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  1. DannyS

    yamaha HTR5640RDS

    Yamaha NSP106 6.1 speakers Yamaha HTR5640RDS receiver. I can get these for $580.84 all in these are the ones that have caught my eye. And my budget! will they be any good? I know it's a generalised question but I'm a first time "surround sound " buyer and would like some...
  2. DannyS


    Has anyone else seen this comedy classic? I obtained it from R4 land on an atroicious Pan Scan disc, and even though the image was painful to look at, the film was a blast. I have left a message on Anchor Bays UK forum begging for an OAR release. Anyone else care to shout a "hoorah!"...
  3. DannyS

    5th element R2 exclusive

    Prepare to rediscover the glory of The Fifth Element as Path Distribution Ltd release the ultimate action-packed science fiction adventure to buy on DVD on 24th November 2003. This Region 2 Exclusive 2-disc Special Edition features never-before-seen footage from Luc Besson's cinematic...
  4. DannyS

    12 monkeys laserdisc commentary

    does anyone have a transcript of what is cut off at the end of the DVD commentary track? I'd love to know what they say.... anyone?
  5. DannyS

    T2 extreme Hi-def NO GO!

    interactual player will not play the hi-def version as "it is licenened only for us and canada. erm... it plays the dvd rom and documentarys! Help! what can I do?
  6. DannyS

    BLOW infinifilm glitch

    at 85 mins 02 secs as Depp lifts his daughter into his arms, on my copy the bottom of the image breaks for a second (if that) transfer error or faulty disc? anyone else ?
  7. DannyS

    friends season 4 spine print error

    on the spine of this set, there should be the logo and then season 4. it's missing from this set! ARGH!!! DOH!
  8. DannyS

    "seamless" layer change players?......

    My old sony dvp 536 has pauses that are noticeable when I play discs. I play the same discs on my Xbox and .. wha... they are not there! There "seems" to be no layer change! I know this must be down to some sort of buffer, but what "proper" players, eg: pioneer , sony, etc have these buffers...
  9. DannyS

    my so called life bonus dvd

    anyone got this yet? does it exist? if so, whom do I contact? The fBi? please help. greatly appreaciated.
  10. DannyS

    dvd cover art com problem

    I cannot seem to download any covers or see any large previews on dvd cover art . com . Is there a problem with the site or my xp windows browser? If it's my browser what can I do?
  11. DannyS

    italian job withdrawn?

    Um, I've just seen in the time bandits thread that this is being withdrawn in the UK. Is this correct and why would they do this? A better version to tie into a US R1 release? Could someone confirm this?
  12. DannyS

    Prince Of Darkness

    I have just watched the DVD for the first time. Just what the hell is going on in that movie? In the end.... SPOLIER.. . . . . . . . . . . . . The video footage mentions a "causality Violation" Now, Having studied time travel extensively, causality Violation is where I would try...
  13. DannyS

    BWHAH HA HA HA ! Look at the region 2 crow cover

    have a look on google to see if you find a copy of the crow r2 special edition cover to look at. dvd cover art would refuse it!! abysmal. I had to make my own!!!
  14. DannyS

    what does this mean?

    I can't access anything on my desktop. I keep getting "explorer has caused an error in FLT.DLL explaorer will now close" can anyone help?
  15. DannyS

    why can't I get RED CURTAIN TRILOGY?

    I have been waiting over a month and my UK DVD importer site says no stock! I have tried another and still "awaiting stock!" Is the RED CURTAIN trilogy limited ? Is it widely available? D'reckon I can get it for the wife BEFORE christmas? HELP!!!
  16. DannyS

    List of RCE TITLES?

    Has anyone got a list of all Ttiles with RCE? I have a multi region player and have 220 discs. Never a problem until today when Spiderman threw up the dreaded map. Does this mean that the RCE coding has changed>? It would seem so, as I'm sure I have other RCE titles that do not require an RCE...
  17. DannyS

    The Comic Strip presents........

    Supergrass, eat the rich, etc etc...anyone else desperate to see these jems on DVD? Or am I the only one? :-(
  18. DannyS

    where is dvdcoverart?

    DVDcoverart . com is down. any news on what's happening?
  19. DannyS

    newbie seperates minidisc question

    I am just putting together my first seperates system. I have just bought the new Sony mdsje480 minidsic player. Now, The amp I am connecting it up to does not have any digital imput/outputs. It's a new sony Amp with a minidsic marking on the function knob (scuse my terminology, I'm a newbie...
  20. DannyS

    Reign Of Fire?

    Saw this Flick yesterday! WOWOWOWEEEEEEEEE!! Loved it! :-) Any news on the DVD? Release dates, Features, Specs? Anyone?
  21. DannyS

    programming Aliens...

    Can you program the chapter stops in Aliens Special Edition to play the theatrical cut? Just a thought........
  22. DannyS

    speaker wattage?

    I have 60w speakers, and am getting an amp that is 70w . What will happen? Will it blow the speakers? Excuse my turn of phrase, I'm pretty new! :-)
  23. DannyS

    memento custom cover?

    Has anyone designed a custom cover for the usless ltd edition package? It's not that it looks bad, it's just that it's darn un-useable! I can provide scans of box and artwork if needed. I have asked at dvd cover art .com with no response. can anyone help at all?
  24. DannyS

    Predator 5 star collection

    In the UK we now have both Speed and Predator. I watched THe predator "special edition" last night, and was blown away with the quality and quantity of supplemental material. The transfer wasn't bad but I was annoyed with the pal speed-up of sound and music. This HAS to be coming out as a...
  25. DannyS

    columbia tri star says i am unreasonable!

    i have just filled out an on-line questionnaire for columbia tristar home video in the UK. one of the questions was: "how many DVD's does your household own?" I typed in 205 and it would not let me continue until I typed in a "reasonable number"!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!? It accepted...
  26. DannyS

    The Dead Zone

    I have the dead zone region 2 disc. It says widescreen on the box at 1:85.1 . It only displays as 4:3 on my tv! The image also seems stretched. Do I have a faulty disc? I have tried all the aspect setting on my Sony player and nothing works. Has this been reported?
  27. DannyS

    I need help with Another Universe

    Please can anyone help me at all? My wife ordered 1 copy of the box set of "my so called life" They have already taken the money from her bank account Twice! SO almost £100 + has gone! I have tried e-mailing on many occasions them with no response. I feel we have been taken for a ride...
  28. DannyS

    Say anything missing commentary

    On the case of this it state's "5 alternate scenes {optional commentary by cameron crowe on alternate scenes}" I can't find any sign of this on the disc! sure, the scenes are there, but there is no audio option at all!
  29. DannyS

    Total Recall alterbate cover/chapter index

    Has anyone got these 2 hires files from dvdcoverart.com? I have been trying to download them for 2 months. They never download past 16% if anyone has them, could you find it in your hearts to e-mail them to me? Many thanks.
  30. DannyS

    "the ruling class" criterion.. any good?

    Is this disc any good?. I am a huge peter o toole fan.. would I like it?