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  1. Tim_Speicher

    Blackhawk Down 3-Disc $16 @ My.Sony

    I received my shipping notice last night as well. Glad to see that Sony is making good on this deal. Perhaps, I will browse there site more often in the future. ;)
  2. Tim_Speicher

    PC and Videogame Wrapup for 6/1 to 6/7

    Thanks for the info Glen... Had BestBuy pricematch Target on NBA Street Vol.2 and got to use their $5 coupon (back of Gamers Giftcard). :D
  3. Tim_Speicher

    Blackhawk Down 3-Disc $16 @ My.Sony

    Dennis, I too have a bit of feeling that it maybe a mistake. However, the site did clearly indicate that it was the 3 disk set. Although the list price ($24.95) is more in line with the price of the regular release. Oh well, we shall see. :)
  4. Tim_Speicher

    Blackhawk Down 3-Disc $16 @ My.Sony

    Didn't see anything posted about this yet. I just picked up Blackhawk Down (3-Disc Deluxe Edition) from My.Sony for $16.00 + 500 points, with free shipping. If you are thinking of picking this up next week and have an account, it's a pretty good buy.:emoji_thumbsup:
  5. Tim_Speicher

    Advanced Anime Discussion Part III

    Cool thread(s)... Been looking for some good info on the various anime market out there. ;) Just wish Tokyopop would hurry up and release Initial D :angry:
  6. Tim_Speicher

    Transformers Box Set Season 2 Part 1

    Preorderd this on Amazon on Sept. 13th. Ended up scoring it for $25.71 after STL, coupon, and $5 GC. ;) Looks like it may have shipped on Monday... Hopefully, I get it by Friday :D
  7. Tim_Speicher

    Any news on when we may get Initial D released in the US?

    Jeff, I have heards some murmurs about them butchering the names of the characters and even having Takumi delivering pizza, instead of Tofu! :thumbsdown: If they butcher the name, hopefully it won't affect the subbed version... However, if they changed Takumi's role, that would be very...
  8. Tim_Speicher

    Any news on when we may get Initial D released in the US?

    Being a fan of the import scene, I have been a big fan of the anime Initial D since the very first eposide I saw. I heard a while back that TokyoPop (GTO) had aquired the rights to Initial D and where planning on releasing it stateside. However, that has been some time ago and I have not heard...
  9. Tim_Speicher

    Blade II video problem [Spoiler]

    Seems like I have run into another problem with my Blade II DVD. This one, I definitely can tell is a problem, unlike my first post :b On the 2nd disc, I was trying to watch the Deleted scenes. I first chose to watch them "All w/o Commentary". About 18 seconds in to it Where it changes from...
  10. Tim_Speicher

    Blade II video problem [Spoiler]

    Thanks everyone for the info... I just couldn't remember that part in the theater. I've yet to listen to the commentary, so maybe that will clear it up a bit. (no pun intended) :b Matt, I may be inaccurate in my discription... What I'm referring to is something like double vision (kind of...
  11. Tim_Speicher

    Blade II video problem [Spoiler]

    Sorry for starting another thread regarding this DVD. However, I wanted to be sure that I didn't elaborate on something that people may have not yet seen. My question concerning the picture around Chapter 20 (Time 93:45 - 94:00. I'm hoping someone who can remember this scene in the movie can...
  12. Tim_Speicher

    Any deals on blade 2?

    Both Best Buy and Circuit City will have it for $16.99 on Tuesday. ;)
  13. Tim_Speicher

    LOTR: FotR Preordering @ Best Buy.com

    Just finished speaking with Alisha, from Best Buy customer service. She was actually very helpful and seemed to have prompt answers to my questions. I informed her that I preordered LOTR, but have not yet received it. She stated my order date and informed me that it hadn't been the maxim 10...
  14. Tim_Speicher

    Pulp Fiction rebates

    Hmm.. I preordered these titles from Columbia House, wonder if there would be any way I could take advantage of these offers?
  15. Tim_Speicher

    LOTR: FotR Preordering @ Best Buy.com

    Rob, You mentioned "spam filter" and that has me wondering if perhaps it got flushed with all the other "junk mail" I get on my hotmail account. Could you provide the sending email address for the coupon?
  16. Tim_Speicher

    PLEASE HELP! Can someone post the rebate details for LOTR?

    Maybe we could petition NewLine to come accept some other form of Proof-of-purchase - one that wouldn't require the butchering of the cover? ;)
  17. Tim_Speicher

    PLEASE HELP! Can someone post the rebate details for LOTR?

    Just to make sure that I'm not getting confused (frequently happens :))... You can use your BB receipt as both Proof of Purchase and Store Receipt - rather than snipping anything from the DVD case?
  18. Tim_Speicher

    Cowboy Bebop LE sets are IN STOCK at DeepDiscountDVD!!!

    I tried to purchase a copy on Aug. 2. I received the first email thanking me for ordering with them. Still have yet to receive my second email confirming my order... nor has my CC been charged yet. Guess I didn't get in on this deal on time. :frowning:
  19. Tim_Speicher

    Budget Sub to compliment JBL NSP1's

    Thanks everyone for the responses... I will definately be looking into those recommendations. David, is there a particular JBL model that is recommended or are most of their subs pretty good? Keith, I can't wait to put it to the test.. I just hope I can keep it in check :D
  20. Tim_Speicher

    Budget Sub to compliment JBL NSP1's

    I originally put off getting a sub because I live in an apt at the moment. However, I think I am slowly convincing myself that I could still have one and benefit from it - while not getting evicted? :laugh: So I did a quick search on this and came up with a few topics. However, a lot of them...
  21. Tim_Speicher

    I finally got BB coupons

    Mike, I feel your pain, I am in the same boat as you. :angry: I have sent an email to Best Buy and will be calling there customer service center tomorrow. That Circuit City right across the street is starting to look more appealing by the minute...:D
  22. Tim_Speicher

    Onkyo 600 Speaker Connection-HELP : (

    William, I think you will be very pleased with the JBL's that you have. I, too, have these speakers and like them very much. They are a tough set to beat, especially at that price point. I also had mine set up to the Onkyo SR600 for a short period of time. As it was my first receiver, I...
  23. Tim_Speicher

    Phillips pronto tsu500 vs Sony RM-AV3000 (long)

    Rob, Sounds like you made out like a bandit for father's day! :D Hope that you are enjoying your new toys. As for the remote, I tend to believe that there is a lot of personal preference to be factored into the decision. I would suggest you getting your hands on both of the remotes to see how...
  24. Tim_Speicher

    Onkyo TX-SR600 A/V Receiver - Anyone know anything about it?

    David, Just curious, why would you say this receiver is to be avoided? There are many members of this forum that have this receiver and are very happy with it? I, too, owned this receiver for a short time and it never showed that it lacked in any area. Granted I had it coupled with modest...
  25. Tim_Speicher

    Exchanged the SR600 at the end of the 30 days (long)

    It's nice to see all the opinions and information from current or previous owners of both the Onkyo and Harmon receivers. I do honestly believe that I would have been OK if I would have stayed with the SR600. As I mentioned, it did not fail me in any regard. However, I think that Chris Sharp and...
  26. Tim_Speicher

    Wtb: Hk Avr320

    Paul, Thanks for the info! I managed to get set up and purchase one just before the bell for a nice price... although the shipping/handling was a bit steep :frowning: Oh well, still a lot cheaper than retail and it comes with a warranty to boot! -Tim