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  1. Nathan_H

    Magnepan MMG-C - center channel

    In "like new" condition, in the original packaging. This version has the light oak side rails and the black sock. I also have an un-used replacement sock in their "off white" color, which I bought thinking I would use it in my new apt. But instead I realize there isn't room for a center...
  2. Nathan_H

    NuForce AVP 16

    Like new, used just a few months, I have an AWESOME NuForce AVP 16 home theater pre-amp processor. Included are the unit itself, the remote, the manual, a power cord, and the box. I previously used a Denon receiver, and a Outlaw Audio pre-amp + external amplifier. This NuForce, combined with...
  3. Nathan_H

    Definitive Technology SM350 speakers

    I have two Definitive Technology Studio Monitor SM350 speakers for sale, in like new condition, with all the original packaging, and the manual, and the "key" mount, for sale. These are the current production model, which I got from a definitive technology dealer. Photos and additional...
  4. Nathan_H

    HTIQ Front Projection Masking System

    HTIQ masking system: Manual 4 way for an 82inch diagonal 16x9 screen. I used it with a Stewart screen. But I am moving and I have to sell them. (http://www.htiq.com) Cost was c. $475. It is less than one year old. It's yours for $299. I prefer a local buyer (SF Bay Area), but will...
  5. Nathan_H

    FS: Stewart Firehawk Screen

    I have for sale a nice setup -- at a reduced price! I have to sell this stuff because I am moving next month, and it won't work in my new house :-( Stewart Filmscreen 82 inch diagonal Firehawk screen (16x9) with the Luxus Deluxe Screenwall frame. (http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com). This is...
  6. Nathan_H

    Stewart Firehawk Screen and HTIQ manual masking system

    I have for sale a nice setup -- at a reduced price! I have to sell this stuff because I am moving next month, and it won't work in my new house :-( Stewart Filmscreen 82 inch diagonal Firehawk screen (16x9) with the Luxus Deluxe Screenwall frame. (http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com) This is...
  7. Nathan_H

    Belden/Canare super hi quality COMPONENT video cable (25')

    I've got a 25' foot set of Belden 1694A coaxes, colored red, green and blue from Blue Jeans Cables. They are not in a single sleeve, so they are a little more flexible than those that are sleeved together. These cables have Canare RCAPs connectors. The following is from the Blue Jeans...
  8. Nathan_H

    Momitsu V880 upscaling DVD player

    SORRY, THIS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The classic. $175 shipped ground insured to continental US in original box. I've "upgraded" to a $700 player.... so the old one needs to make room for the new one. Local pickup (SF Bay Area) is your option, and you get a shipping discount, of course.
  9. Nathan_H

    Sanyo Z2 Projector & HC Gray Pull Down Screen

    My current apartment set-up means I have to downgrade. What I'm selling: Sanyo PLV-Z2 720p HD projector It's about seven months old and is in "like new" condition. I purchased it from ProjectorPeople.com an authorized dealer. This is not one of the Japanese-market editions (such as...
  10. Nathan_H

    FS: Velodyne Servo F-1200 -- "Servo Controlled Subwoofer System" - Local SF Bay Area

    Velodyne Servo F-1200 -- "Servo Controlled Subwoofer System" Purchse date 1996. I am the original owner. The unit is in very good condition. I still have the manual. This puppy is too powerful for an apartment system, so I'm selling it to get something that won't get on the neighbors' nerves...
  11. Nathan_H

    WTB: Grayhawk screen

    Lots of folks seem to be upgrading to the Firehawk. Because of my viewing angle, I need the Grayhawk. I'd like to find something in the 80inch wide size or a little larger. Prefer 2.35:1, but will accept 1.78:1 or 1.85:1 (which would be 91 or 92 inches diagonal). Pay cash in the SF Bay...
  12. Nathan_H

    LiteOn 2001 DVD Player - for sale or trade

    Fantastic DVD player that outputs 1080i (or 480p or 480i or PAL or 720p) that is Macrovision-free and region-free. Shipped double-boxed and insured to you in the continental USA via ground. Pay via PayPal. I am the original owner. The player is very lightly used since I sold the TV I...
  13. Nathan_H

    Audio Authority 09A60 VGA -> Component Video Transcoder for Sale

    SOLD. THANKS! If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need one. If you do, you'll know :-) Here is a link to the manufacturer's web site. From there, you can also link to merchants' sites which have additional details. http://www.audioauthority.com/aaccon.../9a60detc.html...
  14. Nathan_H

    Toshiba 43HX70 HD monitor with 3:2 pulldown in San Francisco Bay Area

    Sad to say, but my apartment is so small, this crisp TV has got to go. (Gonna get a small box for casual viewing; save for a projector, for serious stuff.) A little more than one year old, with more than 4.5 years left on the extended service contract (which includes free annual tune ups, one...
  15. Nathan_H

    WTB: Audio Authority VGA-> Compenent Adapter

    I'm looking to buy a Audio Authority VGA -> Compenent converter box.
  16. Nathan_H

    Moving Subtitle display location via HTPC

    Here's my issue, with a 2.35:1 screen, projector, and HTPC: A standard stand-alone DVD player will choose the location to display subtitles for 2.35:1 material based on the assumption that one has a 1.78:1 screen. That is, such subtitles are off the bottom of a 2.35:1 screen. Is there a way...
  17. Nathan_H

    PAL plays okay on NTSC equipment???

    I recently bought the version of Welles' Chimes at Midnight/Falstaff available in SPAIN from dvdgo.com. I was worried that it was listed as both PAL and region 2, since my main set up is region 1 and NTSC. But I figured I'd be able to watch it on my computer -- and that that would be better...
  18. Nathan_H

    WTB: LD Player, Pioneer 703 or better

    I'm looking for something in the realm of the 704/703, or later vintage Elite models above the 59. I'm not too concerned with AC-3, DD, DTS, etc. Wouldn't mind some of the capability BUT 99% of the LDs I have are older classics, from before 1960 -- so their sound is mono, anyway.... so paying...
  19. Nathan_H

    How much southern exposure do I need?

    I'm looking at going with a Dish setup, but am concerned about whether I have enough southern exposure. I live in an apt building. Ideally, the dish would go on the roof of the building BUT the owner won't permit it. He will, however, abide my setting it up outside a window (connected to...