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  1. Marty Lockstead

    Never played a DOOM game, opinons on DOOM III?

    Hello everyone, I've never played a DOOM game before, but have a pre-order on part III, mainly because I'm a big fps fan. How does it compare to, say, PROJECT:SNOWBLIND for example, which I also haven't played yet but am curious about. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Marty Lockstead

    Hellraiser Ltd Box R2 UK

    Hell eveyone, Just a quick question, does anyone own this and is it as great as it looks? I currently own the Limited Anchor Bay Tin 2-disc set from R1 which was Dolby 5.1 and THX certified. After comparing the additional features on this current set, my interest was certainly peeked...
  3. Marty Lockstead

    New Goldeneye-Any info about it?

    Hello all, I recently heard about a supposed sequel for the classic GOLDENEYE in which you play another agent looking to prove himself and complete objectives before Bond himself does. Are there any trailers or new articles out for it yet? I don't even know if it will be available for all of...
  4. Marty Lockstead

    Ronin R2 DTS-worth it?

    Hello all, Although they are currently sold out, I was wondering if the R2 Japanese version of RONIN was worth ordering from www.thedvdetective.com at some point? I thought this was a limited edition as I hadn't seen it listed anywhere for a while on most sites.
  5. Marty Lockstead

    Opinions on Bell Express Vu systems

    Hello everyone, First off I hope that this is the right area to post on this topic. For the past little while, I've been doing some research on the Bell Express Vu satellite system. In particular, the basic 3120 setup. While I intend on upgrading to the full HDTV receiver at some point, I...
  6. Marty Lockstead

    Terror Train dvd?

    Hello everyone, Awhile back www.thedigitalbits.com apparently mentioned the possibility of a TERROR TRAIN dvd via Fox. Has anyone heard if this is happening, or if Fox even still owns the rights to this film? If so, will it be in time for Halloween this year? Any info would be appreciated...
  7. Marty Lockstead

    Battle Royale 2 region 0 out yet?

    Hello all, I was just wondering if there has been a region 0 NTSC version of BR2 released yet. Of course I'd like to rent one first and decide if I want to own it. Thanks in advance, Marty.
  8. Marty Lockstead

    Scream DTS R4 question

    Hi all, I've recently come close to ordering Back to the Future Part I and Scream both dts from www.ezydvd.com.au. The only thing holding me back at the moment, is, I'm wondering if that version of Scream they have, will be the same as the director's cut released on laserdisc back in the day. I...
  9. Marty Lockstead

    Blade & Ronin dts Japanese versions

    Hello, I'm curious to hear feedback from you guys regarding the Japanese dts versions of BLADE & RONIN. Are the transfers equal to the R1 releases? Are there any additional features on RONIN aside from Frankenheimer's commentary track? And, most importantly, are they worth ordering, even if...
  10. Marty Lockstead

    Last House/Left & Predator SE R2,any good?

    Hello eveyone, For the past while I've been sitting on the fence whether or not I should order the r2 LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, and PREDATOR special editions. I realize the the LHOTL version will be cut, but I just want it for the features, same with PREDATOR. As I already own the MGM r1 release...
  11. Marty Lockstead

    Is this a good site to buy region 2 disks?

    Hello all, Just came across this site called www.dvd.co.uk. The prices seem pretty good compared to other region 2 sites I've seen. Has anyone ordered from them before? Thanks for any feedback.:)
  12. Marty Lockstead

    How about that trailer for the new Mario Kart?

    Hello all, I recently saw the new promo for Mario Kart and it looks great! I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. This is one of the main reasons I bought a Cube in the first place. What do you guys think?
  13. Marty Lockstead

    Anyone heard of a brand name called Cyberhome?

    Hello, A few weeks ago, I purchased a multi-region capable dvd player from www.j-list.com. It was the CH-DVD 500 model from CYBER HOME. Upon its arrival I eagerly hooked it all up and was a little disapointed with the picture quality via the component connection. It says that it's...
  14. Marty Lockstead

    Just bought Red Faction II for the Cube

    Hello all, Upon doing a search for threads about Red Faction already and not finding any, I figured I'd start one myself. I just bought it today (having rented it first of course) and am very happy with it. I never played the originol so the story is a little confusing, but it doesn't bother...
  15. Marty Lockstead

    Opinions of James Bond:Nightfire, Console or PC?

    Hello all, I was just curious to hear some feedback from all of you gamers out there on the Bond game. I own the Nintendo Gamecube version, and am enjoying it very much. I've earned Gold medals on all levels and have about half of the levels completed with a Platinum rating. Superior to Agent...
  16. Marty Lockstead

    MGM-Bond restorations?

    Hello all, I've often mentioned to friends that if I were independently wealthy, I would track down Mr.Robert Harris and his film restoration team and ask them (with MGM's approval, of course) to completely restore the early Bond films. Specifically, the Connery films. I was a little upset...
  17. Marty Lockstead

    Anyone else looking forward to the new fps from gamecube?

    Hello all, I recently took a look at the newest gamecube demo disc which has at least a couple of great looking FPS on it. Since I'm starting to get bored with my Agent Under Fire, I eagerly anticipate the release of the new Die Hard and Timsplitters 2. I also hope that they will be rated...
  18. Marty Lockstead

    Tequila Sunrise- an underrated gem!

    Hello all, I recently watched my dvd of this great film again a couple days ago and almost forgot just how good it is. I found that it was well written & directed by Robert Towne, a superb cast including two late great character actors J.T. Walsh and Raul Julia who always were reliable too...
  19. Marty Lockstead

    X-box vs. PS2-which should I buy?

    Hello everybody! I would appreciate some feedback on this much-debated topic please. I'm sure there have been some threads about this already, but I coudn't find any older ones. Anyway, here's my dilemma:I bought a Gamecube in April and AGENT UNDER FIRE. I enjoy playing it but, after the price...
  20. Marty Lockstead

    Disney-where are se of these titles?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to see special editions of: GROSSE POINTE BLANK, ENEMY OF THE STATE and ROMY & MICHELLE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. I realize that re-releases of previous dvd titles don't necassarily sell all that well but I would appreciate new transfers, audio re-mix...
  21. Marty Lockstead

    Warner-after Hours Dvd??

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there in dvd land that would like to see a special editon of Martin Scorsese's cult classic After Hours. Speaking of which, what was the film's oar? I've only ever seen it on vhs and cable. A commentary would be great of course, maybe 2, one with Martin...
  22. Marty Lockstead

    Favourite DVD/LDCommentary Tracks?

    Hello all, Upon doing a quick check to make sure no-one had recently began a thread on this topic, I figured, why not? So let's hear from you fine folks out there. As far as my personal picks go here are some in no particular order: HALLOWEEN cav criterion LD which features John Carpenter...
  23. Marty Lockstead

    Agent Under Fire (Gamecube) Reviews

    Hello everybody, I would just like to ask about your opinions on this new Bond game. I currently own an N64 and am considering buying a cube if this game is as good as the demo shows. Thanks for your feedback! :)
  24. Marty Lockstead

    Gamecube Opinions?

    Hi all, I just recently checked out the demo for James Bond:Agent Under Fire and quite liked it. Before I buy a Gamecube, am I able to buy component cables for it? And does it have an optical or coaxial digital output for audio? Thanks for the help.
  25. Marty Lockstead

    ***Official "SHOWTIME" Review Thread***

    I managed to see a sneak preview of this at the local SilverCity tonight. It had its moments and was good for a few chuckles, but it suffers from the PG rating. As far as I'm concerned, you need to let Eddie Murphy go in order to ensure a good comedic role. Robert DeNiro (who also co-produced)...
  26. Marty Lockstead

    Dawn Of The Dead: Se?

    I've heard rumours about a spec ed coming from good ol' Anchor Bay. Does anybody have facts about specs/features? Will it be the full director's cut? Although I don't want to wait that long, Anchor Bay may be waiting for the 25th anniv, which would be 2003.
  27. Marty Lockstead

    Explorers: Se?

    What can I say? It's a childhood favourite. A while back, I recorded it off my local Space channel, and was happily surprised to see extra footage. Obviously one of those t.v. only versions only I assume. Similar to the extra footage in Aliens before Fox released the special ed. on dvd in 1999...
  28. Marty Lockstead

    Problems with Bill & Ted's Ex Adv DVD?

    Hello everybody! I've only been a member of the forum for a couple days and have quite enjoyed reading up on the various stuff out there. Now I have a question: Does anyone who owns a Toshiba SD-6200 progressive scan player have problems with Bill & Ted's Excellant Adventure dvd freezing on the...
  29. Marty Lockstead

    Yamaha RX-V3200

    Hello everybody, This is my first thread on the forum and I'm curious to hear some of the expert opinions out there about my new pride & joy...the YAMAHA RX-V3200 6.1 discrete receiver. Thanks for reading.:)