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  1. Jeff Rosz

    Who wants 60+ L of displacement in 1 cone?

    so can i ditch my single shot tater cannon and load this puppy up with a whole bag of taters shotgun style? :D
  2. Jeff Rosz

    enclosure help

    and who made this 10"sub? whats the model? looky looky
  3. Jeff Rosz

    which DIY sub would be the best bet?

    drexel if you are gonna go with a shiva go to adire's website and download lspcad. then go here and read. then go and play with lspcad.
  4. Jeff Rosz

    Which one first.

    larry, re: the cc speaker...ok that wasnt clear in your original post. thats fine, use it until you upgrade. when you get a new receiver AND IF you use the sharp as the sub amp (i wouldnt, 40 watts into 6 ohms at 10%, yuk)... run an rca cable from the new receiver's lfe-out rca jack to the...
  5. Jeff Rosz

    Just finished my Tumult / 18PR enclosure :) *pics*

    lol, that "sub" :rolleyes:is actually a possum trap, yes a possum trap, that was stolen from behind a VW bus that got smashed by a dc-10 jet engine that fell on it while it was up on blocks in my front yard. and i want it back, dem possums is startin to getting thick round here.
  6. Jeff Rosz

    Which one first.

    hi larry, 6. build sub, save a lil, watch some movies, buy plate amp , save a lil, watch some movies, buy receiver, save a lil, watch some movies, build center, save a lil, watch some more movies, build speaks, pat yourself on the back for having the patience to do it, save a lil, buy more...
  7. Jeff Rosz

    Just finished my Tumult / 18PR enclosure :) *pics*

    now THAT is what this stuff is all about. great looking sub there AG.
  8. Jeff Rosz

    Ah, joys of joys. My Tempest sub is DOA.

    i wouldnt sweat it one bit. i just got off the phone with adire about one of my tumults that was damaged on arrival. a nice fellow there took my call and info...AND he was on top of a scaffold. he must have been writing the info on his hand or something. thats customer service. so is this...
  9. Jeff Rosz

    Where to buy cable for Linksys PCMIA ethernet?

    no, thats the dongle, not the card. here is a link to the card. the nerds have the pics all screwed up. as you can see they show a pci card instead of the pc card. so dont go by the pics. the card sells for $31, the dongle for $12.58.
  10. Jeff Rosz

    Where to buy cable for Linksys PCMIA ethernet?

    after just a quick search mind you, i found this... i have 2 of those cards myself and this is the exact cable i have. the picture at the link below shows the card, but the add is for the cable. hope that helps. COUPLER FOR PCMPC100 PCMPC200
  11. Jeff Rosz

    Received My Tumults, but need help

    try something like this. or use a drill bit or rotary rasp of large enough size to take the head of the screw off the shaft. a chisel may work too. the metal of the wood screws used is kinda brittle and with one good hit you could break the head off. a dremel tool with a grinder bit might...
  12. Jeff Rosz

    Intermediate clamping advice needed (Hank, Brian, Kyle?)

    you should check that your table saw blade is 90 deg to your table. there are a couple of things you can do to solve the problems you have now... you can cut the panels oversize and trim to final size with a trim bit on a router. you can inset small blocks glued/screwed the thickness of the...
  13. Jeff Rosz

    Beginner Pool Player Needs Advice

    i cant find the combos you talk about. the others look ok. but buying a cue unseen and unheld (off the net) is tough. UNLESS you go for a good name brand like viking or mcdermott or KNOW what you want. i wouldnt have any problem buying a cue off the net sight-unseen from these two makers. they...
  14. Jeff Rosz

    Beginner Pool Player Needs Advice

    brett, do a google search on "billiards". you'll find tons of cues to fit your budget. go for a middle of the road weight for now 19 or 20, unless you already have a preference. look for a nice thread grip, screw in replacement tips if you can, and get a deal with a free case. for accessories...
  15. Jeff Rosz

    Wal-Mart's meat dept?

    "it looks like there is a thick/thin layer of shiny stuff surrounding the meat?" yes, but um, i didnt wanna say it like that. :D
  16. Jeff Rosz

    So, shortly after my friend leaves I begin to *seethe*.

    wasnt sigmund freud in an episode of next generation? he would have a field day in this thread.:D
  17. Jeff Rosz

    Wal-Mart's meat dept?

    i know i'm leaving a wide open door for ya'lls jokes(let them fly if you must, pun intended), but really, im serious. ok so now you know, i eat dead animals. and most of you do too, dont lie. so whats up with the meat at walmart though. what do they do to it. it looks like its plastic coated...
  18. Jeff Rosz

    Final decision time - Input needed

    thomas, i thought they were talking about a super special mondo file only gotten by asking for it. anyway good luck with it travis.
  19. Jeff Rosz

    Sub Construction has Begun! Pics and Questions Inside...

    #2 do a search on aeroports in this forum or on google. #3 i dunno. sounds adequate, but im no expert. you could use an elbow and attach some striaght pvc after the elbow. run some sines at a volume just loud enough to see the cone moving. as you drop in frequency, the cone movement will be...
  20. Jeff Rosz

    Final decision time - Input needed

    one good thing about PR's is, you can add or remove mass for a re-tune. the bad part is there is a big difference in the box sizes between the two alignments.
  21. Jeff Rosz

    Sub Construction has Begun! Pics and Questions Inside...

    chris, just using the volume to arrive at an equivalent length doesnt work. the elbow adds resistance resulting in an even greater effective length than its volume would suggest. look in this thread for what an expert says in post #13 for a 6" flared port try looking at the aeroports. i...
  22. Jeff Rosz

    The Everest will weigh 350+ lbs?!?!

    i dunno about that shoulder strap dolly thing. there is something so coyote and roadrunner about it. :D anyone else get that feeling?
  23. Jeff Rosz

    First DIY sub help

    well, dont spend no more than you have to. im still stickin with what i said before. sealed av series. maybe a bit bigger box. i'd spend any extra money on a great lookin box and better eq.
  24. Jeff Rosz

    May be moving, considering sonotube for Tempest.

    "If I wanted to build a sonosub with the same performance as the box equilvilent do I simply use the same internal volume and amount of poly fill? Is there anything else to it at all?" yep,nope. depends on how much tube you have to buy and if ya got any mdf layin around.
  25. Jeff Rosz

    The Everest will weigh 350+ lbs?!?!

    right, 350-400lbs aint sheet (well ok, it aint a feather pillow). besides, how else are you gonna mount all that hardware. it has to be that big, and if you are buying it, you *already* took its size into consideration.
  26. Jeff Rosz

    First DIY sub help

    i would call kyle richardson at acoustic visions and let him set me up with a av12 and a dt300. that gets close to $500 right there. should be a few bucks left over for an input cup and some paint and what-nots. seal it up in ~1cuft and start having fun playing with the dt300's built-in eq...
  27. Jeff Rosz

    How does this design look for a Line Array?

    since the rounded back is just for looks, and will be filled with concrete, why not split a sonotube then cover it with bending birch) or a plywood cylinder or mdf cylinder? it'd be tricky though. better yet, maybe something here could fit the bill. a lil more money, but alot less work and ugg...
  28. Jeff Rosz

    Maybe you guys can help with this...

    i got mine, you got yourn? if i see it layin around somewhere, i'll tell the guy where it is, but i aint touchin it. :D
  29. Jeff Rosz

    Total Newbie Sonosub Q's

    dont forget about the Stryke AV12
  30. Jeff Rosz

    tumult: fill in the blanks

    ok folks, i put a call in to adire a few days ago and updated the list.