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  1. Dan Hotch

    Room Placement Admission...

    I confess... ...originally, I told myself that speaker placement wasn't that important. Last summer I went to visit a friend in Detroit and we listened to his new setup (Denon 3801 and B&W 602s). I was instantly turned on to quality audio (both HT and music.) So I decided to replace the...
  2. Dan Hotch

    Bose... ...Highest Quality Brand!

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not a Bose Basher (I have never taken the time to listen to them to be honest). In the March 4th issue of BusinessWeek on page 12 they have a small bit that was titled "The List Ol'Reliable". In it they had asked consumers to develop a list of the highest...
  3. Dan Hotch

    Listening in the Dark

    Have you ever noticed that your speakers sound better when the lights are off or turned down real low? (I bet it is those stray photons messing up the sound waves.;) ) Here's to listening (and drinking) in the dark. Something I haven't done sense college, but now that I got my Paradigms I find...
  4. Dan Hotch

    remote light control

    Wait until the Christmas shopping season comes around and get a couple of Clappers!!:D
  5. Dan Hotch

    Best way to cool my amp?

    If you are going to add a fan of sufficient airflow then it doesn't matter if you place the amp virtical or horizontal. If you are going to enclose the amp make sure that you provide uniform airflow over the fins on the amp. Radio shack has muffin fans that run on 120V AC. They are small, but...
  6. Dan Hotch

    Any problem with pointing speakers up?

    Hey all, My surround speakers are Atoms and I have them pointing to the ceiling. Is there any long term damage that could be done to the drivers by doing this? Thanks,
  7. Dan Hotch

    Martin Logan Odyssey VS. BMW 802

    Next time ask the dealer to show you the B&W 802s, maybe those will sound better. Then decide to drop $8k. Regards,
  8. Dan Hotch

    Surround from Regular Cable??

    Andrew, Forgive me as this info may not be 100% correct but... DPL: Left, Center, Right, plus a limited bandwidth rear channel. No LFE/sub?? I don't know if DPL does anything to a stereo signal. DPLII Left, Center, Right, plus full bandwidth rear right and rear left. With sub. DPLII makes...
  9. Dan Hotch

    Surround from Regular Cable??

    No can do. The TV only has an RF jack and one set of RCA inputs. Another option that I have thought about was getting an RF De-modulator to split the RF signal. I have seen many RF modulators at different stores, but I have yet to see a place that carries RF De-modulators. Anyway I assume that...
  10. Dan Hotch

    Surround from Regular Cable??

    Paul, In case I was unclear, I already have a DVD player that I use for all movie watching. With the addition of the DVD player the current VCR has been called to duty only when -Heaven Forbid- we can't get home in time to see Judging Amy, Thrid Watch or ER. ;) The only reason that I would...
  11. Dan Hotch

    Surround from Regular Cable??

    On many TV shows they have a little spot on in the beginning "Presented in Surround". Do you get worthwile surround from a regular (RF) cable signal? I have a receiver with PLII but my VCR is old and only has mono out (otherwise it preforms as needed). Would it be worth spending $70 to get a...
  12. Dan Hotch

    best dvd play with zoom under $200

    I agree, I have a Tosh 3750 and it is a great pro-scan DVD player for
  13. Dan Hotch

    calibration, schmalibration....

    Brian, take it down a notch. If he likes the sound coming out of his system then that is all that matters. I borrowed a very high quality SPL meter and spectrum analyser from work to setup my speakers. I spent the better part of an afternoon setting everything up and had everything...
  14. Dan Hotch

    Sony SA-WM40 fillable with Pollyfill?

    Patrick? Are you saying to just stuff it through the flow port in the back? (I.E. don't have to take the driver out?) Also, If you line the inside with filler, should you take care not to block the flow port in the back? What kind of inprovement can you expect to see from adding filler to...
  15. Dan Hotch

    REALLY comfy seating..CHEAP!

    Peter, I ones that I have sat on come to about the base of the neck when seated upright, but will support the head when fully reclined. This was one of my requirements. I don't remember the height off of the ground though.
  16. Dan Hotch

    connecting a soundcard directly to an amp, possible without a receiver???

    I would say return the Denon and get a 3 channel amp. I have heard a lot of good things about the Audigy setup. Doesn't that have 4.1 channel out? If you control everything with the Audigy then it would almost look anti-climactic to change settings on the Denon too. Put the amp out of site and...
  17. Dan Hotch

    Sears Price Match and WM40

    Just got the SAWM40 tonight. Planning on getting some Paradigm Atoms for each corner and a CC170 tomorrow over lunch. I hooked it up and I am letting it run at low volume for a while. I can't wait for this weekend to fully tweak the system and try it out!! The guys at Sears was an idiot. They...
  18. Dan Hotch

    Sears Price Match and WM40

    Johnson, Please keep us informed as to when the SA-WM40 goes back on sale at K's. The Mrs. is on my case as to when we can go back to visit the In-laws. Sure would be nice if a trip down happened to fall the same time as a sale.;) Thanks a lot.
  19. Dan Hotch

    Magnifying Receiver Display

    You could check out a book store like Borders or B Daltons. They usually have magnifing prizms that are flat on one side and of various sizes and magnifications for people to put on their books.
  20. Dan Hotch

    Sears Price Match and WM40

    Well, they don't even have a K's up here. Makes me wish I was back in Ames. How much does it normally sell for at K's? I am sure we will have to go back sometime soon to see her folks.
  21. Dan Hotch

    Sears Price Match and WM40

    Luke, How did you come out? Did you get the SAWM40 for $130? How much does K's normally sell it for? I planned to get the Sears price match for this sub as well... ...only I was given the OK to get a sub just last night.:angry: Anyone else know of any other adds for the SAWM40 that could be...
  22. Dan Hotch

    Speaker wire -> How far from electric wire?

    Bill, While I know nothing about NEC Codes I do not think that your answer is completely accurate. The reason I say this is that there is a difference between low voltage wire and wire that happens to be suppling low voltage (i.e. speaker wires.) Low voltage wire is rated as such do to the...
  23. Dan Hotch

    Problem w/MP3 playback --Toshiba 4700

    (Sorry, forgot to add this to last post.) Speaking of MP3s being close to FM quality. I saw an FM transmitter at Best Buy last week for $20. I could plug that into the computer upstairs and just tune the receiver to pick it up. That way I could listen to songs off of the computer all day long...
  24. Dan Hotch

    Problem w/MP3 playback --Toshiba 4700

    Another way to verify that it is not a poor quality MP3, but the ability of the Tosh to play it is to burn a copy of a few MP3s to a CD in the .cda format (make a disk that can be played in regular cd players) then play that in the Toshiba. Compare the CD with songs in MP3 format to a CD with...
  25. Dan Hotch

    What is a good digi cam??

    Although relatively new to HT (haven't upgraded from a pair of crapy JVC speakers yet.) This is something I do know about. I own a Canon G1. First let me second the recommendation for DPreview and Steves-Digicams. Great reviews and good info on the forums (DPreview is better IMO.) As far as...
  26. Dan Hotch

    Help me come up with some teacher thank you lines for a painting.

    You could always paraphrase the saying on those insparational pictures. "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." Maybe "A...
  27. Dan Hotch

    Problem w/MP3 playback --Toshiba 4700

    Dan S. Do you hear pops and clicks when you play the MP3s from the CD-RW on your system? That is what I hear from my 3750. Most the time people that say an MP3 sounds "horrible" when what they really mean is "that it does not sound as good as my DVD-A or SACD copy." Don't get me wrong MP3s...
  28. Dan Hotch

    If you had to choose, Sub or Surrounds??

    Just a suggestion, but you could ask your local Paradigm dealer if they will price match dollar for dollar on trade-ups. I think that quite a few do, at least for the first year. If they do you could get the Mains that you want and then look at getting something a little lower on the performance...
  29. Dan Hotch

    Problem w/MP3 playback --Toshiba 4700

    Paul, For what it is worth I think it is the Toshiba. I have a Tosh 3750 and it does not play MP3s very well at all. It is not the system as I have hooked the stereo out of my sound card to the stereo inputs of my receiver (Onkyo 494) and the songs sound great that way. It would be nice to...
  30. Dan Hotch

    Mounting rears facing toward the ceiling?

    Haven't got the speakers yet, but I am planning on getting Atoms for the rear speakers and I was wondering if mounting them about 2 or 3 feet of the ground (in the corners of the room) facing up to the ceiling would be bad acoustically? The room has a vaulted ceiling that stands about 14 feet on...