just need to test my projector (SP5000) to determine if the port is working properly since Infocus says it does yet it still doesn't work with my old cable or the new one I bought (non-Infocus brand) whereas it did in the...
  2. Mattak

    Where to find black aniline dye? Locally if I can...

    Where would one expect to find black aniline dye? I went to my local Ace/Miner's Hardware and they didn't know what it was, nevermind having it. Would HD?
  3. Mattak

    WTB: CSS WR125S & Usher 9950C-15

    Putting out a feeler if anyone has either of these drivers they'd like to get rid of. I need at least one of each, and up to three of the Ushers. Let me know!
  4. Mattak

    Extremis projects? Center channel?

    I recently aquired a pair of Extremis' for a decent price, but I'm still contemplating what to build with them. I have a pair of Dayton MTM towers that I'm relatively happy with, but I currently don't have a very good center channel. Right now I don't have plans to shell out the cash for more...
  5. Mattak

    Metered my tumult earlier this week...

    Pics of my HT tumult for anyone interested Friend loaned me his termlab spl meter, so I played around with it a little. With the sensor 2.5' away from the sub on top of my computer I put up 130.5db @ 35hz off of a 250w PE plate amp. Switched to my behringer EP2500 and put up 134.9db @ 35hz...
  6. Mattak

    Ported Tumult Build

    Some pictures of my ported tumult progress so far. Specs are ~4 cubes tuned to ~24hz Pictures My custom veneer press :D I'm not sure what the deal is, but I get some bubbling in the veneer, that's why I'm using the weights to try to keep this from happening. I'm using DAP Weldwood...
  7. Mattak

    Optimal spacing between driver and base plate for downfiring Tumult?

    Is there an optimal spacing between the driver and base plate for a downfiring Tumult? Or should I just try different spacings?
  8. Mattak

    You've got a tumult and over RMS power to drive it - what enclosure do you build?

    No PR's allowed, I don't want to spend the money :) I like the flatter extension I can get from a ported enclosure, but the huge group delay is starting to turn me off, especially since I want to use the sub for music too. I also don't want to EQ the hell out of a sealed enclosure to get good...
  9. Mattak

    FS: Adire Tempest $125 shipped obo

  10. Mattak

    Behringer power amps - good bang for the buck?

    How are the Behringer EuroPower EP2500 or EP1500 amps? The EP2500 for $300 shipped seems to be a pretty good bang for the buck. Would be used as bass amp, or possibly full range mains sometime. Opinions? Other suggestions?
  11. Mattak

    WTB: Pioneer 1014 & 250+w plate amp

    As title, looking to spend $350 max shipped on the 1014, can also do local pickup from cen cal to so cal. Plate amp - nothing fancy, just has to work ;) Things available for trade include a Crown DC300 and Bose 901 speakers (2-3 pair). I have references available upon request.
  12. Mattak

    Receivers stable with 4 ohm mains, or with pre outs for separate power amp

    I'm looking to purchase a 5.1 or 6.1 receiver. My mains are 4ohm - what are some 4 ohm stable receivers in the $300-400 range? I've heard the Onkyo 602 is a decent deal (seen for $300 shipped), but I'm not sure of it's stability at 4 ohms. If I can't find a 4 ohm stable receiver in this...
  13. Mattak

    Veneer - wood glue/ironing method

    For the wood glue ironing method of veneering, how thick of veneer is too thick? Is it going to work well with 1/32" thick veneer (white birch if that matters)? Also, how thickly should glue be applied to the enclosure and veneer? Thanks :)
  14. Mattak

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    I'm very interested in starting a new project and I'm in need of some mains :) How do these dayton 8" MTM plans stack up compared to other plans around $150 for parts: Dayton 8" MTM or perhaps the D3's from speakerbuilder.net...
  15. Mattak

    ~5' tall, 19" rack. Enclosed, locking, casters.

    ~5' tall, 19" rack. Fully enclosed, locking doors on both sides, quality heavy duty casters. Excellent condition, couple small nicks/scratches. I'm located in 93420, about half way between LA and SF. You pick up :D Not sure on what it's worth, I'll just throw out $100 OBO, open to...
  16. Mattak

    Best way to attach some 1/16" skin/veneer/sheets to MDF?

    I came across some 1/16" sheets of nice hard plywood (I believe it may be birch). I plan to skin my sub with it (I think it will look beautiful), but I'm not sure what the best approach would be to attach it. I want to be sure it covers with no cavities between the MDF and the sheets. I've...
  17. Mattak

    Some pictures of my Tempest enclosure progress...almost finished

    Some pictures from earlier. Both ends are now screwed on as well as the legs. I might have gone overboard with screw placement (every 4 inches)...I'll have to pick up another box of 100 at the rate I'm using them :) I took the initiative of dado'ing the inner walls and center brace so the...
  18. Mattak

    Is using 110v electrical wire (in-wall kind) acceptable for speaker wire?

    In our living room we have standard 110v solid copper wire (the same wire used to connect your wall outlets, lighting, etc) running from the rear wall up and over the ceiling and comming back down the other wall. Would this work as decent speaker wire (on a 1-10 scale, 10 being best)?
  19. Mattak

    Can anyone identify the model of these ESS speakers, and...

    n/m, I pulled out the tweeters and crossovers and junked them.
  20. Mattak

    Better to build ~$240 powered sub or buy retail/prebuilt? And best subwoofer ~$150

    I need a powered sub to complete my system. I'd like to build it myself, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. I don't care much about the aesthetics of the box, but more about the performance. I have plenty of acreage to play a sub loud, and that's what I want to do. I have 3/4" MDF already...