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  1. ChadM

    NBC - US Open Coverage - HD?

  2. ChadM

    Your family tree

    My great-grandmother's sister just passed, she was 100. At the funeral, I noticed some of my relatives huddled around a grave not too far away. It turns out this was the grave of her parents. It struck me that this information is well on the way to being lost and that I should research and...
  3. ChadM

    Apple's Airport Express?

    Anyone using this yet? I am thinking of getting in order to connect to my stereo so that I can play music wirelessly. My question is: I have my desktop hardwired to my wireless router, would I need to install a wireless card on my desktop or just beam through the router? To try to explain...
  4. ChadM

    Is anamorphic "A Bug's Life" worth a double dip?

    Just wondering.
  5. ChadM

    Buying a new computer - need advice

    I am going to buy a new computer soon and have a question. In order to transfer analog 8mm home movies to dvd, what special features should I look for? Also, has anyone transferred tape around here? How did it come out? How involved is the process? Thanks,
  6. ChadM

    PJ - Live at the Garden DVD, plus rarities CD

    On Nov. 11! These should be lots of fun.
  7. ChadM

    New Tosh 46" HD Wide - Help!

    Hey guys, I have not posted in a while, but a recent purchase made me "get cookied" again. I just got the 46" Tosh. and was wanting to get some advice on how to set this thing up until I had time to calibrate properly. I have turned down brightness and sharpness upon taking out of the...
  8. ChadM

    New Pearl Jam DVD available

    Just to let everyone know there is a new PJ dvd available via their website. It is of a concert in Seattle before the most recent tour started. The date is 12/6/02 I think. Good quality PCM track. Songs tend to come from the new album with such favorites as Creed Disease, Elderly Woman and...
  9. ChadM

    AR of The Fox and The Hound?

    Does anyone know that aspect ratio of this movie? My wife bought this for the kids and it is 1:33 to 1. Is this the OAR or do I have my first P&S only DVD?
  10. ChadM

    New computer problem

    Just got a new computer and the screen size is set to 1600x1200. This makes most web pages look very small. Is there a setting I can change to make this better?
  11. ChadM

    One speaker not as loud

    I just moved into a new house and got around to putting some speakers on brackets on the walls. In order to test the sound I used "test tone" and One of rear speakers is not as loud as the others. Any ideas on what happened? I should mention that I have a Sony HTinabox so I am not very...
  12. ChadM

    "Lost Tang"

    Message written on a piece of cardboard which was attached to the license plate area of a blue Camaro on Highway 77 this morning. Just thought I would share.
  13. ChadM

    Subwoofer shaking my house!

    For the last couple of weeks, at least once per week, one of my neighbors HT has been shaking my house at night. Usually this starts about nine and ends at 11:30. Now I love my sub, however I find this a little excessive. I mean if I can hear it in my house then it must really be cranked up. I...
  14. ChadM

    Wega squeeze question

    First time I have watched a non-anamorphic dvd in the bedroom on the 27" Wega was last night. Background- My Toshiba dvd player is set to 16:9 TV. Normally I put in an anamorphic dvd and squeeze. For non-anamorphic dvds I was under the assumption that I would have to change the dvd...
  15. ChadM

    The (in)sanity of collecting DVDs

    Just picked up The Simpsons Season 1 package and for the first time thought "what the hell I am doing?". Do I really want to invest $520 on The Simpsons, on something I will probably be able to watch in syndication for free for the rest of my life? Let me say that I have 104 DVDs (by DVD...
  16. ChadM

    DD/DTS probelm with Denon 1802

    My brother got the Denon 1802 and a set of Boston surrounds on Saturday. When we got them home we commenced to hooking everthing up. All we had to hook up is the TV, DVD receiver and speakers. My question is: we have sound, however, the DD/DTS lights will not come on, what is wrong? Help!
  17. ChadM

    What is Janes?

    This question is brought on by reading the already closed topic "janes has intersting article.....". What is the website? Who runs it? Does anyone have any information on it? It seems very official but yet does not list a source for the article.