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  1. Bill_D

    Harman Kardon Amps For Sale

  2. Bill_D

    "I" have a problem with my bass.

    I have about 6000 cubed plus openings to a hallway and a stairwell to fill with glorious bass. Currently, the original Dual SVS CS Ultra package, serial numbers 16 and 17 is providing all the bottom. The Ultras are on the back wall split on either side of the seating area. I've tried them in...
  3. Bill_D

    Harman Kardon AVR 7200

  4. Bill_D

    Various DVDs 4 Sale

    Hello! I have the DVD titles listed below available for purchase. They are all Region 1 in their original OAR which is widescreen except for the tv titles. Except as noted all DVDs are $4.00 delivered via USPS Media Mail to US addresses. Please accept a 10% discount if you purchase 5...
  5. Bill_D

    Free DVD Collection!

    Nothing to see here either! DVD Title 1 FREE DVD Title 2 DVD Title 3 DVD Title 4 DVD Title 5 DVD Title 6 DVD Title 7 DVD Title 8 DVD Title 9 DVD Title 10 DVD Title 11 DVD Title 12 DVD Title 13 DVD Title 14 DVD Title 15 DVD Title 16 DVD Title 17 DVD Title 18...
  6. Bill_D

    Hitachi on the blink ........... HELP !!!

    Looking for some guidance on my Hitachi 53SWX10B. Working fine for almost 5 years and this evening the damn thing looks like one of the 3D movies and I don't have any of those glasses. Is it a bulb? a chip or something? What to do? What to do? I guess I could call in a service. If...
  7. Bill_D

    FS: 24 Season 4 DVD

    $25 Shipped. Viewed once, this copy of "24", Season 4, is in pristine condition. Audiogon references available upon request.
  8. Bill_D

    Klipsch Reference RF-5 Tower Speakers

    $800.00 plus shipping I have one (1) pair of black Klipsch Reference Series RF-5 two-way, floorstanding loudspeakers with original packaging/boxes for sale. Included with the speakers are 8 (eight) colossal Polycrystal (www.polycrystal.com) speaker spikes. I am the original owner. They are...
  9. Bill_D

    XBox Platinum Hits $15.00 at Target

    Sunday circulars show them at $15.99 at other places but still cheaper than the regular $19.99 price.
  10. Bill_D

    When I got my IPOD, it came with MusicMatch ......

    and now that Apple iTunes is out for PC based iPod users, MusicMatch has to go. With all the attention to MP3 pirating you would think that this would have been worked out. Maybe RIAA should foot the bill for the fix since Kazaa can co-exist just fine with the IPOD badged version of the...
  11. Bill_D

    FS: Sopranos Season 2 plus others

    I have the following titles for sale: $0 The Sopranos, The Complete Second Season $9 Along Came a Spider $9 Bandits, Special Edition $9 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2-Disc Set $9 Pearl Harbor, 2-Disc Set $9 Mulholland Drive $9 Orange County $15 Scary Movie & Scary Movie 2 $0...
  12. Bill_D

    FS: Evil Dead I and II Limited Edition DVDs

    I have the limited edition DVD sets for Evil Dead I and Evil Dead II in their unique packaging and in mint condition. I am offering the set for $40 delivered. Pictures available upon request. Paypal is the preferred method but personal checks and the like will be accepted as well. Price...
  13. Bill_D

    Fs: Svs 20-30 Pc

  14. Bill_D

    Decisions Decisions Decisions .....$1200 and 2 choices

    Basically, I have narrowed my preference of receiver and distribution channel to the following: 1) Harman Kardon 7200 from an unauthorized dealer for $1200 delivered 2) Denon 3803 from local authorized dealer for ~$1200 I have bought from the unauthorized dealer before with great...
  15. Bill_D

    FS: Various Cables/Interconnects

    All prices include delivery. Click on item for additional description. $30 CAT Cables Blue Tiger Audio Interconnects (2 meter) SOLD $25 CAT Cables Blue Tiger Audio Interconnects (5 foot) SOLD $20 Monster M550i Interconnects (1meter)SOLD $20 Monster Datalink 100 Digital Coaxial...
  16. Bill_D

    DirecTV w/TIVO: "Cannot Load Kernel"

    I have a Sony SAT-T60 unit that displays the message in the subject line. I have had the T60 since it was introduced on the market. Sony sent this unit as a replacement for original unit that was stuck on the "we're almost there" message. The replacement unit has worked flawlessly until Sunday...
  17. Bill_D

    Advice on recent BFD Results

    I just finished integrating a new pre/pro and decided to "re-BFD" my subs. Totally different raw results between the pre/pro and the receiver it replaced. From the looks of it, I seem to have a little house curve going. I plan on cutting the peaks at 19, 29 & 46 and maybe a 1 or 2 db boost at...
  18. Bill_D

    New Gear in the house!

    I went upgrade crazy over the Holidays with the acquisition of a B&K Ref 50 and a Sherbourn 7/2100 amplifier whcih has a pure mono-block design(7 mono-blocks and 7 transformers). The 7/2100 weighs in at approx. 110lbs and comes with 2 power cords. The dual power cords are mainly for 4ohm loads...
  19. Bill_D

    Optical to Analog Converters?

    I have found several converters that convert a toslink(optical) signal to Coax ............. What I need is a converter transitions a signal from optical to L/R RCAs for use in a modulator. Does this thing exist?
  20. Bill_D

    Philips Pronto RU890 aka TS1000

  21. Bill_D

    SVS Bass Interface Box

  22. Bill_D

    Why Preorder?

    I always buy locally after checking Lambert's Weekly Roundup in the Coupons and Bargains forum. I see that many of you pre-order. I did a very quick check and the pre-order prices are at minimum $3 plus shipping more than the local price excluding tax. Other than convenience, somebody...
  23. Bill_D

    FS: Panasonic RP91 Black $325 DELIVERED

    Offering a black Panasonic RP91K DVD player in mint condition. Send a PM if interested.
  24. Bill_D

    Adcom Gfa-5006 Multi-amp

  25. Bill_D

    Gauge Calculator anyone?

    Basically, I want to know what gauge is achieved by coupling 2 14 gauge wires together? or 2 12 gauge wires? or a 12 and a 14? ...............
  26. Bill_D

    Mint Adcom GFA-5006 Amplifier