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  1. David John

    Yamaha 2200/3200

    I don't believe the HTR series has pre-outs. So there is more than a cosmetic difference. I got my RX-V1200 from Onecall....i think. I'll check if I can find the receipt. $650 shipped. New in unopened box, all paperwork, etc.
  2. David John

    How do you measure the wattage output of your receiver

    how do you measure? i think what you want to know is how much can your receiver output, correct? usually they state the maximum output per channel in either: -all channels driven (all 5 at the same time) -with 2 channels driven -each channel (only 1 channel at a time) this makes a...
  3. David John

    I don’t understand the volume in my Yamaha RXV-530

    it's like a fader on an audio board, except you can't go above 0db. At 0 db, you are sending the max signal to the amp stage, or to the pre-amp outs. -99db = volume at 0 0db = volume at 10 just a different way of setting the scale. signal attenuation, not volume, and it should be...
  4. David John

    Receiver suggestions Yamaha vs Denon

    I also am very pleased with my Yamaha RX-V1200. I bought it for the price/features and I also liked it's sound. I use it mainly for HT and it's 5.1 and 6.1 performance has been fantastic. Denon are also very rock solid, however only you can decide which you like the sound of better. Go...
  5. David John

    Yamaha Receiver Video Switching Question

    It will only pass same type signals...meaning: the composite video out will only display what you have hooked up with composite cables. The S-video will only switch what you have hooked up with the s-video. The component video.. etc. You will have to switch the TV's inputs between...
  6. David John

    H/K 520. Pre-outs volume

    The pre-amp is supposed to adjust the volume level. That is one of its functions. The amplifiers in a receiver are not adjustable as with a separate amp. (gain) The pre-amp adjusts the signal that goes to the amps. so if you use the pre-amp outs from your receiver going to any external...
  7. David John

    Which amp do you own and why?

    Adcom GFA-5006 6 x 50 W. 2 channels running my rear surrounds. 4 channels bridged to 2 running 2 subwoofers. I bought it because I needed something to run my subs and my rear surrounds. This fit the bill, plus I got a great deal on it and I've always liked the Adcom amps. I may get a...
  8. David John

    Not impressed with Pro Logic II

    Well... I never referred to DPL2 when I was saying people are wooed by DSPs. I meant in general, many newbie HT'ers use DSPs too much and incorrectly in many cases. I know, I've helped a dozen or so people at work set up small HT systems and most have no idea what the desired result is really...
  9. David John

    New Yamahas less power??

    I have the Yammi RX-V1200 and it is only rated at 80w X 6 and I can tell you that it has plenty of power. I have JBL N38 mains and Ncenter and I have found it to sound very accurate and plenty of power to boot. I think you'll be fine with what you are looking at. Power ratings are sketchy...
  10. David John

    rx-v2200 opinions

    I love my 1200, so I'm sure you'll love the 2200. They are great receivers. I am not the biggest fan of the remote for the 1200, so a better one with macros would be a great improvement.
  11. David John

    Not impressed with Pro Logic II

    I find that 2 channel music sound best in 2 channel playback. I have a yammi rx-v1200 and when i sit in the sweetspot, i hear sound coming from all around. I think that too many people are wooo-ed by DSPs and false surround creation. With a clean receiver and good speakers, you shouldn't...
  12. David John

    HK vs. Lexicon: what are the Logic 7 differences?

    What alex is missing is the simple reason that if Harman Int'l put the same features on a $500 H/K receiver as on a $3000 Lex processor, why would anyone shell out the extra money for the Lex? They are owned by the same company, but they have to make a discernable difference between the 2...
  13. David John

    3802 or rx-v1200

    the main difference is pre-amp outputs on the RX series. I have the Rx-V1200 and i know it "supposedly" sounds a little better than the htr-5490. Is this true? I doubt it, but this is a subjective thing anyway. so add pre-amp outs to the list of the few differences.
  14. David John

    Denon 3802 and Digital Cable TV

    I have a Scientific Atlanta digi-cable box, and I've found that the Digital audio output is fixed, and the analog audio output is variable and controlled by the volume on the cable box. So if yours is similar, just adjust the analog (volume control) to match the level of the digital output...
  15. David John

    Are watts all the same?

    Many receiver manufacturers state the power of all channels, but not all channels driven simultaneously. Meaning each channel can output 100 watts, but if all 5 or all 6 are driven simultaneously, they can only output say 60 watts or so. That is what that sound and vision test was showing...
  16. David John

    6.1/7.1 question

    There may only be one 6.1 channel RECORDED surround format out there (DTS-ES discreet). This I most definately agree with. However, to say that Dolby Surround (pro-logic) is only a 2 channel format really is inaccurate. There is program material that is specifically steered into a certain...
  17. David John

    6 or 7 Chanel Sound with Separates

    You will need a pre-pro that decodes 6.1 formats, which will most likely have 7.1 pre-outs. (the 2 surround back pre-outs send the same info, the 6th channel's info) Then you'll need 6 or 7 channels of amplification to run 6 or 7 speakers. That is up to you. you can use a 6.1 capable...
  18. David John

    6.1/7.1 question

    ok here's a go at it: DD-EX has a rear surround channel encoded into the L/R surround channels. So it is recorded as 5.1 separate channels. When it is played back, the rear surround channel is extracted from the L/R surround channel. (If you don't have DD-EX, it is played back as normal...
  19. David John

    Best receiver in $600 price range

    Yamaha RX-V1200 $650 delivered. Excellent quality and sound. DD-EX, DPL-2 and DTS-ES (all flavors), plus 6 channels of amplification. I am very happy with it. The price is great and so is the sound!
  20. David John

    Question about DTS formats

    DTS 6.1 discreet has 6 separate channels of information recorded on the source material. DTS-ES (6.1) which has a rear surround channel encoded into the L/R surrounds channels. The decoder extracts this channel from the L/R surround channels for playback as the rear surround channel. DTS-ES...
  21. David John

    Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha

    I was considering the same ones as you. I went with Yammi 1200 and I am very happy. Great quality, sound, features. It has everything I wanted and was the best price too. Also, if you're running all your speakers from the receiver and you like to listen loud, the others tested lower with...
  22. David John

    How hot is too hot ?

    I have the RX-v1200 also and mine only gets very warm after a couple hours of use. I live in an apt. so I can't really crank it up, but it's never gotten very hot.. only very warm. I have about 5 inches clearance between it and the next higher shelf. Maybe you need more room above it, and...
  23. David John

    Digital 5.1 with digital cable my problem is...

    My digi-cable, Time Warner NJ, does send DD5.1 signals. My box is a Scientific Atlanta and it has a Co-ax digital output. Some HBO movies are 5.1 and many of the Showtime Channels show movies that are 5.1 also, however it has to be a fairly recent movie that is in DD5.1. Otherwise, they are...
  24. David John

    Called Yamaha with RXV-1200/3200 question. Correct answer or uniformed CSR???

    I believe what they said since they all use the same 938 chip for all the decoding. I believe the 3200 has 8 channel power (2 front effects channels)and more DSPs which incorporate these. Otherwise the 1200 and 2200 only vary by power output and maybe the amount of DSP programs. I have the...
  25. David John

    Harmon Kardon information

    Some volume controls on receivers are linear and some are not. Meaning on some, the non linear, you will reach full power at around the 1/2 way point, or maybe 80% power at 1/2 way on the volume. so as you go past 1/2 way, you don't get much more volume. Others that are linear, will increase...
  26. David John

    Speaker wire -> How far from electric wire?

    If my memory serves me... it is more important to run video cables farther from A/C cables, and they should intersect at 90 degree angles. Otherwise you run the risk of getting 60 Hz hum bars visible on your video monitor. These look like slowly decending horizontal bars which are faintly...
  27. David John

    Sony Receiver blinks "Protected" - how to fix?

    I believe to reset the receiver, you have to hold the power button on the receiver itself for more than 5 seconds.. maybe even 10 seconds. This will reset it and it may go into demo mode. The protection circuit will cut in when there is a short. If there is nothing connected at all, it may...
  28. David John

    ? on powering 7 channels w/ 5.1 receiver

    Some receivers have pre-out to amp-in jumpers that allow you to re-patch which pre-outs feed the amps. You may be able to accomplish what you want doing this. Just patch the rear surround pre-outs to the L/R amp-ins and feed your external amp with the L/R pre-outs. You would have to...
  29. David John

    Are all receivers experiencing the decoding

    I have the Yamaha RX-V1200 and I haven't had any problems with Pearl Harbor or JP3. Both played fine and sound great. (too much love story in Pearl Harbor, but that's another story!) :D
  30. David John

    Receiver to Amp 12v trigger cable causing HUM...

    I have a Yamaha Rx-v1200 and an Adcom amp for my subs and rear surrounds. I'm getting an annoying hum when i have the 12v trigger cable hooked up. When i unplug the cable, the hum is gone. Any suggestions on how to eliminate this hum? Right now I have a simple 1/8 inch 2 conductor cable...