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  1. Chauncey_G

    Need advice on Crown amps

    A friend of mine works at a good local guitar shop which can order and/or stocks various models of Crown rack-mounted amps. He has offered to look into getting me a good deal on some amps if I'm interested. I've asked him to look into 2-channel amps at 120W/channel and at 150W/channel. Some...
  2. Chauncey_G

    Help on finding a "Dog Soldiers"-ish movie?

    Hi all. I just watched Dog Soldiers for the the first time the other day. Though not perfect, it was an admirable low-budget horror film. Just enough of a spin on the werewolf theme to keep it fresh, IMO. But that's not why I started this thread. I remember seeing a reply to a Dog Soldiers...
  3. Chauncey_G

    I finally took the plunge! Plus Piano HE-3200 in the HOUSE!

    ...and it looks fantastic! I auditioned a couple of other projectors, a Sharp LCD that was in the $4000 range and a Runco in the $6000 range (sorry, I don't remember model numbers). The Sharp, while it had good brightness and color, suffered from a horrible screen door effect. The Runco was...
  4. Chauncey_G

    Any word on our Columbia/TriStar OAR petition?

    Just curious if there was ever any response as a result of this. I'm still wishing I could buy a copy of A Midnight Clear! Not gonna happen until they get it right, though. Thanks for any info!
  5. Chauncey_G

    Curious about Cable Solutions (e-bay) quality...

    I've done a search, and have read people generally recommending Cable Solutions. I'm going to be getting a FPTV in the next couple of months, and will need to have a component video run of 25-30 feet. Cable Solutions certainly seems to have good prices compared to other cable suppliers, and...
  6. Chauncey_G

    So will the new Plus Piano HE-3200 be the projector to get?

    I just read what currently passes for specs on the 3200 at the Plus site. It seems to me that a lot of the points of criticism that folks had about the 3100 have been addressed (I couldn't find any info on light output, though). So I guess I'm asking if anyone wiser than I on such matters has...
  7. Chauncey_G

    Projectors du jour?

    OK, I've been reading up on the forums trying to piece together the projectors (digital) that are getting strong reviews out there. I'm going to start looking around at actual dealers to try to see as many of these things in action that I can, and I want to see if my list of hopefuls is more or...
  8. Chauncey_G

    Need help on building my own in-wall cables

    I'm going to be buying some bulk, in-wall cable and will need to be attaching the connectors at either end. This will be the first time I've ever done this, so I was curious if anyone could clue me in on the difficulty of making the appropriate connections. I'm going to do a run of S-Video...
  9. Chauncey_G

    So are there any Red Elvises fans on the forum?

    I got into these guys as a result of their work on the Six String Samurai soundtrack (which I highly recommend), and have subsequently been able to see them twice live. The first time I saw them, it was all four of them and I got them all to sign my copy of the Six String soundtrack :). The...
  10. Chauncey_G

    Has anyone purchased from moviesunlimited.com? How are they?

    Subject says it all. Looking to make some purchases, just wanted to see if anyone has some feedback on them. Thanks in advance!
  11. Chauncey_G

    What exactly is a scaler and how does it work?

    I've been researching an upcoming FPTV purchase and have come across people talking about "scalers" as being an important component when using an FPTV. Can someone help clue me in? I also hear that using a HTPC in place of a scaler is a cheaper alternative. Can someone also let me know the...
  12. Chauncey_G

    Is there a DVD or VHS of nothing but horror movie previews?

    I'm looking for a compilation of previews of horror films. Era doesn't matter, anything from old monster films to today's slasher flicks. Is there anything like that out there? Thanks in advance!
  13. Chauncey_G

    Does anyone use movie theater fixtures in their home theaters?

    For those that do, what are your sources for obtaining these items? I've checked on E-bay a couple of times and found a couple of items, but nothing remarkable. Is there a website or catalog out there that deals in old theater fixtures/appliances/furniture? Or do you just watch for theater...
  14. Chauncey_G

    Movie Palaces: It's a shame we settle for Multiplexes

    I was just in L.A. this past weekend and finally was able to fulfill a long-held wish: to see a movie in Graumann's Chinese Theater. The experience was incredible, far surpassing any that I have ever had in a multiplex movie theater. First: I have always felt that the theater, from the box...
  15. Chauncey_G

    NEED HELP: should I choose RPTV or FPTV?

    I also posted a version of this in RPTV. I'm just needing a hand on figuring out the pro's and con's of RPTV vs. FPTV. I'm going to be buying one or the other this year sometime, it's just a matter of which one. So far, the RPTV's that I've been leaning towards were Pioneer Elite and Hitachi...
  16. Chauncey_G

    NEED HELP: should I choose RPTV or FPTV?

    I'm also going to post this is the FPTV section to get that viewpoint also. I'm going to be purchasing either an RPTV or FPTV this year sometime. I had been looking pretty much at RPTV's (Pioneer Elite and Hitachi are the two front-runners so far) in the 61" range. However, while I've been...
  17. Chauncey_G

    My John Carpenter collection: am I missing any titles?

    I've set myself the goal of owning every John Carpenter film that is released on DVD. World Peace seemed a daunting task, so I chose this. Here's the list (in no particular order): Dark Star Assault on Precinct 13 The Thing Escape From New York Escape From L.A. Big Trouble in Little...
  18. Chauncey_G

    Soundproofing help?

    This is a little off-topic, but I thought everyone here would probably have some good insights. A friend of mine is setting up an amateur recording studio in his basement, and was looking to do some soundproofing for obvious reasons. I figure the materials needed to soundproof a studio are...
  19. Chauncey_G

    What to use when auditioning widescreen RPTV's?

    What DVD's would you recommend that I take with me when I go to shop around for RPTV's? I'm already planning on taking "The Fifth Element" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Any others that you would recommend as a "reference quality" DVD to do this with? Thanks!
  20. Chauncey_G

    Finally got all my audio upgraded! Thanks, all!

    Well, as of Friday I got the remaining speakers necessary to complete the upgrade of the audio side of my set-up. The help that I have received from forums like this one has been invaluable (especially here at HTF for introducing me to SVS! :) ) Here's the breakdown: Receiver: Denon AVR-4800...
  21. Chauncey_G

    New receiver, new speakers...some suggestions?

    A friend of mine is replacing his receiver and speakers, and is looking to spend $1000 for the speakers (just the mains) and $1000 for the receiver. He's looked at Yamaha, Onkyo 797 (I think that's the right mondel #). He's probably going to go out and look at Marantz. I'd like him to look at...
  22. Chauncey_G

    Best way to install surround speakers?

    I'm going to be getting a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's to act as my surrounds. Due to the layout of my room, speaker stands are probably not an option so I'm going to have to set them up on brackets or something and install them onto the walls. My questions are: will having the speakers relatively...
  23. Chauncey_G

    New to this page, could use some advice...

    I've been posting on some of the other boards here, but now it's time to stick my head in this door. I'm going to be in the market for a new TV in a year or so. I'm wanting to start researching my options now, so that when it's me vs. the salesman I can at least hold my own for a while. I...
  24. Chauncey_G

    Need help with a Denon AVR 1601

    Friend of mine has a Denon 1601, but has lost the manual to it. The problem is, when he turns it on, the thing pops to life for just a second then immediately shuts down. It sounded to me like it might be that whole reset-the-microprocessor thing. I have the 4800, and for resetting it tells...
  25. Chauncey_G

    Should I use spikes on my sub?

    I use them on my mains, but didn't know if I should be considering using them on my sub or not. Any thoughts?
  26. Chauncey_G

    My SVS 20-39CS w/Samson 700 has arrived!!!

    Let me start by saying that it's sooooo nice to be able to FEEL scenes from movies that you'd only heard before. That having been said, you can probably guess that this is my first subwoofer purchase, although I did audition a few when I was shopping for my mains about a year ago. At all the...