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  1. Ken Wagner

    Floorplan/wiring/elevation Detailing

    Guess you can send it to me too if you haven't tired of sending it out yet. Thanks.
  2. Ken Wagner

    Recommendations on radar detectors?

    I had a BEL until my daughter kept it. It did have a lot of false signals but it did save me often. Have heard a lot of good things about the V1. The only problem is they can't save you from the spy in the sky. Yes, I got clocked by a plane. Now that's not playing fair.
  3. Ken Wagner

    For those of you who were teenagers during the '70s....

    Graduated in '69, got drafted shortly after. Disco sucked, but the Rock, oh man. How many of the so called hot groups of today will be around in 30 years? Times were different like they were different in our parents day. Drinking was more tolerated, drugs were used but mostly pot. Things seem...
  4. Ken Wagner

    Unofficial HTF Formula 1 fantasy league

    Well the seasons over and the HTF fantasy league results have been posted. Michael, thank you for encouraging me to keep picking even though I missed the first race. I really enjoyed the season even though it was one sided in favor of Ferrari. I feel that some may have had an advantage in...
  5. Ken Wagner

    I've got bees. Any suggestions?

    A homemade flame thrower, hairspray and a lighter. Seriously, poking at the nest seems like a bad idea. Bees usually don't like that much. Maybe you could use the gas and a very long match but have a garden hose around just in case. If there are no trees or brush close, I don't see what problem...
  6. Ken Wagner

    i can't write in cursive......

    I used to have very good cursive handwriting. People would even comment about it since I was a guy and most guys just scribbled. Then in my thirties my job required me to keep a log of what went on during my shift at work. I noticed that the other supervisors handwriting was terrible and...
  7. Ken Wagner

    Photoshop "Unsharp Mask"/Edge Enhancement

    Unsharp masking is by far better than using sharpening. If a photo is too out of focus nothing will help it. I usually experiment with different settings to see it looks. Now a good monitor helps you see the results better of course. A good book on Photoshop will give you a good place to start...
  8. Ken Wagner

    All Nine PA Coal Miners Found Alive

    Once in a while there is good news to report. Let's hope the good news trend continues. And while we're at it, will the heat never end????:rolleyes
  9. Ken Wagner

    Rating the great steakhouses

    Maybe I'm cheap and while they may not qualify for "Great" steak house status, Penny's in South St. Louis certainly has "Good" steaks. You can get a 24 oz steak with two sides for $11 and an 18 oz pork steak for $10. They are always tender and not dried out at all. It's a good thing it's 60...
  10. Ken Wagner

    Apple and PC: the discussion continues.

    Got into this late but.....I use both Mac and PC's. We use Mac OS 9, NT (server), Win 2000, and Win 95, 98. NT is pretty crash proof. Our server ran almost six years 24/7 and never shut down once. I have found that most Mac crashes involve memory problems, running too many apps at once. PC's...
  11. Ken Wagner

    Considering buying some land: Any pointers or suggestions?

    Well, I purchased some land about 6 months ago. I had been looking for some land away from towns. We live in a small town but we have lived in our house for twenty plus years and would like to build a new one. I had looked at some property but for one reason or another they just didn't feel...
  12. Ken Wagner

    Dangit, I lost my sunglasses. What should I replace them with?

    I've had Serengetti's for about nine years with amber lenses. I used to drive about 50,000 miles a year and felt I needed better protection. While I liked the way the amber lenses brightened up everything, even in rainy weather, on sunny days they don't cut through the glare on oncoming...
  13. Ken Wagner

    home security cameras

    Sorry to butt in on your thread Danny but I am also thinking about this but for my business. We are moving into a different building and will have to build interior walls to compartmentalize each area. While doing this I am considering adding cameras to "watch over" our equipment. I know I've...
  14. Ken Wagner

    Nissan Maxima!!

    I had my 91 Max SE to about 135mph and it only has 190hp. I had passed some guy in an American V8 and he thought he would try to pass my back. Too bad he had to watch me pull away. I had to slow down due to getting close to a town or it may have gone faster. It is still running with almost...
  15. Ken Wagner

    Neighbor Nightmare--Need Advice

    Carl buddy, have you stepped into it or what? Let me start by saying I'm no lawyer and anything I might say here is not to be construed as legal advice. Now, since this seems to have been going on since the last owner, I wonder if you may have some recourse against the previous owner. Kind of...
  16. Ken Wagner

    I feel the need for Ni!

    Only a Python fan would understand the title of this thread. This is one of my all time favorite movies but man do you guys have the working scripts for these sketches or just too much time on your hands? By the way...... AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! :D
  17. Ken Wagner

    I feel the need for Ni!

    Only a Python fan would understand the title of this thread. This is one of my all time favorite movies but man do you guys have the working scripts for these sketches or just too much time on your hands? By the way...... AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! :D
  18. Ken Wagner

    When Galaxies Collide, Courtesy The Hubble Telescope

    I remember a lot of people said Hubble was a waste of money when it was first proposed. Then when it didn't perform at first they really beat their chests. I hope these people realize how foolish they were. I have always been fascinated by space. When I was a kid, I used to lie in bed at night...
  19. Ken Wagner

    So who is ready for "The Flunky vs. The Junkie"?

    Just goes to show that everyone sees things different. To me it was Cabbie that should have had points taken away. He was leaning all over John and sticking his forearm in his neck and bending it back. That is not how you fight. Sure John was hooking his left behind his neck but Cabbie was...
  20. Ken Wagner

    Mad Magazine Cartoonist Dave Berg Dies

    I was fortunate enough to meet Dave and some of the other people that make up the MAD team. MAD was my printing account a few years back which meant I made visits to their offices in New York. It is something I will never forget. They even sent me the last issue I worked with them on signed by...
  21. Ken Wagner

    Going to Disneyworld, any tips?

    It's been several years since we've been there but I loved it. We stayed at one of the resorts and it worked out great. Early admission (go on all of your favorite rides first) and buses to take you anywhere inside the park. Cinderella's Palace was a neat place to eat. Loved the fireworks and...
  22. Ken Wagner

    Austrian F1 Grand Prix

    It's too bad that most racing is becoming boring. Can you say restrictor plate racing? Maybe instead of plain old boring ovals or road courses that have no passing lanes there could be a figure eight course. Now that would be exciting. But for real excitement try the World of Outlaw racing...
  23. Ken Wagner

    Austrian F1 Grand Prix

    This truly was poor judgement. Sure it's a business, what sport today isn't. And just like other sports the team with the most money wins, usually. I'll bet Rueben's heart just about dropped out of the car when he got the word to pull over. The fans sure didn't like what happened. That said, if...
  24. Ken Wagner

    Anyone own a Lexus?

    Can't tell you much about the Lexus except I'm afraid if I drive one I'd have to buy it. My only input is a consumer reliability poll I saw in the paper a few weeks back. If I remember correctly out of fourteen catagories of vehicles, Toyota or Lexus had eight spots. I have owned Toyotas...
  25. Ken Wagner

    How many HTF'ers from the Chicago area?

    I'm in Illinois, only in Southern Illinois. Does that mean I can't play?
  26. Ken Wagner

    Need help from the HTF (if you get your local newspaper)

    Sorry I can't help you Vince. My local paper is only published once a week. This is probably for the best since it has such news highlights such as, "News from Ellis Grove", "Delores Williams visited Janice Burns Thursday for a luncheon with friends. Those in attendance where.....". Jay Leno...
  27. Ken Wagner

    What is a "bed-in-a-bag"??

    A futon would work but it is not very comfortable in my opinion. Kind of like sleeping on a hard couch. You could get one of those inflatable beds. While not great in the comfort area either, it inflates and deflates in about 90 seconds. At least you can add or decrease air to get the best...
  28. Ken Wagner

    Lottery Question ($220 Mil Georgia Lotto)

    The sad part of all this is the money is supposed to be used for education. If that is the case, why are schools cutting programs, firing teachers, and closing down? With all the money taken in from lotteries and casino gambling, no school should be short of money for anything. I know my taxes...
  29. Ken Wagner

    losing weight: starting to lose hope

    I pretty much agree with most of what's been said. I started exercising with my brother Jan. 3rd. He's had a heart attack a year ago and he's almost 7 years younger than me. Family has history of heart problems, bypass, heart attacks, strokes. It's a matter of time I'm sure but I thought to help...