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  1. JJR512

    Blu-ray and Apple

    Neighbor A is a decent, law-abiding citizen who lives in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Neighbor B is also a decent, law-abiding citizen and lives a few houses down. Neighbor A and Neighbor B are both men, both have spouses, and the two families are friends with each other, and frequently visit...
  2. JJR512

    What is SDDS?

    Sony Dynamic Digital Sound. I see the SDDS logo at the end of many movies, right by the Dolby and DTS logos. But I've never seen this logo or heard anything about it in conjunction with home theater gear. What is it, and why is it only used for commercial cinemas and not home cinemas?
  3. JJR512

    Choosing trailers to show before a feature

    Well then I guess you're not really included in the group "those of you who do the whole movie theater experience, including showing trailers before the main feature". ;) Seriously, though, I'm not talking about being forced to watch the trailers at the beginning of commercial DVDs. I'm...
  4. JJR512

    Blu-ray and Apple

    Steve Jobs' job is to make sure Apple's customers get what they want, not what he (Jobs) thinks they should have. Like most politicians, Jobs seems to forget this. There seems to be a not-insignificant group of people that want Blu-Ray on Macintosh. I do not believe that this is too...
  5. JJR512

    what color to paint wall behind screen?

    I remember a few years ago, one of the TV manufacturers--I think it was Philips, but don't remember for certain--had a feature on some of their TVs that would illuminate the wall behind the TV with light colored to match the average on-screen color. Anyone remember that? Maybe they still have...
  6. JJR512

    Choosing trailers to show before a feature

    For those of you who do the whole movie theater experience, including showing trailers before the main feature, do you include trailers for the movie that's about to come, or do you only show trailers for other movies? Also, do you randomly select other trailers, or do you try to stay within...
  7. JJR512

    FS: Must Sell 34" Sony XBR 910 HD

    I might be interested. But unfortunately I live in Maryland. Any idea what shipping would cost? Do you have the matching stand (or any suitable stand) to sell with it, or am I on my own there?
  8. JJR512

    Easter eggs on StarWars 1

    Eric, thanks for letting me know about Google. You should spread the word; looks like a useful place, maybe some day it will become the most popular search engine ever. Oh...you did notice the dates on the earlier posts, right? The eegs.com link answers questions that have been answered for...
  9. JJR512

    Easter eggs on StarWars 1

    Has anybody else noticed that the easter eggs have changed? Or is it just my imagination? I bought this DVD soon after it first came out. I somehow lost it, and recently rebought it. I recall at least three segments in the disc 1 "bloopers" that used to be there but aren't there now: 1. A...
  10. JJR512

    Erik the Viking

    Rachael, if you're interested in selling that LD, I'm interested in buying. :)
  11. JJR512

    Erik the Viking

    Anybody waiting for this DVD? Anybody have any idea when or if it might come?
  12. JJR512

    Problem with my Sony ES DVD player

    I have a Sony DVP-S9000ES that I bought secondhand from another HTF member (I can't remember his name). The player worked fine for months, but now it doesn't play anything at all. It gives a Disc Error message, after taking a minute or two to try to read the disc. This actually happened several...
  13. JJR512

    Need help with Fox Collector's Edition list

    Hey, sorry to dig up an old thread, but I've been stuck in the real world for awhile... Anyway, I've gone from good times (bought a lot of DVDs) to bad times (sold almost all of those DVDs) and am now back to decent times (rebuilding my collection). I'd like to replace many of the titles I've...
  14. JJR512

    Sony S9000ES -- Original price?

    Out of curiosity, I'd like to know what the original MSRP and typical actual price was for the Sony DVD-S9000ES DVD player. This was their flagship model until nearly the end of 2002. I have a copy of Crutchfield's web pages listing this model from 10/02 and it was $999 then, but I'm pretty sure...
  15. JJR512

    A few thoughts on My Darling Clementine

    I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for my first time ever since I first saw the episode of M*A*S*H where they watched (or, more accurately, tried to watch) it. I missed the fact that it was being released on DVD, but now that I know about it I'll be out to by it ASAP. :)
  16. JJR512

    Color timing: What is it?

    What, exactly, is color timing? Why does color need to be timed and how is it done? I would like a good, detailed, technical yet easy-to-understand explanation of what it is, why it's necessary, and how it's done. Thanks! :)
  17. JJR512

    WTB Schindler's List on DTS laser disc

    Dave, don't know if you worked out a trade or if you still need this... Just in case, just wanted to let you know there is currently ONE available on eBay. It's been a while since I've been here but I seem to recall that links to eBay active auctions are prohibited (or maybe I'm thinking of...
  18. JJR512

    T2:Metal Case (Artisan to help in replacing cases)

    Here's a scan showing exactly what I'm talking about. Note how on the edge near my finger, the plastic case has compressed up into itself:
  19. JJR512

    T2:Metal Case (Artisan to help in replacing cases)

    OK, so we all have problems with the case...But I'm wondering if anyone else has had this SPECIFIC variation of the problem. The bottom right corner of my metal slipcover is for some reason narrower than the rest of the cover. That is to say that the bottom opening slims down near the right...
  20. JJR512

    Lion King SE Collector's Gift Set

    DVD Planet is selling it for $34.99. DVD Empire for $39.99. Deep Discount DVD for $42.99 (hah hah, "deep discount" indeed, pfft). At BestBuy.com you can pre-order it now for $39.99. Click here. I would guess that this price will be the sale price during the first week of release at Best...
  21. JJR512

    T2 Extreme vs. T2 Ultimate comparison screenshots

    Someone asked to see a picture of the new metal case. I don't think this will help, but here's the front of the box, an image from DVDPlanet: Actually, I can't even tell that it's metal at all.
  22. JJR512

    Lion King SE Collector's Gift Set

    It looks like, in addition to the 2-disc Lion King SE coming out on 10/7/03, Disney will also be releasing a special "Collector's Gift Set". Containing the same 2-disc DVD set as the standard SE release, this gift set will also include:
  23. JJR512

    A Bug's Life (2003 Special Edition)

    (I searched for this issue but couldn't seem to find anything...Apologies if this has already been discussed, please direct me to the appropriate thread.) Today I was looking at DVD Planet's list of new releases (for 5/27/03), and noticed "A Bug's Life (2003 Special Edition)". I looked at it...
  24. JJR512

    Weekly Roundup 5/20

    I don't think I've seen anybody else mention this yet... I went to Best Buy for my shopping today, and among other things was planning on getting Star Trek: Nemesis. The one I picked up had a small yellow sticker on the front, stating: "Enclosed: Free Nemesis CD ROM". In small print: "With...
  25. JJR512

    House on Haunted Hill (1958) various versions

    Looking at the DVDPlanet website, there appears to be four different versions of the 1958 version of House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. That is, each one is put out by a different publisher, aparently. There are versions by Front Row, Warner Bros., Goodtimes, and Madacy. Do any of...
  26. JJR512

    HTF REVIEW: "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" Collector's Edition (with screenshots)

    Dave Scarpa...Was that the scene where Spock made a comment something like, "He is a man of deep feelings," and Scott said something like, "Aye, what else is new"? Or was that a different scene in the theatrical cut? I know I've seen that scene, I believe on the VHS. It was probably part of the...
  27. JJR512

    The Velveteen Rabbit

    I see this is coming out this Tuesday (2/11/03). I wanted to know if this is the same version I remembered from when I was a little kid, so I tried searching here (no results other than the Weekly Roundup), and at DVD Planet, and at imdb.com. All I can find out about this is that it's a...
  28. JJR512

    Help me figure out this connection setup

    Also, I've been trying to find this info online somehow, and from what I can find, it looks like the digital cable converter box should have an S-vid output with stereo audio. That should make this easier.