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  1. Rich G

    Video DAC's

    Do the DVD Players with higher video DAC's improve interlaced playback or just progressive scan mode? I see the Sony 755 has 108Mz/12bit vidio Dacs. Will this improve video in interlaced mode? Does it require something to be recorded in 108/12 like audio? Thanks for your help.
  2. Rich G

    Does anyone know anything about this mystery SVS?

    "The line for PC (Powered Cylinders) has halted. Instead, something is coming for the folks for whom the VTF-2 and Rava were the top of your game price-wise. And we don't mean maybe. " This was a quote from Ron from another thread. Does anyone know about this? If so, I would love to read...
  3. Rich G

    Can TV antenna receive FM & AM?

    I have a tower TV antenna outside the house. Can this antenna be used to receive FM & AM radio stations? I have uhf and vhf leads through out the house and connection could be quite easy. Thanks for any info,
  4. Rich G

    Do all DVD players display 4:3?

    I want to get my dad a DVD player for Christmas. For sure he will be watching it in 4:3 mode to start with. He has a 35' 4:3 TV. I want to get him the Panasonic DVD-56 and would like to know if this player allows you to view a DVD in 4:3 mode (pan and scan?)?? Thanks for your help...
  5. Rich G

    Do all SPL meters need adjustments?

    I know the infamous RS spl meter has a correction chart for adjusting the readings of the lower octaves. I have a spl meter (SPER Scientific, analog, $90) at work that I can use. My question is, do all meters need to be "corrected?" I would like to use this meter and not buy the RS model if...
  6. Rich G

    DVD player suggestions

    I have been so wrapped up in my two channel system that I've lost track on the video side. I want to get a DVD player for my father for Christmas and I need suggestions on what to look for as far as features, quality, picture, etc. Things to look out for. Model suggestions. He will be using...
  7. Rich G

    Best DIY speaker for $300, Can it be done?

    I have been looking at the DIY info. and would like any recommendatons for a $300 DIY. I would like this to be for the components only and build the enclosure myself. I am looking for good economical sound with a -2 response down to around 40 or 50Hz. Can this be done? Thanks for your help...