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  1. JoshF

    Wow! I had no idea!

    DUH. :rolleyes
  2. JoshF

    Onimusha 3 Lookin' Amazing

    In full 3D (as opposed to the pre-rendered 2D backgrounds of 1 & 2) with real actors portraying the main characters. Looks like a pretty killer title that's sure to come to PS2. Trailer Pics from the Japanese press conference
  3. JoshF

    Syphon Filter & Bomberman Online for PS2

    Syphon Filter Online (Sony) and Bomberman Online (Hudson) were mentioned yesterday by Sony in South Korea as upcoming titles, aside from the upcoming Arc The Lad online MMORPG and Resident Evil: Online. Get your Network Adapters ready.
  4. JoshF

    Baseball Game Choice - What's Yours?

    I'm a big fan of the High Heat series, and will be picking this one up no matter what. I love the pitcher-batter interface and lack of cursor. The gameplay seems natural and fun, like a baseball videogame should be. However, with EA's retooling of their baseball game in MVP, then new All-Star...
  5. JoshF

    Dark Cloud 2

    Gets a 9.0 from both Gamespot and IGN. link Anyone else picking this one up? Looks to be a good one.
  6. JoshF

    Hit 'em when they're down, Dave.

  7. JoshF

    Visiting Montreal this Weekend - Suggestions?

    I'm visiting Montreal this weekend with a bunch of friends. We're staying at the new Sofitel and plan on hitting the nightlife and such. We're all Manhattanites, so we'll be dredging for the clubs, interesting lounges, good local food, and the like. Just wanted to know if anyone here had any...
  8. JoshF

    Happy Birthday Romier!

    Happy birthday, you game-addicted, multi-console bastage! :)
  9. JoshF

    FFX-2: More Tasty Goodness

  10. JoshF

    Depression and Gaming

    http://www.theonion.com/onion3903/de..._roommate.html We've all been there.
  11. JoshF

    So is Xbox "Lite" not happening?

    Were the rumors false? Anyone know anything?
  12. JoshF

    Paul Weller - Illumination (US Release)

    This gem was just released on Thursday, January 14. Holy cow. What an achievement. From perfect soul tracks like "It's Written In The Stars" to swooners like "Who Brings Joy," this CD is a must-have for anyone who appeciates good rock and roll, soul, and a little bit of funk. The new US...
  13. JoshF

    Games You Haven't Finished...and Why.

    The Shenmue thread as well as a recent conversation got me thinking about all the games in my collection that I still haven't finished (or never will). Then I thought about all the games in the past that I never finished. So, dear friends, it's time to fess up. I shall start. 1. Fatal...
  14. JoshF

    Final Fantasy hilarity

  15. JoshF

    Michael Jackson baby-dropping game!

  16. JoshF

    What'd you get (or what you THINK you're getting)?

    I'll start since my winter holiday (Hannukkah) already ended. So far: Gamecube Platinum Edition Metroid Prime Ratchet & Clank LOTR: TTT Sly Cooper Non-game: 60-minute Muscle Meltdown @ Oasis Spa Tumi Wallet Bottle of Lagavulin 16-year Scotch Bottle of Dom Perignon 1995 Star Wars...
  17. JoshF

    Okay, woh want to play SOCOM?

    I can't handle it. I must start playing again. Any HTF'ers still play? Would love to play with some of you again, especially this weekend. Let me know!
  18. JoshF

    Square/Enix Announce Parasite Eve 3 for PS2 & GC

    http://www.cubenation.com/news.php#897 BREAKING: New Square Enix project on Gamecube and PS2 CubeNation is able to reveal the developing of Parasite Eve - Rebirth, a title by Square Enix, that will hit the market at the end of the year 2003 on PS2 and Gamecube in Japan. For those who...
  19. JoshF

    Let's Talk Scotch / Whisky

    So with the beer thread going strong, I'd like to get a little talk-on about my drink of late, Scotch. My recent purchase was a 10-year Balvenie, which I enjoy on the rocks (I know, sacrilege). I'm a Scotch newbie, for the most part. I've really only been exposed to Dewars, Dahlwhinnie, and...
  20. JoshF

    New Leather Couch Care?

    So the new leather couch just arrived. It's beautiful, and I'd like to try to keep it that way for a long time. Anyone have any advice on care and maintenance of a high-grade black leather couch & ottoman? Thanks in advance! -josh
  21. JoshF

    Do you do what you studied to do?

    I'll start. I studied Political Science in both undergraduate and graduate school. I thought I wanted to be a professor and wanted to teach Poli Sci. I then went to graduate school at University of Chicago. I worked closely with a professor and mentor, and realized that wasn't the career I...
  22. JoshF

    Owww. Bruises from MA

    I had a great karate workout last night, but I'm also now dealing with a pretty big bruise/contusion on my left arm from blocking a black belt's ultra-strong shuto chop. Anyway, I've tried Tiger Balm, White Rose, and SalonPass as ointments that feel pretty good. Anyone have any bruise-healing...
  23. JoshF

    EA will NOT Charge for online play on PS2!

    It's true! Madden Online for free! Read about it here: http://www.ea.com/easports/articles/ps2online.jsp
  24. JoshF

    So should I get the new couch?

    I just got the lease renewal for my place in NYC and they're not raising the rent, which is a good thing. I've been eye-ing a couch for about a year now, and I sort of told myself that I'd go and get the couch if the rent didn't go up much. So here I am contemplating getting the new $3000...
  25. JoshF

    No ICO2 :(

    I heard today that because of poor sales (only 70,000 copies), plans to do an ICO2 have been "squashed". The team that made the game, however, are still around, and are hopefully working on something just as brilliant. Just though I'd share the sad news with those here who appreciated the...
  26. JoshF

    Whoah: Sony Ships 30 Million PS2s

  27. JoshF

    Sony RM-AV2100 remote on the fritz

    I have a Sony RM-AV2100 remote that has recently started bugging out on me. Specifically, system control button 1 and the backlight are not working. Of course, I'm a month out of warranty. Anyone know of any solutions, and does anyone have any idea how much a repair starts at for this item...
  28. JoshF

    New Toshiba 20AF42

    Just picked up this set this weekend, thinking I was going to get the 20AF41, but apparently this is the new model for this year. Anyone know what Toshiba changed? As I don't have the 20AF41, I'm unable to really compare.
  29. JoshF

    Yup, PS2 Supports 525P

    might be old news, but if you havnt heard it its new to you. [linkhttp://www.gamers.com/news/1126169]link[/link] By: James Mielke April 2, 2002 6:46 PM PST While most people are content to plug their video game consoles in with the standard RCA cables (or, god forbid, with RF adapters)...
  30. JoshF

    Anyone Playing Fatal Frame?

    This game is a thriller masterpiece. If you ever wanted to be part of The Shining, Amityville Horror, The Changeling, The Haunting, or any other classic ghost tale, this game is for you. My only problem is that this game is *so* chilling that I've been avoiding it all weekend. Anyone else?